Top & Best Bath shorts Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Bath shorts: How to choose the best of 2022?

In today’s text, we will talk all about the bathing shorts, the piece of clothing that transitions between sport, casual, and especially comfort.

The bathing shorts is one of the most welcoming garments in existence. Tall, short, fat, thin, everyone can look good – and feel good – in a shorts model. And on several occasions, be it a dip in the sea, a day at the pool, a barbecue with the crowd or a beach ball.

In this Guide, we will show which piece fits best in each of these situations, and which are the best models on the market. Apart from its advantages, disadvantages, varieties, in short, any and all other information that may contribute to you choosing your ideal bathing shorts.

First, the most important

  • The bathing shorts have different cuts, which are given different names, such as surfer shorts and shorts.
  • The swimming trunks are also differentiated by their mooring at the waist, which can be made of cord, elastic, button and velcro, when not two methods combined.
  • Its price varies widely. Models can be found from R $ 50 to R $ 300.

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Ranking: The 3 best bathing shorts models

We set up a Ranking with the best bathing shorts models on the market. For the evaluation, we considered aspects such as fabric, modeling, finishing and cost-benefit.

Buying Guide

It is really very practical to use a bathing shorts. In addition to dressing any type of body very easily, it is possible to fall into the water with it, hit a ball on the beach, take a walk at the mall and still end the night at a luau, without losing your style, of course.

There is, however, a right variety for every body type and every occasion. There are different combinations of prints, colors and cuts, but they do not lose practicality and comfort. In the Buying Guide below, we will present these differences, and their respective advantages and disadvantages

What is bathing shorts?

The name says bathing shorts, but don’t you think it’s for use under the shower. Well, if you want, you can use it, but the piece was made for bathers, be it sea, river or pool.

In fact, the presence of the name “bath”, not “swimming”, indicates that the model is designed for water, yes, but also beyond it.

This means that the shorts value waterproof or quick-drying fabrics – such as polyester, tactel and polyamide (nylon) -, but have cuts, patterns and prints that think in the style for the barbecue that rolls in the pool or that social after Beach.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of swimming trunks?

It is to be expected that such a specific piece of clothing, so appropriate for certain environments and occasions, brings together some advantages and disadvantages in its use. Starting with the advantages, one of them is the versatility within the occasions, say, “aquatic”.

As we said, it is possible to wear a bathing suit on beaches, rivers or pools, peacefully. Another versatility is in the type of bodies that the piece “welcomes”. Short or long legs, thin or prominent waists, for each type there is a cut and a shape that can be stylish and comfortable.

Comfort, in fact, is an advantage in itself, in addition to its practicality, elements that motivate many people to wear bathing shorts outside of any context involving water.

The disadvantages, ironically, come from the weight of these adaptations out of the water. Swimming with a bathing suit, for example, is not the best option. It is possible, but somewhat uncomfortable.

For those who sunbathe, the model has its drawbacks, like that tanning brand, which, let’s face it, nobody wants. Finally, however versatile the bathing shorts may be, it has a cut that not every upper piece can harmonize.


Swimming trunks: Surfer Bermuda or Shorts?

The swimming shorts have different sizes, cuts and prints and with different combinations, but, in the end, obey a basic variety, between Bermuda Surfer and Shorts.

The surfing shorts are longer, cut between the knee and about two, three fingers below. It has a wider shape, both in the waist and in the circumference of the legs.


The name “surfer” is not for nothing, and the piece is in fact part of the common style of surfers, many, even, using it while catching waves – in a recreational way, obviously. Even so, they usually have only one pocket, side and bottom, usually velcro.

Shorts, on the other hand, are smaller, with a cut between the middle of the thigh to about two fingers before the knee, which makes it more suitable for other activities, such as walking and beach sports. It has a very varied model, but usually wider in its circumference of the legs.

Bathing or swimming shorts?

With so many adaptations of the swimming shorts for the elements out of the water, it is natural to have doubts between it and a shorts that there are more benefits for the water itself, in this case, the swimming shorts.

The swimming shorts also have in their composition polyester and polyamide, but usually also have elastane, to be more tight to the body, some even with compression, and thus more hydrodynamic.The counterpoint is that once they are out of the water, they lose many of their advantages. They can roast their legs on walks and other activities, in addition to the likelihood of not being accepted inside stores and restaurants.

How much?

Such a versatile piece also has a wide range of prices. You can find simpler models starting at R $ 50, and with more sophisticated prints and materials for up to R $ 300.

Where to buy?

Quality bathing shorts can be found in almost any clothing store, both in the department.

Now, if you want an even greater variety, but without losing quality, or giving up the comfort of your home, online stores like Amazon are the best option for you.

Purchase Criteria: What to notice in your bathing shorts

We now want to help you choose the ideal bathing shorts model. For this, we have created an exclusive list with selection criteria, to be noticed at the time of purchase.

  • Leg size
  • Mooring
  • Pockets
  • Occasion

Now, let’s talk about each of these items, so your purchase is as informed as possible.

Leg size

More aesthetic than functional, the size of your legs will dictate which type of swimming shorts suits you best.

The criterion is simple. Long legs tend to combine better with longer, surfer-type shorts that “balance” your measurements. Short legs are better worn by shorts, which “stretch” the legs.


It is worth paying attention to the method of tying the shorts, between cord, button, velcro and elastic. Not one right or better, but one that you like best, either aesthetically or functionally.

Remember that it is the lashing that will dictate much of the comfort of the model, as it interferes directly in the trim of the piece on your body.


It is true that the type and quantity of ideal pockets are more a matter of taste, but they are objective criteria nonetheless. After all, the more pockets, the more useful and versatile your shorts are, right?

But it is also worth noting the type and quality of the pocket, that is, if they are deep, if their seams are good, if they fit what you would like to fit, anyway.


Knowing when the shorts will be worn, at least most of the time, is essential to choosing the right model, from type to size, from print to color.

There is not necessarily a rule, but the more social its use, the better it is that the model has solid colors and / or sober prints, and sizes longer than the middle of the thigh. If the use is more in the water, you can opt for the most comfortable, even



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