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Top & Best Oakley T-Shirt Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Oakley T-Shirt: How to find the best in 2022?

The right place for those who want to make the right purchase. Today is the day to talk about the Oakley t-shirt, a basic product, but one that carries a lot of style, creativity and versatility.

Only with an Oakley t-shirt can we have that style with no defined style, that piece of clothing that you can put on without commitment, or when commitment is important.

What we want here is to help you find the Oakley t-shirt that best suits you, your tastes and your daily life. Thus, we brought to this Guide the best and most important information, issues and models on the market.

First, the most important

  • Oakley may be a different brand, but its segmentation of T-shirts is no exception. There are the basic pieces, the prints, the regattas and those special models.
  • One of these special shirts is 3/4, which has literally 3/4 of a long sleeve.
  • Special or not, the Oakley t-shirt follows its own style, almost a fine streetwear , which combines casualness with elegance.

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Best Oakley T-Shirt Designs: Our Favorites

Now, let’s show you our exclusive list of the best Oakley T-shirt models. We define the pieces based on their material, their design, their versatility and their cost-benefit ratio.

  • Oakley Mod Ellipse Tee
  • Oakley Special T-Shirt Highest
  • Oakley Surface Graph 3/4 T-Shirt

Buying Guide

Oakley makes its shirts with all the care that the piece deserves. After all, it is a clothing that needs to be harmonious with two layers, such as pants and a coat, if it guarantees “alone”, and, at the same time, be light, comfortable and durable for everyday life.

In the Buying Guide that we bring below, we will look at how the Oakley t-shirt meets the demands that we placed above, showing its varieties, styles and specialties of the Californian brand.

What is the style of Oakley t-shirts?

Unlike what it does with its glasses, sneakers and other sporting goods, all technological and presented by celebrities of the screens and sports, Oakley bets on simplicity in its shirts, and, mainly, in the unique style that they present.

Born in California in the 70s, from the shock of surf and with the newly established skate culture, the brand has a strong and well-established identity, which is well translated in the “O” of its logo, and in the aesthetics of its clothes. .

Oakley t-shirts, then, have a style that combines skate streetwear with the versatility of the sport and the comfort and floral tone of surfing, as well as the elegance of Californian night clubs .

They are sober pieces, which give prominence to your logo, but without much extravagance, which work more with the contrast of colors than the strength of them, and which gives a fine treatment to the positioning of the prints, always harmonious with the model.

Basic, patterned or tank top Oakley t-shirt?

As much emphasis as the Oakley t-shirt has, its variety, although large in number of prints and styles, is no different from most brands, segmenting its pieces between basic, printed, regattas, and, of course, those special ones.

The basic Oakley T-shirt has sober colors – black, white, beige, gray, and others more closely related to this small palette – and usually some element on the left chest, which can be a pocket, a small variation of the logo, or even both .

The printed t-shirts follow the logic we talked about in the previous section, with most of the prints developed from the logo, that fatter “O”, or even the name Oakley, inserted in geometric shapes, bands of different shapes and different handwriting.

The regattas are more analogous to the prints, because in most models it has a print centered on the chest, but they have the sobriety and care with the harmony of the basic t-shirts.

How are special Oakley T-shirts?

Oakley reserves to its special shirts small extravagances and alterations in its visual identity, such as patterned thematic prints, stripes, more vivid colors, etc.

What is most common in special models are pockets on the left chest, different colors between sleeves and torso, with some even combining pocket and sleeves, and floral prints that “break” the pattern of the piece and the solid colors.

There are also 3/4 shirts, which we will explain below.

What is the Oakley 3/4 t-shirt?

A special edition of Oakley T-shirt that is successful, to the point of almost becoming its own segment, is 3/4. The name is in fact a fraction, which refers to the size of your sleeve, which is three quarters of a long sleeve.

This size makes the sleeve end at the forearm, enhancing the arms and chest of the wearer. To enshrine the model, and still remain in its identity, Oakley differs the colors of the sleeves and the trunk.

More: it delimits between one and the other in a slightly different way, with the color of the sleeve, most often a dark color, or even black, “invading” the pectoral region, but following the curvature of the trunk.

How much does the Oakley T-shirt cost?

A huge benefit of the simplicity of Oakley t-shirts is their low value, compared to other brands in the segment, and a small price variation. You can find models between R $ 50 and R $ 200.

What most changes the price of a model is the date of its launch, the exclusivity of the print, its belonging, or not, to a special line, and, of course, its size.

Where to buy the Oakley t-shirt?

Oakley is a global and diverse brand, making its shirts easily found in streetwear stores in addition, of course, to Oakley’s own stores.

On the internet, you can also find many models, in a greater variety of prices, colors, and sizes, including. This happens in online stores like Amazon which also gives you the benefit of purchase from the comfort of your home, and fast delivery.


Purchase Criteria: choosing your ideal Oakley t-shirt

In this section, we continue with our mission to help you find your Oakley shirt. We put together a list with some selection criteria, which do not try to define the best model, but point out elements that are worth noting to facilitate your choice at the time of purchase.

  • Occasion
  • Use of the logo
  • Print design
  • Collar

Below, a more detailed description of each of the items, so that you can make your purchase in the best possible way.


Everyone, in one way or another, divides their clothes between those to wear on a daily basis and those more casual, “to go out”. We suggest you to think about this division at the time of purchase.

Are you looking for a more routine T-shirt? Look for versatile prints and more vivid colors. Want a T-shirt to hang out with? Pastel color models and minimalist prints are a good choice.

Use of the logo

Oakley has a strong tradition of working with the logo and its variations such as prints and other visual elements on its shirts. A good way, therefore, to select a model for you, is by paying attention to this logo work.

It can be minimalist, positioned as a badge on the left chest, or exaggerated and centered, like a print. It can appear only as a tag on the sleeve or pocket, anyway, but it will always be there.

Print design

To make these criteria more practical, let’s get straight to the point: you will have to choose, basically, between a simple print, with different patterns such as yarn, camouflage and floral, or prints that work the logo.

The latter, of course, has a lot to do, of course, with your tastes. There are models with the traditional, colorful, overexposed and even multiplied “O”. There is also the written logo, in different colors, inserted in bands and circles, and also those placed on different backgrounds.


The collar is a detail that not everyone pays attention to, but we at ReviewBox Brasil will remind you to look at this small but important part of your shirt.

After all, the comfort of your shirt is very much related to the collar, as well as its design. Try to notice, then, its trim and its cut, if it is wide, narrow, reinforced, etc.


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