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Top & Best Clothes dryer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Clothes dryer: All about the best 2022 models

Today we are going to give you all the tips about an appliance that is very popular in the market: the clothes dryer.

This tool brings the modern, practical and quick proposal to replace the long hours (or even days!) Of clothesline with a machine that dries clothes in up to 30 minutes.

Despite not being among the essential items for the functioning of a home, the dryer offers some facilities that are quite formidable in the daily rush. Next, we will give you all the details about the models and the operation of this appliance.

First, the most important

  • For those looking for agility in domestic procedures, a clothes dryer can be an excellent idea. Drying can vary between 30 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the type of clothing.
  • Cost issues should be taken into account when purchasing a dryer. In addition to the price that is not so cheap, these appliances consume a lot of energy.
  • The amount of drying programs for a clothes dryer can vary widely, and the best models usually have many programs, which is super advantageous as you will have specialized plans for the most different types of clothes.

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The Best Clothes Dryers: Our Choices

The dryers deliver clothes in better conditions compared to the clothesline. Normally, the parts come out more fragrant and softer from this type of machine, due to its advanced functions. Are you looking for one of these? Check out our ranking with the best in the market:

  • One of the most complete on the market
  • For those who don’t have much space
  • Great option for families
  • To wash and dry your clothes
  • A great cost-benefit

Buying Guide

Being able to wash clothes at any time without depending on whether the sun is out is the biggest advantage of the clothes dryer. After all, many people can only do this housework at night, after arriving from work, and having a dryer to streamline the process is to bring practicality to the day to day.

Continue with us in this Guide to know all the details of the product and know how to choose yours.

What is a clothes dryer and what are its advantages?

Washing and drying clothes is a process that takes, on average, a whole day, because the pieces of clothing need to be extended for many, many hours on a clothesline, until they dry. The situation can be even longer if we are talking about a day without sun.

The proposal of the clothes dryer is precisely to reduce this time, ensuring that its parts are dry and fragrant in an interval that can vary between 30 minutes and 3 hours.

This appliance is perfect for situations where you are in a hurry to use a laundry that has just been washed, or if you simply like to facilitate household processes and save time on a daily basis.

Especially in winter, it can be an excellent ally in the battle against low temperatures, ensuring that your clothes are always dry and soft, ready for use.

Avoiding possible smells due to situations in which wet clothes hang for many hours on the clothesline, especially on the coldest days.

Among the main advantages of dryers, we can highlight that most of them have deodorization technologies, which eliminate any unpleasant odor, leaving the clothes more fragrant.

In addition, due to the hot steam, many pieces will not even need to be subjected to the iron, especially those that have fabrics that do not knead easily.

On the other hand, buying a dryer requires you to analyze a lot if this machine is really necessary for your domestic routine, since the cost and energy consumption are very high.

Another issue to be taken into account is that, despite its growth in the market, there is not yet a wide variety of models for the dryers, so it is good to redouble your attention on what you are going to buy.

Dryers are excellent allies in terms of practicality, agility and hygiene, but are easily substituted by other methods if you are thinking of cutting costs or if you are not in a hurry to dry your clothes.

Clothes dryer, washer and dryer or centrifuge?

As we talked about here, the dryer is an outlet to speed up the drying process of clothes, traditionally done with the use of a clothesline. However, this is not the only appliance that has this purpose.

In addition to the clothes dryer itself, we can also find some washing machines on the market that already have the complete drying option. These appliances work as a 2 and 1 and also offer a similar result.

They work very well if you don’t want to take the trouble to transfer your clothes from one machine to the other. The process is very simple, before you start, you must choose the washing and drying program, and then she will perform two steps, one after the other.

Typically, machines called “lava and dry” are much more expensive than a normal dryer or washing machine. Despite having the facility to deliver your clothes washed, smelling and dry, they are only indicated if you prioritize practicality.

Most of them are more focused on the washing part, and depending on the model, it is more worthwhile to buy a washing machine and a dryer, separately, to ensure that both processes are done in good quality.

Another option is the centrifuge, which is more suitable if you usually wash clothes in your six pack, or if your washing machine does not have the centrifuge function.

Regarding the centrifuge, it is very important to note that it does not dry the clothes completely, like the dryer. It only speeds up the process, which must be completed on the clothesline.

The advantage of this technology is that it delivers you partially dry clothes in about five minutes, which is already an excellent advance.Most modern washing machines already have a centrifuge, and if that is your situation, it may be interesting to have the dryer for you to use after your parts have already been centrifuged in the washing machine.

