Top & Best Frigobar Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Frigobar: How to choose the best in 2022

Today’s topic is: minibar, a mini fridge that will bring comfort, practicality and avoid the night walk to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

The fridge has so many features that it is no exaggeration to call this appliance a mini refrigerator. The most modern models have compartments for cans of beer, juice or soda, a drawer to put fruits and vegetables and even a mini freezer.

If you are thinking about buying a mini fridge for your home, but don’t know which are the best models for sale, how much they cost and where to buy, you’ve come to the right place! Today we’ll tell you everything you need to know before you buy yours.


First, the most important

  • The minibar is a small appliance that fits in different places and situations. It is ideal if you live alone and do not see the need to buy a large refrigerator, if you like having the comfort of having your favorite drinks close at hand and many other situations.
  • In the fridge you can store food, drinks, medications and even cosmetic products that need to be kept refrigerated. These devices can cool, cool and even freeze what’s inside.
  • Modern minibar models are really mini-fridges, because they have several features and parts found in refrigerators such as ice, compartment for cans, removable shelves, compartments in the door, compartment for quick cooling until freezer.

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Ranking: The 5 best refrigerator models

Choosing the right fridge for your home is really a challenge as there are many factors to be taken into account. Thinking about making things easier for you, we have listed the best models below. Check out the ranking:


Buying Guide

After seeing the ranking of the best mini fridge models, you even want to run and make the purchase soon to have one of these at home. But calm down, before, we still have some important details to present you.

Continue with us until the end of this Buying Guide that you will know how to buy the perfect fridge for your reality.

What is a minibar?

The minibar is nothing more than a smaller refrigerator, as it has exactly the same functioning as a refrigerator and has very similar performance as well.

Some models even have the same internal structure as a can holder, a vegetable and fruit drawer, a quick-cooling compartment, an ice tray, a shelf shelf and a freezer.

The difference between the refrigerator and the minibar is the size and storage capacity in liters that have the following options: 45, 68, 76, 124, 146 and the limit of up to 200 liters, to be included in the characteristic fridge.

Regarding the dimensions, the size varies from 60 cm to almost 90 cm in height, about 50 cm in width and 52 cm in depth, which makes it the ideal model for small houses.

These devices can be used to cool, freeze or cool drinks and food. They have their own thermostats and control the temperature quite effectively.

The temperature of most refrigerator models varies between 0 ° C and 5 ° C, the models that have compartment to make food and drinks cooler can reach up to -6 ° C. Some models also have an air conditioning function (ideal for special wines and beers) and can reach up to 20 ° C.

In addition to the stricter temperature control, these devices are quite economical, and almost all models receive the Procel seal (energy consumption inspection body for electrical appliances) for energy efficiency.

Most models have an approximate power of 100 watts (very low), and can be found in versions 110/127 or 220 volts. That is, these devices consume much less light than standard size refrigerators.

But the biggest advantage of mini-bars is the convenience and ease they bring to their daily lives, with them there is no need to keep going to the refrigerator to get some drinks, fruit or snacks.

In addition, these devices can even serve as a decorative object, as some brands invest a lot in the design of the piece, which can be colored, retro, in brushed stainless steel, with transparent glass to show the drinks and even printed.

The models with glass door give a modern look to your kitchen:

There are minibar models that can be embedded in some furniture, which makes the piece more discreet, but in general, because they are small they can be placed anywhere in the house, under bookcases or desks.

Where to use a fridge?

If there’s one thing that qualifies the minibar, it’s its versatility. If you live alone, have a country house, want to freeze things in the office or even have a two-story house, you may need one of these.

Below, we will describe the places where the fridge is very convenient and even the spaces where it is the only viable option for refrigerating food and drinks:

I live alone, is the fridge for me?

For people who live alone and because of their work routine they spend most of their time away from home, a standard size refrigerator is not highly recommended.

The minibar takes up little space, can be installed in any area of ​​the house and the most modern models are able to store drinks and food for some days of the week for those who live alone. Because it is small, it avoids wasting food.

See how the fridge takes up little space in your home:

Can I use it on the desktop?

