Top & Best 5-burner cooktop Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

5-burner cooktop: How to choose the best model for your kitchen in 2022


The 5-burner cooktop is one of the most sought-after equipment in appliance stores, as it meets the needs of families of all sizes – especially the largest, which need a greater number of burners to prepare several recipes at the same time.

You find 5-burner cooktop models with electric, gas or electromagnetic induction operation, find out which is the best model for your kitchen in this article, here at ReviewBox Brasil, the best review site in the country. Good reading!

First, the most important

  • The 5-burner cooktop can be operated with gas (either natural gas, plumbing or canister), electric, electromagnetic induction or hybrid – electric and gas heating in the same equipment.
  • You can find models with stainless steel, tempered glass or glass ceramic finish. The glass and vitroceramic models can be colored or printed. Some models have a mirror finish.
  • Major brands manufacture their 5-burner cooktop models: Brastemp, Electrolux, Consul, Tramontina, Itatiaia, Casavitra, Fischer, among others. Prices range from R $ 500 to R $ 5000 – this price does not include installation costs.

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Best 5-burner cooktop options: Our buying suggestions

We prepared a ranking with the best models and brands of 5-burner cooktop. In order to select this equipment, some analyzes were carried out such as technical specifications, consumer evaluations and expert recommendations. If you decide to buy one of these models, just click on the link, you will be redirected to Amazon Brazil. Enjoy!

  • The most complete 5-burner cooktop
  • An easy installation option
  • A 5-burner cooktop to make your life easier
  • The best 5-burner cooktop with stainless steel finish


Buying Guide

More than just listing the best 5-burner cooktop models, we want you to know what to analyze on the equipment at the time of purchase, to choose the best 5-burner cooktop model for your kitchen.

Keep in mind that you should look for a device that meets your needs, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the most technological or expensive model in the store. Continue reading this Buying Guide to learn more about it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a 5-burner cooktop?

Also known as a table stove, the 5-burner cooktop is versatile as it can be used by small, medium or large families. Although it has large dimensions, the 5-burner cooktop can be installed in compact apartment kitchens, as it takes up little space.

Anyone who seeks practicality in preparing food will be surprised by the appliance, because, regardless of the style of operation – electric, gas or electromagnetic induction – the 5-burner cooktop reaches high temperatures in a short time which speeds up the preparation of meals.

Some models have exclusive features such as Easy Control that indicates the adequate power for the preparation of different recipes, timer that emits an audible signal when the food is ready and more.

Ideal for those with a planned kitchen, the 5-burner cooktop can be found in different sizes, shapes and colors, being a trend for modern kitchens.

In addition to beautifying the kitchen, the 5-burner cooktop is very easy to clean because of its smooth platform. The table can be finished in stainless steel, tempered glass or vitroceramic. In addition, most models have individual trims and removable buttons.

Do you want to know more advantages (and some disadvantages) of buying a 5-burner cooktop for your planned kitchen? Check the table below:


The main disadvantage of a 5-burner cooktop is the absence of the oven, which must be purchased separately. Those who do not give up the oven can invest in a conventional built-in model or in an electric oven.

What are the measures of a 5-burner cooktop?

Before deciding to buy a 5-burner cooktop, you must make sure that the equipment has the measures compatible with the space you have available in the kitchen (the measures also serve to guide the production of bespoke furniture).


Installing the cooktop on poorly planned furniture can cause problems.

If you already have the counter, you will know if it will be possible to reuse it or provide new furniture with the appropriate measures. Know that poorly planned furniture can cause problems in the operation of the device.

The dimensions of a 5-burner cooktop vary depending on the model, equipment design and manufacturer. We put some reference measures below:

  • Width : 68.5 to 86cm
  • Height : 3.8 to 15.6cm
  • Depth : 46 to 57.4cm

But be aware, manufacturers usually present the 5-burner cooktop measurements and recommend the dimensions that the niche in which the appliance will be installed must have – yes, the measurements are different.

Know that the bench, furniture or niche must have 5cm of clearance on each side of the appliance, to avoid weakening the structure and increase the space for ventilation – otherwise the cooktop can overheat and turn off.

How to install a 5-burner cooktop?

It doesn’t matter if the 5-burner cooktop has gas, electric or induction operation, in both cases it is essential to maintain a series of precautions when installing.

In addition to buying a model with dimensions suitable for the niche, furniture or kitchen countertop, the 5-burner cooktop will need a firm base to be fixed, it can be concrete, marble, granite or porcelain.

The 5-burner gas-powered cooktop must be installed at a natural gas outlet, piped or next to a gas cylinder. For 5-burner electric or induction cooktop models, the equipment must be directly connected to the electrical wiring.

