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Top & Best Men’s vest Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Men’s vest: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today is the day to talk about the men’s vest, one of the most versatile and stylish pieces of men’s fashion, and one of the most iconic as well.

With a men’s vest, you leave your silhouette outlined while working your look with a third layer, giving a touch of elegance or even irreverence to your own style. In this Guide, we will see all of these possibilities, and more, as valuable buying tips and our selection of the best models on the market.

First, the most important

  • There is a wide variety of men’s vests, but they can be divided simply between social vests and casual vests.
  • The main exponents of men’s casual vests are puffers and jeans.
  • Regardless of your rating, the keyword for a good men’s vest is trim, which should always be tight, but not too tight.

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The best men’s vests: The ideal for every situation

To help in your search for the ideal men’s vest, we have compiled the list below, containing not only the best models on the market, but the most suitable situation for your use. Design, material, comfort, all of this was evaluated, in addition to its cost-benefit ratio.

  • Adidas Vest: Style and Protection
  • The ideal vest for more formal situations
  • The best men’s vest with UV protection

Buying Guide

For a long time restricted to the so-called “complete suit” – along with the jacket, tie and pants -, the men’s vest gained independence and started to adorn basic and social looks, and even to define its own style.

This was due to its versatility within fashion, being able to give a touch of elegance to a look and also compose a more urban look or even a sporty one. In this Buying Guide, we will take a closer look at your transit through different styles and the best ways to wear it.

Men’s social or casual vest?

The men’s vest is a type of clothing with a wide variety of cuts and designs, to the point that it is possible to divide it into two groups: the social vest and the casual vest. The first, with basically a cut, can best be explained as formal, the pioneer, the one taken from the complete suit set.

Casual vests are the largest group, at least in a number of designs and materials. The denim vest, the puffer, the hooded models, and even the leather vests stand out.

They are less ruled in their trim and pieces that make up a look. They are highly versatile and end up forming a more urban or even sporty style.

How to wear men’s social vest?

How to wear men’s social vest?
The first question you should ask when wearing a men’s vest is: with or without a jacket? The first option limits your color options, having to be the same as the jacket or at least harmonious with it.

Did you know? A male social vest should have the same care as a jacket and a shirt, that is, care in the folds, when ironing and not buttoning the last button.

The second option, in turn, increases the possibilities, but also the complexity, having to take into account the type of clothes you will wear, whether a shirt, a t-shirt, if a pair of dress pants, twill, jeans.

Ideally, the pants should be more formal or twill, and if a shirt is not worn, the shirt should be basic. The vest should end at 2.5 cm below the waist of the pants and should not have its last button buttoned. The trim, in any case, must be fair, but not tight.

What is the men’s puffer vest?

The men’s puffer vest is one of the best-sellers among casual models and casual boots on it. Made of synthetic materials, such as polyester, the puffer combines urban and sporty style. This is because its design is very basic, with horizontal stacked “buds”, like a fishing jacket (sports style), and has a stripped fit (urban style) that contrasts with the other pieces of a look.

What is the best style of men’s denim vest?

The male denim vest is one of the most “controversial” models, as it is constantly rated as tacky, despite being very versatile. What causes some of this confusion are the different patterns of jeans and their distinctive fit, just on the shoulders and relaxed at the waist.

The key to fitting a good look with denim vests are t-shirts and short-sleeved shirts and mainly accessories, such as glasses, chains, hats, hats, in short, that break the texture of jeans.

There is not necessarily the right time to wear a men’s vest, but definitely, a less advisable time, which is the heat, not least because the vest is, in terms, a coat, a third layer.

However, there are occasions that are perfect for a vest, such as events that require elegance, but not an extreme formality, in the case of social models, and indoors during mild or cold climates, because it protects you when you go out but does not force you to take them out upon entering.

How much does it cost and where to buy a men’s vest?

Due to this huge variety that we talked about, the men’s vest also has a wide price range, ranging from R $ 50 to R $ 2000, obviously, the social models are the most valuable, not to mention the custom-made ones.

You can find vests at any major clothing store, on social wear chains outside of sites like Amazon, which have a huge supply of models and prices, in addition to the comfort of buying directly from your home.

Purchase Criteria: What to notice on your men’s vest

So, let’s go to our exclusive list of selection criteria, whose items are nothing more than points of the men’s vest to be noticed before going ahead with your purchase, and which will help you find the ideal model.

  • Occasion
  • Composition piece or accessory?
  • Buttons
  • Trim

We will, of course, talk about each of the items, so that you go to the store very well informed and decided!


To make the purchase as cost-effective as possible, it is very good to keep in mind the occasions when you plan to wear your new vest. Even because it’s no use having a nice social vest without events to go to, right?

So, if you have a wedding or a graduation in sight, go in a social vest without fear. If, however, you are looking for a third layer that is different from the coats in your wardrobe, it is worth thinking about a puffer or jeans.

Composition piece or accessory?

Another point to keep in mind at the time of purchase is your intention with the men’s vest, that is, if it is to actually compose a look or just be an accessory.

The difference is that in the first one you need to keep in mind one of the looks already assembled, with top, bottom and adornments already thought, with which your vest will match. In the second case, the piece should be more versatile, to match the different looks you can make in your wardrobe.


Buttons are very important in a vest. They must be of quality, easy to button, with reinforced seams and at least one spare button, in addition to having colors that match the model.

It is also worth noting how the vest looks without the last button buttoned, essential for the correct maintenance of this type of garment.


It is always good to reinforce the importance of the fit of the men’s vest, especially the social one. First, he must be fair, to enhance his silhouette, but not too tight, to make you comfortable and confident.

Then, your bottom should end up about two fingers from the waistband of your pants, so you don’t look like you have the wrong number of vest.


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