Top & Best Freezer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Freezer: Which are the best at 2022?

We really appreciate your presence here. Today we are going to talk about the different types of freezer, a super versatile appliance that has both commercial and domestic use.

Freezers are perfect for keeping the most diverse types of food at the ideal temperature, while waiting for the long awaited moment of consumption. These devices are powerful, so they are able to not only freeze food, but also freeze it.

In the guide below, we will give you tips on the best types of this product and explain you everything you need to know before completing your purchase

First, the most important

  • The freezer is an appliance specialized in freezing food. Some of them are capable of reaching up to -25 ° C.
  • There are two types of freezers: vertical and horizontal. Both do their job very well, and there are few differences between them.
  • Freezers are the most up-to-date and powerful versions of classic refrigerator freezers.

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Buying Guide

Nowadays, it is practically impossible to imagine cooking without the support of an appliance that cools food before preparation, right? And although the refrigerator is a great ally, we are talking about an even more specific appliance, the freezer.

If you want to learn all the details to buy the right model for you or your business, continue with us until the end of this Guide.

What is a freezer?

The freezer is a very versatile device and very easy to use both at home and in your business, if you own a snack bar, a bar, a restaurant or even a supermarket.

Basically, freezers are used to freeze or cool food in an interval of time. In the freezer function, they reach very low temperatures, between -18 ° to -23 ° C, and are undoubtedly the most suitable appliances for this.

You should find freezers in two different types: vertically, and horizontally. Both are interesting options, and the only difference is that the horizontal ones have greater storage capacity, but they also take up more space.

The verticals have shelves, which facilitates organization and even cleaning, but have reduced capacities. The choice of this question is entirely personal, both of which have the same function.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a freezer?

If you have a business that involves selling or producing food, you should already know that staying if a freezer is practically impossible, as it is necessary to keep foods that are not being used frozen or refrigerated.

But who says you can’t have a device like that at home? If you are the type who loves to have a barbecue on the weekend, the freezer can be a good option for chilling drinks and freezing meat.

Did you know that most modern freezers today are environmentally friendly? This is because the latest models do not emit CFC, a gas that can be used in refrigeration.


Another question that is often questioned is about your energy consumption, as they appear to be very powerful. But the good news is that a freezer is hardly more than 600 watts, which is why it doesn’t usually spend a lot of electricity.

In freezing cases, the freezer motor works until it reaches a temperature of approximately -20 ° C, and then works very little, just to maintain the temperature.

Therefore, the energy consumption is not so high, and for our happiness the bill at the end of the month does not come as fat as that, right?

Therefore, these models of freezers do not harm the ozone layer. It is legal to prioritize them and fulfill their social role. In summary, freezers should be strongly considered if you have a need to freeze or cool a large amount of food. They are the ideal tool for the job.

Do I buy a freezer or use the fridge freezer?

Many people choose not to buy freezers because they already have refrigerators with freezers at home. It is important to note that freezers are also a good help, but they have very different characteristics.

Below, we will explain you in detail about the two products, so you can choose which one will best suit the needs of your home or business.


It is already attached to the refrigerator, so they have a reduced capacity when compared to the freezer. Mainly for this reason, they are indicated for domestic use, in sporadic cases.

In commercial use cases, a freezer does not support the required capacity. Another issue that differs greatly between the two devices is the temperature. While the freezer reaches very low temperatures, the freezer reaches -6ºC.

This means that they are able to live up to their name and freeze, but in the long run, food preservation can be greatly impaired. When foods are frozen at not-so-low temperatures, the chances of nutrients and quality being affected are extremely high.

Therefore, it is not recommended that you leave even one type of food in the freezer for more than a week. Basically, this tool offers you basic advantages, and as we have already said, for sporadic and home use. It is not the best option if your need is more complex than that, okay?


Freezers are a bigger and more powerful version of freezers. Its two main advantages are the capacity and the temperature they are capable of reaching.

Some freezers have up to 550 liters of capacity, and these are perfect for commercial use. They are super spacious and usually have a good sealing system.

The disadvantage is that, because they are much larger, they take up a lot of physical space, so this is an issue to consider. Freezers are much more compact.

Regarding the temperature, as we said here, they reach an average of -20ºC, which is excellent for the preservation of nutrients and food quality.

In general, the freezer is indicated in professional situations, or if your family demand is very high. It is a little more powerful, but it is also much more expensive, heavy and takes up a lot of space.

Compare the differences:

Vertical or horizontal freezer?

Although both serve the same function, their different structure makes one model or another better for certain needs.

horizontal freezer looks like a giant thermal box, usually rectangular, it is lower and takes up more space in the kitchen or establishment. This model has no shelves and works like a big chest, it has at most a few baskets on the sides.

