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Top & Best Men’s blazer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Men’s blazer: What is the best model in 2022?

Today we bring you, dear reader, the essential information about one of the fundamental pieces in the wardrobe of the modern man: the male blazer.

In the next few minutes, you will come across models on the market, you will know the history of this type of part, how much it costs, the materials used in its manufacture, among other details.

First, the most important

  • The male blazer resembles a jacket, but its cut is more casual, and may have up to six buttons (double buttoning).
  • Length, lapel, shoulders, sleeves and silhouette are some parts of the male blazer that must be checked in order for the garment to look good.
  • The men’s blazer originated in the United Kingdom in the 19th century.

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Buying Guide

The men’s blazer is one of the most sought after clothing items by men of good taste, who want to dress well and can use the garment both at work and for less formal appointments.

In this Buying Guide, we bring you the information you may be interested in and need to know about the men’s blazer. Find out which ones are by reading.

What is the origin of the male blazer?

The men’s blazer is very common these days, having several models, colors and sizes, but its history goes back centuries. There are two origins for the men’s blazer, both originating in the United Kingdom.


The appearance of the male blazer occurred in 1837, in the United Kingdom.

The appearance of the male blazer occurred in 1837, in the United Kingdom, during the 19th century. The reason for the manufacture came due to a visit that Queen Victoria would make to the Royal Navy Frigate, the HMS Blazer.

Knowing of the monarch’s visit, an admiral of the British navy ordered a different outfit to be made for the troops to wear.

Navy blue twill jackets with buttons made of brass were ordered. The idea was correct, because the queen loved the result and defined that this would be the military uniform from then on.

However, the rowing clubs at the universities of Cambridge and Oxford already wore a flannel sports jacket, with a wider model, with very bright colors that distinguished each team well, back in 1829.

The blazer termination, however, was only used years later, having first appeared in the Cambridge University Almanac in 1852.

The Lady Margaret Club Boat started calling her team’s jacket a blazer because of the bright red color. In English, the verb blaze means to shine, to shine.

Did you know that the men’s blazer started to be popularized outside the UK only in the 20th century? Cornell and Princeton universities in the USA began to use blazers in the mid-1910s.


What are the characteristics of the male blazer?

The blazer is a type of jacket that resembles a jacket, but its cut is more casual. It is distinguished from a sports jacket as a more formal piece and sewn from solid colored fabrics. The men’s blazer may or may not have a lining and the pockets have different cuts.

Some blazers, including men’s blazers, may have naval-style metal buttons, which refer to their naval origin, from the British navy and boat clubs. Men’s blazers have elongated and shorter versions.

The material with which men’s blazers are made is usually durable. They can be used in a variety of ways, from uniforms for airline employees to more casual looks like going to dinner.

What are the differences between men’s blazer, jacket and suit?

There is some confusion between what is a blazer, a jacket and a suit. To explain the characteristics of each one to exemplify how the three differ, we set up the table below:

How should the men’s blazer wear on the body?

The men’s blazer should look good on the body. An essential tip for this is to check how it looks when you button it. In doing so, the part should not form a tight x.

Regardless of the model you choose, the men’s blazer should be comfortable enough for you to move around, especially your arms.

There are other tips to check in certain parts of the men’s blazer on how they should look on your body, listed below:

    • Length : The hem of the men’s blazer may be shorter than that of the jacket, being close to the base of the fingers of your hand. The men’s blazer should be slightly below the buttocks.
    • Lapel : The collar of the blazer must be chosen according to the body of each one. In case of a bigger chest, a medium or wider lapel is recommended. If the person is thin, the use of thinner lapels is recommended.
    • Shoulders : The shoulder part cannot be adjusted, so the blazer should fit well in this region when being worn.
    • Sleeve : In the male blazer she must pass the wrist bone a little so that the cuff of the shirt appears.
    • Silhouette : The best men’s blazer is the one that defines your silhouette, so stay away from the more square models and give preference to the more belted models.


Want more tips? Check out this video with 14 ways to wear a blazer:

How much does the men’s blazer cost?

The value of a men’s blazer can vary greatly depending on the type of fabric and the brand.

The cheapest options are available on the market at around R $ 90. However, the most expensive, exceed the R $ 2 thousand, not being accessible for all pockets.

Part of the high cost can also be due to the manufacturing and maintenance processes, which are more complex, but this ends up being a factor that contributes to the men’s blazer to have more durability and quality.


Purchase Criteria: What to consider before buying a men’s blazer

This is the time when we organize a list so that you know what to think about when shopping and buy the men’s blazer that best suits your needs.

  • Material
  • Occasion
  • Number of buttons
  • Model and colors

Given the items mentioned, now we will detail them, one by one.


Men’s blazers are made from several different materials and it will depend on you the choice.

Among the most common are blazers made with jeans, twill and linen. However, there are other options like wool, cotton tweed, wool tweed, German velvet, chamois.


The men’s blazer can be worn in everyday life, on more formal and informal occasions.

For the work environment, blazers with more neutral colors are the best choice. In formal situations, it is recommended to wear the closed blazer, however, whenever you sit down, you must unbutton it.

In the work environment, care must also be taken when choosing accessories, such as a belt and tie , avoiding extravagance.

For more informal occasions, you can take more chances on choices and combinations. The blazer goes well with a printed T-shirt or shirt, along with jeans and a pair of sneakers (an All Star , for example).

Number of buttons

Do you know exactly how to button the men’s blazer? Models range from one to six buttons. To keep you within the rules of etiquette, we set up the table below specifying which buttons and when you should button.

Model and colors

The men’s blazer has several models according to the type of fabric, ranging from versions made of wool to linen, from twill to cotton tweed. The number of buttons also helps to dictate the style of the male blazer.

At the top, the slim blazer is an interesting model, being a different version from the traditional one, as it is more adjusted to the body, giving more prominence to the silhouette.

The men’s blazer currently has a diversity of colors. As it is a type of clothing more stripped than the jacket, there is an opening for different colors.

You can find it in blue, burgundy, white, black, orange, gray, graphite, indigo, among others.


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