As this type of installation is more complex, use the help of specialized professionals (in some cases, the service is offered by the brand itself, but is charged separately).

What are the best 5-burner cooktop brands?

If you are looking for a 5-burner cooktop, you may have noticed that there is a wide variety of models and brands. With that in mind, we decided to talk about the most relevant brands when it comes to 5-burner cooktop. We take into account the technical specifications and price range.

The Brastemp is a Brazilian brand with over 50 years of tradition. The company offers models with gas operation and automatic ignition. The burners have different powers and there are three types of special burners: Simmer (ideal for delicate foods), double flame and four flame.

The burners are spaced apart and have individual grids or trivets – cast iron or piatin iron. You will find options with the 5th flame in the center or side of the cooktop, this second option is better, as it makes room for the pots and provides a free area to support the utensils.

The table can be made of stainless steel or tempered glass. The brand offers models in the Ative !, Gourmand and Vitreous lines. Prices range from R $ 499 to R $ 4,000 and all models come with a 12-month warranty.


The Consul is a renowned Brazilian company but began investing in cooktop recently, so it does not yet offer a wide range of models.

You will find two 5-burner cooktop options, both with gas ignition, tempered glass table, burners in different powers (in sizes P, M and G) and individual enameled grills.

The differences between them are subtle (position of the 5th mouth and the presence of a quadrichame). Both products are in the range of R $ 500.

A brand differential is the Controle Fácil command, which indicates the correct position to boil, fry, cook, sauté and prepare sauces.

Another excellent brand option is Electrolux , a Swedish multinational present in more than 150 countries and ranked as the second largest manufacturer of home appliances in the world.
The brand offers eight models, all with gas operation, on a stainless steel table, tempered glass or vitroceramic – with a matte or mirror finish.

Electrolux offers models with a table without holes, sealed burners, removable buttons, common or individual grids of enameled iron – glossy or matte finish – or cast iron.

The burners have different powers, including a triple flame mouth. Prices range from R $ 599 to R $ 5,000. The company does not install this equipment.

Did you know that the 5-burner cooktop with gas operation is factory-compatible with gas cylinders (LPG) only?

To use piped or natural gas, you must request the conversion of the equipment. To do this, request an authorized technical visit from the 5-burner cooktop manufacturer.

Few people know, but Tramontina also manufactures 5-burner cooktop models, all with gas operation and automatic ignition. You can find models with stainless steel or glass table (in black, red and white colors) with individual trusses or grills in carbon steel or cast iron.

A negative point is that the prices charged by Tramontina are slightly higher, you can find models from R $ 800 to R $ 7,800.

Consumers also love the 5-burner cooktop models of the national brand Itatiaia. The brand has five models with gas operation, white or black glass table, removable handles, automatic ignition and triple flame burner. The brand calls attention for quality products at affordable prices.

Another traditional brand in the manufacture of 5-burner cooktop is Casavitra . The brand has two cooktop lines well known in the market: Excellence and Classical.

All models have a tempered glass table, gas operation, powerful burners – semi-fast, quick, auxiliary and triple flame – super-automatic lighting and multicolored design, which gives a special touch to the kitchen decor.

In addition to the classic black, you can find models in yellow, turquoise, burgundy and red. You can also find models with exclusive graphics that resemble crochet, tetris or waves.

Another interesting option is Fischer , which has a wide range of cooktop models in its portfolio – gas, electric and induction models. The brand offers a 5-burner cooktop model with hybrid operation – with three gas burners and two electric ones.

In the line of 5-burner gas cooktops, you can find models with glass table, individual trivets and triple flame burner. The Platinum line offers a differentiated finish in aluminum, stainless steel and brushed prime.

We went further and analyzed the reputation of these brands on the Reclame Aqui website, which mediates contact between dissatisfied consumers and the brand and assesses the after-sales support of these companies – in terms of complaints, complaints answered and not answered and response time:

  • Brastemp : Excellent reputation (note 8.3)
  • Consul : Good reputation (grade 7.8)
  • Electrolux : Excellent reputation (grade 8.7)
  • Tramontina : Excellent reputation (grade 8)
  • Itatiaia : Excellent reputation (grade 9.1)
  • Casavitra : Without index
  • Fischer : Regular reputation (note 6.6)

It is observed that almost all the brands mentioned in this Buying Guide have an excellent reputation, so you can buy without fear. Now that you know some of the best brands you can consider them at the time of purchase.

Is it better to buy a hood or scrubber for a 5-burner cooktop? (H3)

After purchasing a 5-burner cooktop, your attention will be on purchasing a hood or debugger compatible with the equipment.

