Top & Best Microwaves Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Microwaves: Which are the best of 2022?

Today we are going to talk about microwaves, and what are the main factors that you must observe before purchasing your equipment.

The microwave oven is a device that allows quick food preparation, and that allows all kitchen tasks to be carried out in a more practical way.

In this article we are going to talk about this equipment, which over the years has acquired an increasing importance in the kitchen of. In this guide, you will find suggestions on the main microwaves available on the market, as well as unmissable tips for choosing yours.

First, the most important

  • A microwave oven is able to heat food much faster, due to its electromagnetic waves.
  • If you are in doubt between a built-in microwave or a countertop microwave, we will talk more about the differences between them in this guide.
  • The price of the microwave must be observed precisely with energy efficiency, which ensures that the consumption of electricity will be low.
  • The power depends a lot on the type of use you will make of the microwave, but usually the best thing to do is to choose powers above 900 watts.

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The best microwave models: Our choices

Popular and in a good part of the world, the microwave is present in most kitchens. Perfect for heating and defrosting food and drinks, this tool makes life easier for millions of people every day. But do you know which microwave to choose? Below, we list some of the best on the market.

  • To make your kitchen elegant
  • An option with mirrored design
  • An easy-to-clean option
  • A practical option
  • The best cost benefit

Buying Guide

To warm up that little bit of lunch, defrost the meat or make that popcorn that will accompany Netflix hours. A microwave can be an excellent companion for many hours indoors. But the models are not all the same and, if you are in doubt about which one to buy, we will help you.

Keep reading this Buying Guide and learn what you need to know to make the right choice when buying your new microwave.

What are microwave ovens and what are their advantages?

The microwave is a device that heats food much faster, through electromagnetic waves that are irradiated with high frequency. It was invented in 1945, but it took about 25 years to reach the format in which we know it today.

Since arriving at the homes, it has revolutionized the way of cooking, and some people even prefer to have such equipment as having a stove. To better understand how a microwave works, watch the following video:

One of the main reasons why people opt for a microwave is because of the speed with which food is prepared in it, since electromagnetic waves make cooking more agile.

However, care must be taken with the agility with which it cooks food, as the microwave can cause the plates and liquids to overheat, and this can cause accidents.

Despite being able to overheat food, it is very easy to set the timer so that the food is at the ideal temperature. In addition, many of them have specific functions to prepare different types of foods, and the exact time of each one.


Did you know that the microwave dish rotates so that the food is hot more evenly?

If the dish were to be stopped inside the microwave, the food would only be hot on one side, as the waves usually spread through the equipment at random.

You can prove this by removing the turntable and placing a static plate with cheese inside it, when you turn on you will see that some parts of it will melt and others will not.

Another benefit of a microwave is the ease with which it is able to defrost food. Just put the food in the equipment and it can be defrosted quickly, without risk of contamination and without wasting time.

One of the main problems of the microwave is the fact that it is not possible to use any container in them, as aluminum, for example, can cause accidents and damage the oven.

Therefore, it is necessary to take great care, and, if you have children at home, check that the equipment has a safety lock, so that they do not use the device without parental supervision.

In addition to certain containers that cannot be used in the microwave, there is a limitation of foods that can be made in the microwave, such as eggs with the shell, which can explode inside the equipment.

We have made the following table with the advantages and disadvantages of owning a microwave oven:

Built-in or countertop microwave?

There are two types of microwaves available on the market today: the built-in, which is specially designed for planned cabinets, and the countertop, which, as the name says, is on the counter in your kitchen.

The built-in models usually have a more elegant design, and because they are inserted in a piece of furniture, they usually make the decoration of the environment lighter and minimalist.

The fact that they do not occupy space on the counter is also beneficial, as this opens up more space for other things to be placed there, or even for more free places for preparing food.

One of the problems with built-in microwaves is that it is necessary to have the exact space in the furniture for them to fit, and it is necessary to leave an air outlet space for the equipment to have ventilation.

Thus, you will not be able to choose the size of your microwave, as it must be the specific size of the space you have.

How much does a microwave cost?

A microwave can cost between R $ 250.00 and R $ 10,000.00, this will vary a lot according to its capacity, power and design, as larger, more powerful and more elegant equipment tend to be more expensive.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the energy efficiency of the equipment, as this is the relationship between the electrical energy consumption of the device and the power it can achieve.

Usually energy efficiency is designated by the letters A, B, C, D, or E, present on a stamp – called PROCEL – attached to the equipment. If “A”, energy efficiency is excellent, if “E” is bad, then decreasing from A to E.

