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Top & Best Frost Free Refrigerator Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Frost Free Refrigerator: How to choose the best in 2022

Today we are going to talk about an essential appliance in everyday life: the frost free refrigerator.With technology that prevents the accumulation of ice, the frost free refrigerator is ideal for those who do not want to have the trouble of defrosting the appliance before cleaning.

Nowadays, there are models with innovative functions. Therefore, we will show in this article what you should take into account before buying the ideal frost free refrigerator.

First, the most important

  • The frost free refrigerator has an automatic defrost technology ideal to avoid you having to wait for the equipment to defrost before being able to clean it.
  • But, before choosing the best model among the available options, it is necessary to consider factors such as size, capacity and available space, for example.
  • In this article, you will discover what are the features that differentiate one model from another and how to choose the best frost free refrigerator.

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The best frost free refrigerator models: Our options

Those looking for a Frost free refrigerator, also want technology and innovations to make their daily lives easier. Thinking about it, the manufacturers invested in options for all tastes and pockets.

Therefore, below, we will present you the best frost free refrigerator models available on the market today.

  • A frost free refrigerator for large families
  • For those with little space
  • A low noise option
  • A very spacious option
  • A large, modern refrigerator


Buying Guide

At first glance, you may find the task of choosing the best frost free refrigerator simple. But as there are many differences between the various models, attention is needed to purchase the most suitable appliance.

Therefore, we created this Buying Guide with all the information you will need to make the best decision and buy the ideal frost free refrigerator.

What is a frost free refrigerator?

Frost free is an English term that, in free translation, means “freeze-free”.

This is an advanced technology that is used in refrigerators and freezers, both in homes and in commercial refrigerators and freezers.

In practice, the refrigerator that has frost free technology has an automatic defrost system that prevents the formation and accumulation of ice layers on the inside walls of the freezer or freezer .

Also called “non-frost”, the frost free refrigerator has become very popular because it facilitates the maintenance and cleaning of the appliance.

You certainly had to turn off the refrigerator, wait hours for all the accumulated ice to melt, drain the water and only then could you start cleaning the appliance, right?

This laborious and time-consuming process was very common with ordinary refrigerators. Until the frost free refrigerator appeared. The fact is that the frost free refrigerator does all this work for you, as it does not accumulate ice.

How does the Frost Free refrigerator work?

Depending on the model, the frost free refrigerator may have two different devices to allow automatic defrost: a heat pump or an electric heater.


The frost free refrigerator defrosts automatically, transforming the resulting water into steam.

What happens is that one of these devices is activated by an electronic timer several times for short periods of time. And then the heater (or pump) generates heat, which melts the ice on the sides of the freezer.

The frost free refrigerator defrosts automatically, transforming the resulting water into steam. Then, the water resulting from defrosting is transported to a small reservoir of the appliance through an internal plumbing system.

This reservoir is above the compressor, which reaches high temperatures, and, consequently, causes the water to evaporate. In this way, an efficient rapid cooling system is created that does not generate ice accumulation.

What is the difference between the frost free refrigerator and the other types of refrigerators?

The fact is that the frost free refrigerator is just one of the many types of refrigerators that exist on the market today. But in practice, what differentiates one model from another is the type of defrost that each refrigerator has.

For you to have an idea, the most common types of defrosts are: manual, semi-automatic, dry, cycle defrost and frost free. The refrigerator that has manual defrost is the most basic type and the one that needs more care.

That’s because, from time to time, as ice accumulates on the wall of the freezer you need to do a complete defrost.

When the freezer gets a lot of ice, if you do not defrost the fact is that your refrigerator, in addition to spending more energy, can be overloaded. Not to mention that you lose precious space to store food.

And in this refrigerator model, as the defrost is manual, you will need an extra dose of patience.

That’s because you have to unplug the refrigerator, wait for all the ice to melt (which can take hours) and then collect all the water that has melted.

In general, the refrigerator with this type of defrost has a compartment to store the water until all the ice has melted so that you can then remove it.

This type of defrost is indicated for those who spend more time at home and do not mind having more work with cleaning and defrosting. It is also worth remembering that the refrigerator with manual defrost is usually cheaper and more economical.

Choosing the right type of defrost is essential if you are looking for practicality and economy.

The refrigerator with semi-automatic defrost is a slightly more practical option. The difference with this model is that there is no need to unplug the refrigerator for the defrost to occur.

That is, with the semi-automatic defrost, the refrigerator can continue to function while the freezer defrosts. Still, the thaw will take hours.

The refrigerator that has a dry defrost is another type of appliance with semi-automatic defrost.

That is, this type of refrigerator does not need to be turned off so that the ice starts to melt. Here, just press a button for the defrost to occur.

However, the dry defrost system also ensures that you do not have to remove the water resulting from the melting. That’s because, the melted water falls into an evaporation vessel.

The dry defrost refrigerator also saves more energy and costs less than a frost free refrigerator. On the other hand, cycle defrost is a defrost system that combines manual and dry defrost.

