Top & Best Electric racket Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Electric racket: What’s the best of 2022?

Welcome to! It is enough for the high temperatures to approach and the places are full of mosquitoes and mosquitoes. These insects, besides being very irritating, can transmit diseases. Therefore, at that time many are looking for ways to eliminate them and a good product for this is the electric racket.

As soon as the electric racket appeared it created a buzz. That’s because with it you can literally hunt mosquitoes and kill them with the push of a button. But there are still many doubts about this product and in this article we will clarify all of them. So continue with us and come on!

First, the most important

  • The electric racket does not use any chemical compound to kill mosquitoes and its operation is based on electrical voltage.
  • There are battery-powered electric racket models that can be recharged through a USB socket or input.
  • Many versions of this product do not have Inmetro approval and the only option is to purchase those that have this seal.

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The best electric racket models: The ideal one for every need

The heat is an excellent time to enjoy the pool, outdoor walks and more. However, unfortunately with him also come the insects and mosquitoes that so disrupt the day to day. To eliminate this problem there is an electric racket.

Among the numerous options of this product, some are among those that most please consumers and we have separated them all below.

  • Readers’ preferred electric racket model
  • The best electric racket model with USB charging
  • A great choice of battery powered racket


Buying Guide

The hot days are very good for several activities, but with them houses, streets and even shops are full of mosquitoes and other insects. This is a problem that many people want to eliminate and one way to do this is with the electric racket.

Unlike many products aimed at the same purpose, the electric racket does not use chemical compounds to kill mosquitoes. This is one of its great strengths. But not only that, it has other interesting features. To show you all of them we created this shopping guide.

What is an electric racket and what is it for?

The electric racket is a type of insecticide that serves to eliminate mosquitoes and other insects. As its name says, it is shaped like a tennis racket and works from an electrical voltage.

This product emerged as a substitute for traditional repellents, which use chemicals to eliminate mosquitoes.

How does the electric racket work?

The operation of the electric racket is very simple and is totally related to the construction of this product. It consists of three metal screens, two external and one internal. The external ones act as negative poles, while the internal is the positive pole.

These screens are connected to an electrical circuit and in order to be energized they need a voltage source, which can be a battery or cell.


When the electric racket is turned on, the energy is transported to your screens.

When the electric racket is turned on, the energy is passed to your screens, generating an electrical voltage over them. Thus, when a mosquito touches that surface, it receives an electric shock, which is like a shock, and so it dies.

Precisely for this reason after using this product it is possible to smell a burning smell. It comes from the shock the mosquito took and it is basically as if it were electrocuted.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the electric racket?

The electric racket is a very easy to use product that can eliminate mosquitoes efficiently. In addition to these two positive points, it also has the advantage of not using any chemical compound for this.

Another benefit of this product is that it can be rechargeable in the socket or have battery power. This allows it to be used everywhere, including those that do not always have electricity available.

The electric racket also has a very simple operation and to activate it just press a button.

The downside of this product is that it is completely manual and to kill mosquitoes you must literally hunt them. There is also the disadvantage that many models are not approved by Inmetro. This means that the safety of some versions of the electric racket is not fully proven.

What precautions should be taken when using an electric racket?

Overall the electric racket is a safe product. It works with a voltage that can reach about 2,000 volts, but its current is low, staying around 0.003 amps. Thanks to this, the power of this product is not high, staying around 6 watts.

This makes it lethal to insects and mosquitoes, but not to humans. Which represents a low health risk.

However, precisely because it generates an electrical voltage to kill mosquitoes, it is worth taking care of its use.

The main indication is not to touch the screen of this product when it is on. As low as the shock generated by it is, there may be some kind of defect in the electric racket and then it becomes unsafe for humans as well. Therefore, it is better to avoid this contact.


Francisco da Costa Saraiva FilhoElectrical Engineering Professor

“The discharge dumped on the object is very fast and would hardly cause serious damage to a person who touches the energized metal screen. At most, it can give a slight shock. However, you cannot specify the tension, as there are many models without proven provenance . It may be that one racket will work on an X voltage, while another will work on a Y that is harmful. “

Where to buy an electric racket?

The electric racket is a product easily found to buy, as it is quite successful among consumers. You can buy it at stores that sell electrical products and housewares.

In addition, it is also sold online. With that, those who like to shop in virtual stores can buy it on sites like Amazon.

How much does an electric racket cost?

One of the positive aspects of the electric racket is that it has a very affordable value. This makes it possible to buy it at a low cost.

This product has a price that varies between R $ 17 and can reach around R $ 50. This variation in value depends on the brand of the electric racket, its size and whether it is rechargeable or not.

However, it is worth paying attention to options that have a very low value. These are usually directly imported from China and do not have any type of safety certification.

Purchasing criteria: How to compare electric racket models

If you are looking for a product to eliminate mosquitoes in your home, but have given up traditional repellents, the electric racket is a great option. However, before purchasing it it is essential to pay attention to some details to choose the best model.

To help you with this we have separated below everything you should take into account at that time.

  • Screen size
  • Battery or rechargeable
  • Differentials
  • Inmetro Certification

Now we will detail each of these factors so that you do not make a mistake in the purchase.

Screen size

One factor that is interesting to be analyzed before purchasing an electric racket is the size of your screen. The screen is the area that will catch mosquitoes and kill them. Therefore, this is an important factor in the functioning of this product.

In general the screen of the electric rackets is 21 centimeters wide, but it is possible to find options slightly larger than that. So, check this information and see which one is best for you.

Battery or rechargeable

As we told you, there are models of electric racket that are battery powered and others that have a rechargeable battery. Therefore, one of the first steps when choosing this product is to define which of these options is the most viable for you.

Battery powered models are a great choice for camp sites. This is because it is possible to use this product in these places without worries, because if it turns off due to lack of charge, just change the batteries.

Rechargeable models, on the other hand, are the best option for those who have sockets always close by. This ease of being able to charge the product means that the spent on batteries is eliminated and that it is always functional.

In addition, there are options with USB charging or that already comes with the plug of the outlet.


Even though the electric racket is a product made by several brands, in general the options are very similar. However, there are some versions that have differentials that can make them better.

An example of this is the presence of a flashlight. There are models in which there is a flashlight attached to the racket screen. This feature not only helps to illuminate the environment, it is also able to attract mosquitoes, thus facilitating the process of eliminating them.

There are also options that have a higher autonomy than others. Autonomy refers to the time that the product can be used without needing a refill. This is interesting in everyday life, as the probability of needing the racket and it is out of battery is less.

Inmetro Certification

Finally, speaking specifically of safety, it is worth checking if the electric racket option chosen is certified by Inmetro.

Inmetro is the body responsible for approving the sale of products within Brazil. For that, he analyzes parameters such as technical standards and the safety of these items.

Many electric rackets sold here are imported from China and do not go through this inspection process. Therefore, it is not completely certain that they are safe for the consumer and that they will not cause accidents.

Both battery models, as well as rechargeable ones, are already found to buy Inmetro with approval. Therefore, check this information at the store or website to purchase an option with this seal.

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