How much does a clothes dryer cost?

Unfortunately, the price of a modern clothes dryer can be a little heavy for the pocket, but as we always talk about here, there are not-so-expensive options out there that are well worth the investment.

On average, these appliances cost from R $ 1,200 to R $ 2,000. The amount will only reach (or pass) R $ 3,000 if you have chosen to buy a machine that washes and dries clothes.

However, there are some less modern and more compact models that dry clothes on hangers. These models are much more affordable and also offer a good result.

The average cost of such a dryer is approximately R $ 500, but it is worth remembering that it has a reduced number of functions, does not have a very beautiful design and dries few pieces of clothing at a time.

When it comes to cost, there is also the need to spend on electricity, since the dryers are very powerful and consume a lot of energy. It is always good to be prepared for possible increases in the electricity bill.

Where to buy a clothes dryer?

Finding a good clothes dryer shouldn’t be difficult, especially if you look at appliance stores and the Internet itself.

Stores specializing in appliances and electronics are always the best places for you to buy such a machine. On the internet you should also find several options for online stores that sell good clothes dryers, such as Amazon. Buying online you find more variety and better offers, in addition to receiving at the door.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Clothes Dryer Models

Clothes dryers are a great tool to ensure that clothes are dry and well cared for during the four seasons of the year. But, it is always important that you pay attention to the small details when choosing yours. Are they:

  • Capacity
  • Service area
  • Wattage
  • Special functions
  • Panel

In the following, we will score some information on each topic so that there is no doubt during your purchase.


The capacity of an appliance is one of the main points that you should analyze. With clothes dryers the situation is no different.

First of all, it is essential that you know what the weekly laundry demand is in your home, in order to be able to decide the ideal capacity of your dryer.

For large families, a dryer of at least 9 kg is recommended.

In the market you should find options that vary between 6 kg and 12 kg, you will hardly find domestic dryers bigger or smaller than that.

In houses where up to 3 people live, dryers up to 8 kg should be sufficient. If your family is bigger than that, we recommend that you give preference to models that support at least 9 kg.

Typically, more modern models have higher capacities, and this is also an issue to consider if you are looking for a more up-to-date product.

Service area

In most cases, the dryers are in the service area, but regardless of the room in your home where you place it, it is good to check, before buying it, if you have enough space.

Dryers are large and spacious appliances, so it is important to match their measurements with those of the location available for your accommodation, to ensure that this will not be a problem.

If you have enough space, give preference to floor dryers. They usually have larger capacities, and are quite complete. They also tend to be the most beautiful.

But if your space is limited, dryers that hang on the wall are an excellent idea. In addition to being more compact and delicate, these dryers also offer great results.

The difference between floor and wall dryers involves only issues of capacity and space. Both models are prepared to make your clothes dry and soft. The quality of the product will depend only on how updated it is and your brand.


Clothes dryers are often very powerful appliances. On average, its power varies between 1,000 watts and 2,000 watts.

The models with the fastest dryers are the most powerful, but these are also the ones that consume the most electricity, so it is up to the buyer to decide whether or not this is an important issue.

Special Functions

The best part about clothes dryers is their extra functions. And that must be, certainly, a factor to be taken into purchase when purchasing such a product.

The most up-to-date dryers have an interesting variety of different functions when drying your clothes.

Some of them have deodorizing functions, which eliminate any bad smell from the clothes, even if they have not been washed. Some, still, give a touch with fabric softener at the end, so that in addition to a tasty smell, the pieces are very soft.

We can also find dryers with anti-wrinkle functions and even load indicators, which indicate how full your dryer is and guide you to the best drying program for that amount of laundry.

The more different drying programs a dryer has, the better. This means that you will have a specialized type of drying for any type of garment, be it underwear or bed linen.

The most specialized dryers can have up to 12 different types of drying, not to mention the turbo function.



This is a very basic question, but we always like to remember it here. The panel is where you will configure all the functions of your dryer.

Currently, the panels are very modern, and many brands are already replacing the conventional buttons with the touch screen. The so-called digital panels can be a little more difficult to move, but they are definitely the most technological and most beautiful.

If you prefer more traditional options, dryers with common button panels are still easily found in appliance stores.

It is worth mentioning that the panel is something that has much more to do with the design than with the quality of the machine’s service, ok?

Therefore, we recommend that you leave this point as a background, and always give priority to the most efficient machines that will best meet your demand, regardless of the aesthetic issue.


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