That is, to defrost the freezer the process will be manual; but to defrost the refrigerator the process is the same as for dry defrost.

In addition, in the cycle defrost refrigerator, defrosting is done only twice a year, as this system accumulates much less ice in the freezer compared to other types of appliances.

And finally, with the frost free refrigerator, as we saw, you will not need to defrost. As the process is automatic, this type of refrigerator does not accumulate ice in the freezer.

Here are the main differences in defrosting between the most popular refrigerators on the market:

As each type of defrost requires different care, we recommend that you pay attention to the information in your refrigerator manual.

In addition, if your refrigerator does not have an automatic defrost system, you should not use knives or other sharp objects to break the ice.

It is also not recommended that you use, for example, the hair dryer to defrost more quickly. Do not even pour water into the refrigerator, as the liquid can drain and damage the engine.

How to clean the frost free refrigerator?

As defrosting in the frost free refrigerator is automatic, that is, ice does not accumulate in the freezer, whenever you feel the need, you can clean your appliance.

However, although this system is quite functional, you will still need to periodically clean your refrigerator.

The fact is that, without this cleaning from time to time, the refrigerator not only ends up dirty, but also accumulates food odors that may have been there longer than recommended inside the refrigerator.

Thus, the best time to clean the refrigerator is when it is empty, that is, before shopping for the month.

That way, you won’t have much work to remove food from the refrigerator and have to put it back after cleaning.

In addition, you must pay attention to the frequency with which you clean your frost free refrigerator.

If you live alone or use the refrigerator moderately, for example, you should clean the frost free refrigerator once a month. However, if you live with other people, the ideal is that the cleaning of the refrigerator occurs at least every 15 days.

To help you in the task of cleaning the frost free refrigerator, we have separated some practical tips to make this process more efficient. Check it out below:

  1. Remove all food from the refrigerator and store it in a thermal container, so that they remain preserved.
  2. Remove the removable parts from your frost free refrigerator, such as drawers and shelves.
  3. Clean the drawers and shelves with a soft sponge and mild detergent. Rinse with running water and dry with a dry cloth.
  4. Inside the refrigerator , use a sponge or cloth moistened with water and detergent.
  5. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove the excess and finish with a dry cloth.
  6. On the outside of the frost free refrigerator take care not to scratch the appliance. Therefore, do not use abrasive materials.
  7. Ready ! Now just put the removable parts back in and store the food again.

What is a frost free inverter refrigerator?

Do you know when you hear your fridge popping and making noise? Know that these noises are normal in refrigerators that use a conventional compressor.

As we have seen, the frost free refrigerator motor has two cycles: a cold cycle that freezes and keeps food at low temperatures; and another that is hot and prevents the formation of ice on the walls of the freezer.

Thus, the constant alternation of these two cycles results in expansion and contraction of the parts that make up the refrigerator. And with that, the noises occur.

However, manufacturers have already managed to develop another technology that aims to minimize the discomfort caused by these noises.

We are dealing here with the compressor with Inverter technology, which, in practice, allows the frost free refrigerator to work without the compressor having to turn on and off to switch the refrigeration cycles.

With that, the crackling is much reduced. In addition, the frost free inverter refrigerator also has optimized cooling and, as a consequence, improves food conservation.

This is because, as the compressor of the frost free inverter refrigerator works without interruption, the cooling / freezing process is faster and the temperature variation is less.

As a consequence, the energy consumption of the frost free inverter refrigerator is also lower.

Here are the main differences between a frost free refrigerator and a refrigerator with the Invert function:

What are the myths and truths about using refrigerators?

There is a lot of information out there regarding the use and operation of refrigerators. But the fact is, not all are true.

Regardless of whether you choose a frost free refrigerator or not, it is important that you understand some points that are often very controversial. To help you demystify these issues, check out what is myth and what is true below:

Opening and closing the door

When you open and close the frost free refrigerator door constantly, you can impair the functioning of the appliance.

That’s because, when the door is opened, the cold air comes out. When you close it, the process to freeze and maintain the ideal temperature starts again and this demands a lot from the device.

In addition, the longer the door is open, the greater the heat exchange and the more energy will be consumed.

Refrigerator near heat sources

Placing the refrigerator next to the stove and the microwave can overload the appliance.

That is, the refrigerator will work harder and spend more energy to maintain the ideal internal temperature.

Turn the refrigerator on and off

Whenever you need to turn off the frost free refrigerator to, for example, transport it from place to place, experts recommend that you wait at least two hours before plugging in again.

Coal and coffee inside the refrigerator

In theory, putting charcoal and coffee inside the fridge helps fight bad smells. However, these substances can also leave their scents permanently in the refrigerator.

To avoid the bad smell in the appliance, experts advise to invest in a frost free refrigerator that comes with a specific filter that eliminates bad odors.

