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Top & Best Small refrigerator Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Small refrigerator: How to choose the best in 2022?

If you have an essential appliance, this is the refrigerator. This item is very versatile and exists in several models, and for those with little space there is the small refrigerator, a product that we will talk about here, welcome.

Indispensable in offices, homes and many other places, the refrigerator is the best way to preserve food and keep it fresh even on the hottest days.

Available in several capacities, the models that have up to 300 liters are great for those with little space and if you are looking for such an option just keep reading this text because in it we will talk about the small refrigerator and at the end of the reading you will know exactly how choose yours.

First, the most important

  • Small refrigerators are ideal for people who live alone and small families of up to three people.
  • There are models of one and two doors. You will learn how to choose the ideal one for you here in this Buying Guide.
  • The initial value of this product is around R $ 970 and this varies according to the capacity of the refrigerator, its finish and also the defrosting technology it has.

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Best small refrigerators: The newsroom favorites

Low energy consumption and cooling efficiency are essential features for small refrigerators and it is to show you which are the best in the category that we bring in this Ranking 6 options, check and choose yours.

  • The refrigerator where space is most used
  • Great option with removable compartments
  • Refrigerator for those who like adjustable shelves
  • Small refrigerator with external temperature control
  • A model with freezer with independent door


Buying Guide

Getting home and finding a cold drink, buying the food of the week and always having it fresh, these are just some of the advantages of having a refrigerator and if you think this is not possible for small spaces you are very wrong.

There are refrigerators of different sizes and small refrigerators are ideal for those looking for an efficient product that takes up little space. And it is to show you all the features of this product that we created this Buying Guide, in it you will find advantages, prices and much more.

What is a small refrigerator?

The refrigerator is an appliance that practically everyone has at home. It has become a staple item and serves to store drinks, meats, fruits, vegetables and many other products that must be kept refrigerated.

It exists in several sizes that are related to its capacity, and this characteristic is expressed in liters and each model has its own.

When we talk about small refrigerators, it is understood that the options between 240 and 300 liters fit into this category. From 300 liters on, there are medium-sized and large refrigerators.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the small refrigerator?

Fortunately, refrigerators are manufactured in different sizes and this makes life easier for those who have more or less space.

Thanks to this, there are small refrigerators, which have the greatest advantage that they can be placed in more compact spaces, allowing their use even by people with more restricted areas.

In terms of design, the small refrigerator is found in different models and colors, with stainless steel options, with two doors, electronic panel, several compartments for food and much more, which adds up to many positive points as well.

Another advantage is that this product does not lose to the larger models with regard to technology and many bring for example automatic defrosting system and different temperatures, which makes it even more efficient.

In addition, the small refrigerator is also very economical when it comes to spending electricity.

The negative point is precisely related to space. Because it is small, this refrigerator is more focused on the use of one to three people, more than that it may not be feasible, since even with good external use its capacity is limited.

Small refrigerator with a door or duplex?

There are small fridge models with one and two doors and thanks to that it is possible to find an option that pleases different types of people.

In this sense it is important to know that the models of a door are the smallest and therefore your freezer is also small. In addition, freezers in this type of refrigerator have less power.

On the other hand, having a one-door refrigerator only ends up being synonymous with savings, since these models are cheaper and use less energy.

The options with two doors are those with a larger capacity, starting at 260 liters. In them the freezer is separated from the refrigerator part and is more spacious, having a lower temperature and preserving more food, mainly because it will be less open than the refrigerator itself.

Another advantage is that in the event of a power outage, this type of freezer manages to stay for longer, taking longer to thaw.

How to properly organize food in a small refrigerator?

Regardless of the size of your refrigerator, it is important to store food correctly to prevent it from spoiling easily. There are some small rules for this. Check out:

  • Meats, cold cuts, yogurts, milks and other foods that need to be cooler. These products should always be placed on the top of the refrigerator, which is also the coldest.
  • The food that is left over from a meal and that will be consumed later know that it is important to take it out of the pot and place it in plastic jars or glass jars with a lid. These should be on the shelves in the middle of the refrigerator.
  • Vegetables, fruits and vegetables do not need very low temperatures, so they should be placed in the drawer or on the bottom shelves of the refrigerator.

