Top & Best Clothes centrifuge Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Clothes centrifuge: How to choose the best one for your laundry in 2022

Today we are going to talk about the clothes centrifuge, an appliance that serves to eliminate excess water from the pieces and reduce the drying time.

The device is ideal for those who wash clothes in six-pack or semi-automatic washer – as these devices do not perform the parts centrifugation step. Do you want to know if it is worth buying a laundry centrifuge for your laundry? Then stay with us!

First, the most important

  • The clothes centrifuge is ideal for those who wash clothes in six pack or semi-automatic washer. The machine does not add any functionality for those who already have an automatic washer or Lava e Seca.
  • The clothes centrifuge does not dry clothes – this is still the function of a dryer. However, the equipment reduces the humidity of the parts by about 70%, greatly reducing the drying time.
  • The capacity of a clothes centrifuge ranges from 2.5 kg to 15 kg. Never exceed this weight limit, otherwise the machine cannot perform its function properly.

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The best clothes centrifuges: Our recommendations

Do you want to know which is the best clothes centrifuge for your laundry? We analyze the main options for sale and select which models are most worthwhile according to the consumer’s profile:

  • The most versatile garment centrifuge
  • The best portable clothing centrifuge
  • The most robust model
  • The largest capacity garment centrifuge


Buying Guide

Want more convenience to dry your clothes? So, you need a clothes centrifuge. The appliance delivers the parts almost dry, reducing the drying time on the clothesline or dryer.

But that’s not the only advantage of a clothes centrifuge, you know? There are many reasons to buy one of these for your home. To find out what they are, continue reading this Buying Guide.

What is a clothes centrifuge and what are the benefits of this appliance?

The clothes centrifuge is an appliance that partially drains the remaining water from washing the parts through the rotation of the motor – superior to that of a conventional washing machine.

The centrifugation process is very fast and takes about five minutes – the equipment is very economical in terms of electricity consumption. After completing this step, just collect the damp clothes and spread them on the clothesline and they will dry quickly.

Depending on the garment, the remaining moisture in the fabric can facilitate the ironing process, as is the case with the dress shirt – the moisture helps to make the garment smoother, without wrinkles or creases.

The garment centrifuge is great for removing excess water from delicate fabrics, but it is also effective on thicker fabrics such as jeans, warm clothing, quilts and towels.

Certain models have support for centrifuging shoes. And most have a special divider to place delicate items such as underwear and baby clothes – if the machine does not have this feature, use a bag for washing.

Some clothes centrifuge models offer water reuse or differentiated cycles. A tip is to use the water extracted from the clothes to clean the floor of the house or flush.

The capacity of a centrifuge ranges from 2.5 to 15 kg.

The capacity of a clothes centrifuge ranges from 2.5 kg to 15 kg. That way, no matter if you live alone or if your family is large, it is possible to find a model with the ideal capacity for your needs.

The device is usually quite light and easy to transport – some models have a carrying handle – so you can change the machine whenever necessary.

And since the garment centrifuge has a system that releases water from a hose directly into a basin or bucket, you don’t need to do any renovations to install plumbing.

But one of the biggest advantages of a clothes centrifuge is the low price – the values ​​vary from R $ 350 and R $ 1,000. Some brands offer a combo with a semi-automatic washer, clothes centrifuge and dryer for around R $ 1,000.

Find out more advantages – and some disadvantages – of the clothes centrifuge in the table below:

Who should buy a clothes centrifuge?

You should buy a clothes centrifuge if you wash your clothes in a six pack or in a semi-automatic washing machine – one that does not perform the centrifugation step.

Another possibility of using the clothes centrifuge is in houses or apartments that have shared laundry facilities. In this case, a mini washer and a small centrifuge can handle cleaning the parts used during the week.

This appliance is perfect for those who don’t have much space or time to take care of their clothes. Because it takes up little space, you can place the centrifuge in any corner of the house, even in the bathroom.

You can also buy a clothes centrifuge for the beach or countryside home that does not have a washing machine. That way, you can spin your bathing suits after a day at the beach or pool.

How to use a clothes centrifuge?

The operation of a clothes centrifuge is quite simple. You must put the washed and wet parts in the drum. Then, adjust the operating time (from one to five minutes) and wait – some models have automatic shutdown.

It is important not to exceed the capacity of the laundry spinner, otherwise the appliance may not work properly. Still in this sense, it is important to distribute the parts evenly.

In addition, before placing the items inside the garment centrifuge, it is important to rinse them thoroughly to remove powder detergent and fabric softener residue

What are the differences between a clothes dryer and a centrifuge?

Many people do not know the function of a clothes centrifuge and confuse it with a dryer. It is important to explain that these appliances are different but have similar functions, which ends up generating confusion.

The clothes dryer runs through drying cycles with hot or cold air. Usually, the machine takes about an hour to dry the clothes, which come out ready to be ironed and stored in the closet.

The device consumes a lot of electricity and is usually relatively expensive. But it is essential for those who do not have a laundry area or laundry to extend the clothes on a clothesline.

It is also useful for those who live in locations with cold or humid weather. You will find floor and wall dryer models – perfect for those with little space at home. Capacity ranges from 5Kg to 10Kg or more.

The clothes centrifuge, in turn, has the function of centrifuging the pieces, that is, eliminating excess water. After completing a spin cycle, the clothes come out ready to go to the clothesline – some come out ready to go.

The device is quite economical and is usually quite cheap. The clothes centrifuge is ideal for those who use six pack or have a semi-automatic washing machine.

Still unsure about which appliance you need? Compare them in the table below:

Purchasing criteria: Find the best clothes spinner

In this last section, we will present some tips on how to choose the best clothes centrifuge according to your needs. At the time of purchase, review the following features:

  • Machine capacity
  • Spin power
  • Water container
  • Security lock
  • Design

We will explain these criteria throughout the section. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

Machine capacity

The first thing you should note when buying a clothes centrifuge is the capacity of the machine, that is, how many kilos the drum can support.

The secret is to buy a clothes centrifuge compatible with the volume of items you usually wash. You can find options with a capacity of 2.5, 5Kg, 8Kg, 10Kg or 15Kg – remember that this value refers to the weight of wet clothes.

Models with 5Kg are perfect for those who live alone.

We suggest that you buy a clothes centrifuge with a capacity of 2.5 kg if you need a portable machine to load when traveling. Models with a capacity of 5 kg are perfect for those who live alone.

Now if you live with a family with three or more members, we recommend buying a larger clothes centrifuge, with a capacity of 8Kg, 10Kg or 15Kg.

Spin power

Another feature that deserves your attention is the power of the clothes centrifuge – determined by the amount of revolutions per minute (RPM) performed by the drum – the higher the power of the machine, the drier your clothes will be.

The power varies according to the model and brand. We found options with 1500 to 2800RPM. The rotation capacity of a clothes centrifuge is greater than that of a washing machine.

Water container

At the time of purchase, make sure that the garment centrifuge comes with a container for draining water. Although the piece is functional, most models do not come with this accessory.

If your garment centrifuge does not have this container, you should place a bucket or bowl to collect the water drained by the machine.

Security lock

Who has children at home should make sure that the desired clothes centrifuge has a locking system that makes it impossible or difficult to open the lid of the machine during operation.

Some models have a lid that seals the basket of the clothes centrifuge, making contact difficult. Others have an automatic shutdown system when they detect that the lid has been opened.


Although this purchase criterion is not relevant in terms of equipment usability, take a moment to evaluate the design of the clothes centrifuge.

Some models are available in more than one color option – sometimes this variation is only in the shade of the lid – this makes it easy to find a model that matches the decor of your laundry or service area.



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