On the one hand, it has greater capacity, on the other, it is not possible to maintain the organization. The opening is from the top, like a lid that can be double or single.

As for the vertical freezer , as it is narrower and taller, like a refrigerator, it ends up being more suitable for domestic environments, due to space saving. It is also possible to organize food, since it has a shelf. To open, it has a door that may or may not be made of glass.

Choose according to your goals and needs, also considering the location where it will be placed.

How much?

The cost of a freezer, in general, is a little salty. However, the value will depend a lot on the size and capacity of the chosen product. The largest, and consequently the horizontal, tend to be the most expensive. So it is interesting that you do a market research before choosing yours.

The freezers we quote here on our list have prices ranging between R $ 1,600 and R $ 3,000, but there are options that reach up to R $ 4,000. You will hardly find a good quality freezer for less than R $ 1,500, as these appliances are too complex for that.

As we always talk here, it is interesting that you consult several companies until you find the ideal budget, but always prioritizing the quality of your chosen appliance.

Where to buy?

Due to its size, it is not so easy to find many different options of freezers in ordinary appliance stores. Therefore, we recommend that you give preference to stores specializing in refrigeration.

If you don’t find a store like this in your city, will offer you interesting options, but remember that the online version has more variety, see?

Also in the online line, you will find freezers also on Amazon. The advantage here is that you buy from the comfort of your home, and they even take the product to your address.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare the different freezer models

Like all appliances, there are some features that are very important when choosing the perfect freezer, they are:

  • Capacity
  • Wattage
  • Defrost
  • Temperature and thermostat
  • Sustainability
  • Design

See below for a detailed description of these features so as not to make mistakes when purchasing.


The capacity of a freezer will vary according to your need. Currently, the average capacity of such a product varies between 150 liters and 600 liters.

If you are going to buy it for your home, just for the use of your family and friends, it is recommended that you buy the smallest size, since there is no need for a freezer that big.

However, if you are looking for a freezer to boost your business, it is interesting to assess what your demand will be, and how many drinks or food you will need to cool. You can be sure that size options will not be lacking. It is important to remember that the greater the capacity of a freezer, the greater the space it occupies.

So, before you buy yours, make sure you have enough space to allocate the product, regardless of whether it is a larger or smaller model.


The power of any appliance says a lot about it. In the case of the freezer, it is no different.

The rule is very simple, the more powerful your freezer is, the faster it will reach the ideal temperature, and consequently, freeze your food.

However, most people are mistaken in finding that freezers are among the most powerful and energy-consuming appliances. In general, a freezer has between 300 watts and 700 watts. Surprising, right?

Another good news is that, for this reason, they are not big consumers of electric energy, because they only work hard until they reach the ideal temperature.


Your freezer must be defrosted at least 3 times a year for hygiene reasons. For this you must prepare yourself to not have the need to use it that day.

To clean and defrost it, turn it off and wait for the ice to melt completely. To facilitate cleaning, it is interesting that you choose a freezer model that has a drain.

The drain will help you to remove all the water that will accumulate inside the freezer, and after that the cleaning part with dry cloth will be very easy. It is also recommended that you take this time to spend some sanitizing products in your freezer, as a measure to avoid any kind of bad smell.

When the process is finished, turn on the freezer again, and wait between 45 minutes and an hour to place the food inside.

Temperature and thermostat

Each freezer has its own temperature variation. Those that refrigerate and freeze have this even greater variation. There is no average ideal temperature range, what is known is that perfect freezing varies between -15ºC and -20ºC. But it is interesting to prioritize a product that reaches different temperatures, right?

Some models have a very wide range, for example from 15ºC to -25ºC. These are great if you plan to give your freezer different functions.

Another important issue is the thermostats. They allow the appliances to turn off when they reach the ideal temperature, and to turn on again when the freezer gains heat.

Therefore, they are essential to save electricity, as they manage to maintain a certain constancy in the environment.

Make sure your freezer has one of these in good working order, as it is a huge help, after all it is quite annoying to have to go on and off the appliance all the time, right?


We have already spoken here at another time, but it is interesting to emphasize that we can do our part even in small things.

The most modern freezers have a super ecological technology, which does not allow them to emit CFC, and consequently does not harm the ozone layer. In older models, CFC is used as a gas for refrigeration, which is not a very sustainable option, right?


There is not much mystery regarding the design of a freezer, be it horizontal or vertical. The truth is that these appliances are very basic and even a little coarse, because of their size.

What can vary is the cover. Some are made of glass and some are not. The glass ones end up bringing a little more delicacy to the product, but it should only be a priority if you need to be able to see through it.

Some people choose to stick to freezers, and if you like that idea, it’s a very simple matter to resolve, and some are already sticky at the factory.



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