So, in addition to the price of the equipment, also pay attention to this seal, as it will give an indication of the electricity consumption you will have when purchasing the microwave. After deciding how much you want to spend on your new oven and buying your microwave, you can make recipes like this:

Where to buy a microwave?

Several stores sell microwave ovens, Do not forget to ask to test the equipment in the store and to clear all your doubts with the seller.

If you want to buy over the Internet, you can find microwaves of the most varied models on sites like Amazon. In addition, sites sell new and used products, so you can opt for second-hand equipment if you wish. Don’t forget to check the seller’s rating before purchasing to find out if he has a good reputation among former customers.

Purchase criteria: Factors for evaluating microwave ovens

There are certain characteristics that are fundamental in a microwave, such as those listed below:

  • Wattage
  • Capacity
  • Pre-defined recipes
  • Convection
  • Sensor
  • Reverse
  • Grill
  • Easy cleaning

Below we will detail the most important features so that you can choose the most suitable equipment for you.


The higher the power of your microwave, the faster it will cook, which means that if you want your dishes to be prepared more quickly, high-powered equipment is ideal for you.

The choice of power will depend a lot on the type of use you will make of the microwave, because, if you are going to use little and only to heat food, a model between 800 and 900 watts is a good option.

If you intend to use your microwave every day, and normally need to heat up large quantities of food, the best thing to do is to buy equipment with a power greater than 1100 watts.

The most recommended is that you always choose a higher power for your microwave, as this will allow it to perform the tasks better and faster than a device with less power. See below some ideas that can be put into practice with a common microwave:


Capacity is important to know the size of the dishes you will be able to place in the microwave. It is defined by liters, and can be understood according to the following list:

  • 18 to 28 liters : ideal for people who live alone or a couple
  • 30 to 40 liters : ideas for homes with up to 4 people
  • Above 40 liters : ideal for families over 4 people

This is a question that must be analyzed calmly, as you must also think about the size of the refractories that you want to place inside the equipment, to know if it will be useful for what you want.

The capacity also determines the size of this equipment, and it is necessary to take into account its dimensions to know if it will not be too big for your bench. If it is built-in, it is even more important to check this item, as it must fit exactly in the designated place.

Pre-defined recipes

One of the main attractions of microwaves today is the pre-defined recipes, that is, some functions such as “popcorn”, “brigadeiro”, “rice”, among others.

That is to say, if you select one of these functions, you do not have to worry about the time or power you must put in, as they are already set at the factory. Thus, even children can have fun cooking some things in the microwave with the help of their parents.

Recipes that you never imagined could be made in the microwave like stroganoff, soufflé and other delicacies have already been pre-programmed, just press a button and that’s it.

Some microwave models even have custom preparations, that is, you can save your own recipes.


Many microwaves available on the market can work by convection, that is, they can have this function that allows hot air to circulate from top to bottom.

This makes it possible to bake, cook or even make yogurt. In addition, it is possible to make fried foods in a healthier way by combining this technology with the grill mode, as this provides crispness to the food.

With a microwave with convection it is also possible to ensure the ideal temperature for the fermentation of pasta and yogurt.

Unfortunately these devices are still much more expensive than conventional ones, but as they become more popular with consumers, the tendency is for prices to fall.


Microwaves are at such a high level in relation to technology, that many of them are already able to function according to the steam emitted by the food, and adjust the power and temperature automatically according to this information.

Some of them even turn themselves off if they notice that the food has already overheated. Thus, your food will always be at the right point, without having to open the microwave door several times to check the temperature.


Inverter technology is well known in air conditioning equipment, and is now also being applied to microwave ovens. With it, energy consumption is reduced, thanks to the constant operation of the device, since there are no power surges.

The constant energy flow ensures that the food is cooked precisely, and that it preserves its texture and flavor according to its characteristics.

The inverter function, by ensuring that there are no power surges, also ensures greater durability to the equipment, since the microwave does not overload its parts with sudden changes.


A microwave with the grill function allows you to brown the food, without the meat having that “rubbery” aspect that it normally acquires when it is only heated in the equipment.

As we said above, when this function is associated with convection, you can make fries in a healthier way, as they will give a more crunchy aspect to the food.

So, if you are going to buy a microwave that has a grill, look for one that has convection as well, so that you have the possibility to use both joints and make fries without oil.

Easy cleaning

Some microwave ovens are coated inside with materials that facilitate cleaning, and that do not allow fat to be impregnated on the walls of the appliance.

In addition, many of them have the deodorizer function, which can be activated after using the equipment, and which does not let the smell of cooking become impregnated in the appliance.


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