Did you know that fruits and vegetables should not be washed before being stored in the refrigerator? This increases the moisture in the food and accelerates its deterioration process. Therefore, only sanitize products of this type when they are going to be consumed.


How to optimize the space of a small refrigerator?

Even if you have a small refrigerator in your home it is possible to store a good amount of products just using space organization and optimization techniques.

Even space is sometimes not the real problem, but the organization. A poorly organized refrigerator has the aspect of being always full and, with that, there is the impossibility of putting more food in its interior, and sometimes many end up spoiling precisely because it is difficult to visualize them.

We have separated a series of tips that will help you to organize your small refrigerator so that it becomes functional and ideal for your need.

  • Do you know the egg cartons? They can be reused and serve as a condiment holder. To do this, just leave the box as wide as you have it and then store items like ketchup and mustard face down and fit in the empty spaces.
  • Still on the theme of eggs, if the space available in your refrigerator is not enough for the units you have, store them in baskets and use the compartment that would be for them to store other items.
  • Another tip is to use paper clips (the bigger black ones) to keep the bottles all organized horizontally. To do this, simply attach the clamp to the shelf rod and place all bottles lying down.
  • Plastic organizers can be allied at this time as well and it is possible to store different foods of the same type in each one to keep everything organized and optimize the refrigerator space.
  • Finally, abuse the ziplock bags. There are several foods that can be stored in these little bags occupying the same space as the jars.

How much?

It is possible to find a small refrigerator to buy for an initial price of R $ 970, on average. The most expensive models cost up to around R $ 2,700. What changes the value of the refrigerator is its capacity, its additional functions and also the number of doors.

Where to buy?

Finding a small refrigerator to buy is a very easy task, both in physical stores and online.

On the internet, there are a lot of options and some sites that sell this product are Amazon. In physical stores it is possible to buy this type of refrigerator in those that sell appliances, In addition, if you liked any model in our Ranking, know that it is possible to purchase it, and to do so, just click on your favorite.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare small refrigerator models

If you have come to the conclusion that a small refrigerator is what you need then it is time to help you choose the best one for your need and for that we have separated the main points that you must take into consideration, they are:

  • Refrigerator capacity
  • Number of internal compartments
  • Defrost type
  • Color

Now we will explain each of them in detail.

Refrigerator capacity

As you have seen, there are refrigerators that are considered small with different capacities and firstly it is important to measure the physical space you have so that you can define the refrigerator capacity that fits this.

Often even with a small space, it is possible to purchase a slightly larger refrigerator and sometimes even a duplex refrigerator, in which case you can choose a higher capacity model and, with that, you can store more items in it, having more space.

Number of internal compartments

Another important point is to look inside the refrigerator. Check the number of shelves and whether they are adjustable or not. Then analyze how many compartments there are on the door, how many bottles or cans can fit in them, the size of the vegetable drawer and so on.

The compartments and shelves are the most helpful in organizing the refrigerator and it is important that the model chosen by you is well equipped in this regard.

Defrost type

Those who are older know that refrigerators in the old days had a very laborious process to be defrosted and that ended up watering the space and being very impractical.

With technology this has changed and the type of defrost is also one of the most important points that must be taken into account.

The manual defrost ones are the ones mentioned above and which are currently much less common. To be defrosted, this type of refrigerator needs to be turned off, let all the ice melt and then dry. This is the one that takes the most work, but the most affordable.

There are also dry defrost ones, which are already much more practical. In them, just press the defrost button and wait for the entire process to be carried out alone. The water left over from the ice drains into a tray and evaporates.

Another option is the cycle defrost refrigerator. In these there is little accumulation of ice in the freezer and, therefore, it is only necessary to defrost twice a year. They work like dry defrost and do all the work themselves, in addition, they consume less energy.

Now if you want the latest and most practical you should opt for a frost free refrigerator. These do not have any accumulation of ice in the freezer, so there is no need to defrost. The downside is that these are more expensive and also consume more energy.


Basically small refrigerators are available in white and stainless steel and which one to choose depends on the other appliances in your kitchen. If you have a stove, microwave and other appliances in white, a refrigerator in that tone is more harmonious in the environment.

If you have these items in stainless steel it is more feasible to purchase a refrigerator with this finish, but it is worth remembering that stainless steel is always more expensive than white.



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