The hood sucks and filters all the hot air and fat, eliminating them from the kitchen through an air duct. The purifier works like an air recycler, as it sucks, filters and returns it clean to the environment.

For small environments, the debugger is an excellent choice. If the kitchen is bigger, opt for the hood – especially if the 5-burner cooktop is installed on an island in the middle of the kitchen. The hood can have a functional or aesthetic duct.

But as important as the model, features and brand is the size of the hood or debugger.
Ideally, the appliance should be slightly larger than the 5-burner cooktop, that is, the edges should extend beyond the limits of the appliance. To make the right choice, analyze the measurement table of the chosen model.

Remember that you can find options from 60 to 120 cm and that the 5-burner cooktop measures 70 to 90 cm (as mentioned above, depends on the model).

Only with a hood with dimensions compatible with the 5-burner cooktop will the equipment be able to suck up all the fat residues produced by food.

Purchasing criteria: What to look for when buying a 5-burner cooktop

We are pleased that you are doing research and seeking information before purchasing your 5-burner cooktop. This is a very important step, but many people ignore it and may end up regretting the purchase.

Buying a 5-burner cooktop involves analyzing some factors, we list the main ones below:

  • Operation: Electric, gas or induction
  • Table finish: Stainless steel, glass or glass ceramic
  • Mouth power
  • Distance between burners
  • Special Features

After reading you will be ready to choose the best 5-burner cooktop for your kitchen. Check out the models we indicated at the beginning of the text and be sure to evaluate the characteristics listed if you decide to look for other equipment. Then, don’t forget to leave a comment telling your shopping experience.

Operation: Electric, gas or induction

The 5-burner gas cooktop is the model most similar to the conventional stove. The operation can be by gas cylinder (LPG) or piped gas / natural gas (NG). The equipment uses electricity to light the burners – but you can light the burners with a match or lighter if you run out of electricity.

In the 5-burner electric cooktop, the heating is promoted by an electric resistor that heats the stove top to prepare the recipe. The electric cooktop offers more precision in temperature control, which ensures more agility in the preparation of food.

In the 5-burner cooktop with induction operation, heating occurs through an electromagnetic field that passes heat when it comes into contact with electromagnetic pots.

In doubt about which model is ideal for your kitchen? Review the comparative table below:

You must be asking what is the best model. The answer depends on three factors: Needs, preferences and budget available for purchase.

The 5-burner gas cooktop is ideal for those looking for a cheaper model with a traditional look. For those who can invest a little more in the purchase, the 5-burner electric cooktop is the best option. The 5-burner induction cooktop is recommended for those who do not give up technology and safety and are not concerned with the value of the appliance.

Table finish: Stainless steel, glass or glass ceramic

The material used to finish the 5-burner cooktop table is related to the design, usability and durability of the appliance – but it is not related to its efficiency.

Those looking for a conventional, robust and resistant model should opt for a stainless steel model. However, cleaning a stainless steel table is a little more complicated, due to the need to shine the surface of the cooktop.

Whoever prefers a 5-burner cooktop with a modern design, should choose a model with a glass or vitroceramic table (electric and induction models only) that can be smooth or printed, in a sober or colorful tone.

It is important to make sure that the material used to finish the 5-burner cooktop is tempered glass, resistant to high temperatures and impact. And don’t worry, a 5-burner cooktop with a glass surface doesn’t break easily.

Mouth power

Before choosing a 5-burner cooktop, check the power of each burner (depending on the model):

  • Semi-fast burner : 1750 or 1800W of power.
  • Fast burner : 3000W.
  • Special burners : Double flame, triple flame and four flame (two, three or four rings of fire, respectively). Note: The special burners are only present in the 5-burner gas cooktop models.

Distance between burners

At the time of purchase, evaluate the space between the burners, as there is no point in buying a 5-burner cooktop with burners so close that you will not be able to prepare food in five pans at the same time – or place larger and wider pans.

The most recommended is to observe the sizes of the pans you usually use and choose a 5-burner cooktop that supports the parts. Also evaluate the shape of the burners, as some have a special angle that provides greater stability to the pan (this model is called a flat cooktop ).

Special Features

Assess whether the 5-burner cooktop you intend to buy has some special features such as digital panel with touch control function and timer with audible warning and automatic shutdown, functions that simplify the handling of the equipment.

The flame-proof system prevents accidents.

If you choose to buy a 5-burner cooktop with gas operation, make sure that the equipment has a flame-proof safety system to avoid possible accidents.

Some models offer different cooking strengths and a button indicating the type of preparation: Boil, fry, cook, sauté and prepare sauces. Another interesting feature is the indication for pot sizes (P, M, G or GG).



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