Top & Best Sunga Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Sunga: How to choose the best one for you in 2022?

Whether to go to the beach or to the pool, swim trunks are the most traditional option for men’s swimsuits. Today, we will talk more about this piece, bringing all the details for you to acquire yours.

It is not enough to buy any swim trunks that appear. There are important issues like being in fashion, valuing your body and especially getting comfortable. Therefore, the choice of the ideal model needs to be made very calmly.

We will bring you some of the best models on the market, tips on how to adapt the swimwear style to your body and present all the information you need. Thus, the next bath in the sea or pool will be even more delicious and enjoyable!

First, the most important

  • Nothing is as important as being comfortable with your swim trunks. We can talk about style, design and what looks good on your body, however, your personal impressions will always be above all.
  • Swimwear vies for popularity on beaches and pools today with swimming shorts and shorts. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as the different styles of swim trunks.
  • The values ​​can range from less than R $ 20 to more than R $ 200. The only case that does not give much choice is with sportsmen: you will need models with higher quality technology.

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Best Swimwear Models: Our Favorites

Increasingly, fashion reaches the swimwear. There are several styles of swim trunks, trying to suit all types of bodies. And, of course, the design is also more daring. Therefore, we selected the swimwear models that deserve to be highlighted. Let’s go to them!

  • Adidas Graphic Swimwear
  • Adidas 3S Wide Swim Trunks
  • Sunga Poker Lorde II Black Sublimated

Buying Guide

Do you know the differences between the types of swim trunks? Which ones are best for each body? And for the different water activities? In the next lines, we will bring you all the information so that you can choose the perfect swimwear!

What is a speedo?

Swimwear is the most used men’s bathing suit Because it is quite short, it allows freedom in the water that other garments do not offer. In previous decades, it was even more prevalent.

Nowadays, swimming shorts and shorts are also very popular. The first criterion for choosing will always be personal taste – wearing what you feel best about yourself? But there are also other questions to ask.

For example, what is its purpose in water? Have you noticed that most water sports athletes wear swim trunks? This is because it is certainly more recommended in cases that require high performance. Even more so with the technologies that keep coming up.

What are the advantages of wearing swim trunks?

The first and biggest advantage is the comfort it offers for your bathing in the sea, swimming pool or even water activities. And as we mentioned, athletes from modalities that involve the pool will perform better with the use of swim trunks.

It values ​​the body and can be found in different price ranges. However, there are also negative points.

We set up a table of advantages and disadvantages of swimming trunks compared to the other most used pieces:

What are the most popular swimwear styles today?

Swim trunks don’t just exist in one format. Larger or smaller sides, differences in length, more or less dug models … The fashion world keeps turning and offering new options. Therefore, we list below which styles are most popular at the moment.

    • Traditional Swimwear: The most famous of swimwear. It usually has sides of 13 cm and is not very dug. It is quite comfortable and does not show too much.
    • Sunga Boxer : Beach variation of boxer briefs, also very popular. They have 18 cm on the side, reaching the thighs. It is quite glued, but has a length that gives comfort and beauty.
    • Sunga Slim Fit : This is the novelty in current fashion. More “fitness” men use it more and more. It is very dug and shows a lot the body and the thigh region.
    • Sunga Speedo or Brief : The shortest on the sides, with 7 cm. They are also the most recommended for the practice of sports. They provide greater aerodynamics, but can also be very revealing for some tastes.


It is worth remembering that, in almost all cases, it is not recommended to wear white swim trunks if you are going to enter the water: there are great chances that it will become transparent!

The word “swimwear” has an African origin. As well as “thong”, it was used by blacks to name their own costumes, species of shorts. Over time, the terms have been appropriated and reframed for a different use in Portuguese.

In English, many call the swim trunks “speedo”, referring to the brand (and right here we associate a style with it). It is a case of the occurrence that we had here in with products like BomBril, Chiclete and Xerox.

How to choose the ideal swimwear for your body?

We have already said that the most important thing when choosing swimwear is to feel comfortable with it. However, if you want to use fashion to your advantage, there are some tips that can be followed.

These tips aim to adapt body types to swimwear styles. There are those models that favor and disadvantage certain people.

For example, the lower you are, the more you should avoid large swimwear. This is because they give the impression that the legs are even smaller, reducing the user in the eyes of others.

The reciprocal is also true. The higher, the greater the length of the swim trunks. Harmony in use values ​​the ideal characteristics of each one.

Those who are overweight should look for swimwear with larger sides, like the traditional ones. Athletic bodies look best on models with short or hollow sides, such as slim fit.

In the table below, we list the main types of swimwear and the bodies in which they look best:

How much?

The quality of the swim trunks, the material and the design will greatly influence the price, as well as whether it is branded or not. Simple models, sold in clothing stores without brand or even in street vendors, can be found for less than R $ 20.

When we talk about branded swimwear, with specific technologies, this can go up a lot. There are some models that go over R $ 200. If you are an athlete who needs characteristics that improve movement, be prepared to pay that amount.

Where to buy?

What swimwear are you looking for? Neighborhood stores, street vendors, large chains of popular clothing are places that offer such clothing. And the designer stores inside shopping malls or outlets are not far behind but target different audiences.

If your idea is to buy over the internet, prefer sites  Amazon. They will bring options for all tastes and pockets, allowing a complete overview of what you are looking for. It’s the best way to choose!


Buying criteria: What to consider when buying your swim trunks

In addition to the design and comfort, there are a few more details to pay attention to when buying swim trunks. We list the most important ones below:

  • Size
  • Fabric
  • Design
  • Technologies involved

We’ll explain each one better below!


Swimwear, like all garments, is sold in different sizes. Ideally, you should know exactly what your measurements are before you buy since it is usually not possible to try on underwear.

To buy online, choose models that specify the measurements of each size. In a physical store, it is easier, since you will have the real dimensions of the product at hand. Brands are different from each other, never forget.

Most brands offer small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. It’s not a good thing to have a swimsuit that doesn’t fit you, right?


Water absorption, the ability to prevent foul smells and protection are some of the most important characteristics for the fabric of pieces for swimsuits. Simple materials, such as cotton, do not produce good results.

The most recommended is to use polyamide and elastane pieces. In addition to providing great adherence to the body, they help a lot by not absorbing a lot of water, that is, not becoming heavy after use, nor uncomfortable.

They are also durable materials, as these parts need to be washed frequently.


Nothing is more personal than the preference for clothing design, isn’t it? So there’s no point in choosing any swim trunks, they need to have your face and style! Again, feeling comfortable is the most important thing about clothing.

There are several models that are whole in black or another dark color, therefore, very discreet. Others bring different details, gradients, drawings and prints. They will attract much more attention and attract the eye. After all, which do you prefer?

Technologies involved

Are you going to play sports with your swim trunks? Running on the beach, swimming, playing water polo, maybe just having fun with a lot of movement? Know then that many manufacturers are putting on swimwear technologies to help you!

This is the case, for example, of Water Feel and Tec Press, of specific brands, developed to help in the elasticity of the fabric. They ensure that each movement is accompanied by the fabric, never giving uncomfortable feelings.

If your idea is not to have swimwear just for leisure, understand which brands produce pieces with technologies that favor your sports practice!



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