Frost free refrigerator does not need to be turned off

Truth. As we have seen, the technology of this type of refrigerator already promotes automatic defrost and, therefore, the appliance does not need to be turned off for you to perform the cleaning.

Hot food in the fridge

Keeping food still warm in the frost free refrigerator can actually harm the appliance, as it will take time to cool.

In addition, the food may also spoil other foods that have been in the refrigerator for longer because of the heat transfer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the frost free refrigerator?

As we have seen, there are many advantages when it comes to a frost free refrigerator. The main benefit of this type of appliance is, without a doubt, the great practicality you will have in its maintenance.

With frost free technology, it is not necessary to spend hours defrosting the appliance, which mainly affects foods that need to be refrigerated so as not to spoil.

That is, with the frost free refrigerator there is no ice accumulation that occurs on the freezer wall. Thus, the process of periodically cleaning the device is infinitely simpler and faster.

In addition, without the accumulation of ice, you also make better use of the freezer space and can store even more products.

Not to mention that, thanks to the system that reuses the freezer ice transformed into steam that circulates inside, the frost free refrigerator is less odorous.

Another advantage of the frost free refrigerator is that, due to the constant air circulation inside the appliance, the internal temperature becomes homogeneous in all corners.

In contrast, as with all appliances, there are also some disadvantages in relation to the frost free refrigerator.

The main one is, certainly, the most expensive price, mainly in comparison with models that do not have this type of technology.

In addition, as it is frost free there will also be a higher consumption of electrical energy, which is necessary for the efficient operation of the automatic defrost system. Another disadvantage of this appliance is the noise that the appliance produces.

As we have seen, strange noises like pops, for example, occur because frost free refrigerators have two freezing cycles that work constantly.

The following are the main advantages and disadvantages of the frost free refrigerator:

How much does a frost free refrigerator cost?

The price of the frost free refrigerator will vary a lot depending on the manufacturer brand, the size, capacity and extra functions included. So, in general, you will find the frost free refrigerator costing between R $ 1.4 thousand and R $ 18 thousand.

Of course, you don’t have to buy the most expensive one. Nowadays, with so many options available, you can find the most suitable refrigerator according to your needs and goals for a reasonable price.

Where to buy a frost free refrigerator?

You will find the frost free refrigerator for sale in appliance stores, department stores and hypermarkets.

Still, we recommend that you make your purchase at online stores like Amazon.

That way, you not only guarantee more model options to choose from, often at discounted prices, but also purchase the frost free refrigerator from the comfort of your home.

Purchasing criteria: What to consider before choosing the frost free refrigerator

Now that you know how a frost free refrigerator works, in addition to its advantages, it’s time to choose the best model for you among so many options available on the market.

But in order to make the right choice, it is essential that you understand what really differentiates one model from another.

Therefore, we have selected for you the main factors that must be taken into account before purchasing frost free refrigerator. Are they:

  • Dimension
  • Capacity
  • Models
  • Functions

In the following, we will explain each of these factors in detail so that you make the best decision and purchase the ideal frost free refrigerator.


The first factor that you should note before purchasing the frost free refrigerator is the size of the appliance.

This information is especially important to make sure you have enough space in the kitchen to place the appliance.

In this regard, the size options are very varied. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully measure the area where you will place your refrigerator.

To give you an idea, you can find the frost free refrigerator with a width that varies, on average, between 50cm and 180cm. The height of the appliance usually varies between 60cm and 188cm.

The depth of the frost free refrigerator, on the other hand, can generally vary between 60cm and 78cm.


Next, we recommend that you take into account the frost free refrigerator storage capacity. Here, you should be aware that, in general, the brands show only the total capacity of the appliance.

In general, you will find refrigerators with a total capacity ranging from 275 liters to 564 liters. But the fact is that the ideal is that you also know the capacity of the freezer and the refrigerator, separately.

The choice will depend on your need for a larger or smaller freezer, for example.


Another factor that you should analyze is the frost free refrigerator model, which is defined by the number of doors and the location of the freezer.

Here you will find the traditional model of a door only, with a freezer at the top. But you can also opt for more modern models, such as the frost free refrigerator with two or even three doors.

Also, take into account the location of the freezer and refrigerator.

Currently, the most advanced models have the freezer at the bottom of the refrigerator. To help you choose the best option, check out the following tips:

  • If you live alone or have a small family : refrigerator models with a door are enough to suit you.
  • If you need more internal space : refrigerators with two doors are the best choice, as this type has greater cooling efficiency thanks to the exclusive door for the freezer.
  • If you have a very large family : the models with the freezer on the base of the appliance are ideal, since they usually have a greater storage capacity.


In addition to all these factors, we recommend that you take into account the extra functions of the frost-free refrigerator.

As we have seen, one of the most modern functions is the Inverter which helps to cool better and has reduced the noise that the appliance usually makes.

But, in addition to this function, you will find appliances that also have: temperature control, ice maker, water dispenser, open door warning, drawers that keep for longer and a filter that eliminates odors.



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