The minibar is a very useful device to have in offices or doctors’ offices, both for internal use and for the comfort of clients and patients. The device can be placed in a room or in the pantry to store drinks and food for employees, thereby avoiding unnecessary exits and interruptions.

The minibar can also be used to provide convenience for your clients and patients, who can enjoy a drink while waiting in the waiting room.


I have a leisure house, is a refrigerator ideal?

For families who have a beach or country house, having a minibar is very useful, and it can either be used in the main house and transported to the vacation home, or stay there all the time.

This ease in transporting it is due to the fact that it is light and small. During the year it is common for people to spend a few weekends or long holidays in this house, but there is no need to stock up a food fridge to spend just a few days, as this generates unnecessary energy expenditure and food waste.

I have a big family, how can the fridge help me?

The constant opening and closing of the refrigerator door is common in houses where large families live or in student republics, but this is a habit that shortens the refrigerator’s life, as it damages the rubber, requires even more energy consumption for recover the internal temperature, among other factors.

In this case, we recommend keeping a mini-fridge for drinking drinks such as soft drinks, juices, yogurts and beers and leaving the main refrigerator to store fruits, vegetables and meats. In this way, the refrigerator will be opened less often, only when preparing meals.

Is the fridge useful in small houses?

Just as the minibar is advantageous for large houses, it is also for small houses, where all the space used reduces even more the residence.

The minibar can be stored under desks or bookcases and some models can be built-in. In general, all models are small and can be stored in a corner of the house.

If you are going to put the fridge in the room, you can use the top of it to place some objects, making it a nightstand. It can also serve to support glasses, bottles and cans while you consume your favorite drink.

Also try to combine the mini refrigerator with your home decor, there are brands that really invest in the design and visual appearance of their mini fridge models making them a decorative piece.

Why have a fridge in a two-story house?

Large houses or more than one floor can house a mini-bar upstairs, where rooms are usually located, so if you need to have a glass of water, or any other drink at night, you don’t have to go downstairs to that.

The fridge can be in any of the rooms or even in the corridor. See how cool it is to put a fridge in a hallway:


Is the minibar essential in the leisure area?

If you have a leisure area in your home, be it the gourmet space, the balcony, the barbecue area or even near the pool, it is interesting to reserve a space to put a fridge there.

It helps a lot to keep drinks cold and meat cooled during a barbecue, and serves to replace the plastic or Styrofoam cooler filled with ice-chilled drinks.

How does the fridge help the elderly?

If it is boring for young people to get up all the time in bed to get a drink or food from the refrigerator, imagine for an elderly person, who usually has less mobility and gets more tired ?!

With a fridge inside the room, the elderly person will not need to walk around the house much, especially at night, when it is dark and an accident such as a fall can happen.

What are the advantages of a minibar?

As you can see, there are many advantages to buying a minibar, but there are also some disadvantages. In the table below we list the main advantages and disadvantages of this device:

As you can see, the disadvantages listed do not refer to the fridge itself, but rather some models with a little more limitations.

The minibar has no disadvantages, on the contrary, it has the same functions as a refrigerator, fits in any corner of your home and still uses little electricity.

What differentiates one fridge from another?

The refrigerator can be considered a type of refrigerator, so we will talk about some models of refrigerators, so that you can compare the benefits and disadvantages of them compared to the refrigerator and, thus, choose the ideal model for your home.

Common refrigerator

A common refrigerator has dimensions much larger than those of a minibar, it can reach up to 1.50 m in height (the minibar reaches 90 cm), 60 cm in width (the minibar is up to 50 cm) and more than 70 cm. depth (the minibar is around 50 cm).

Regarding the capacity in liters, the refrigerator ranges from 45 to 200 liters while a refrigerator usually has, on average, 239 to 324 liters.

Compact refrigerator

The compact refrigerator is smaller, has a capacity of 240 liters (above the maximum capacity of the minibar and the minimum capacity of an ordinary refrigerator) and a freezer of 26 liters.

It has some basic features like external temperature control, egg holder, removable shelves and ergonomic handle. This model is practical and economical and is the ideal size for those who shop every week and put little in the freezer.

Mini portable refrigerator

The mini portable refrigerator has the capacity to freeze from 4 to 10 liters, that is, it is much smaller than a mini fridge. Some models available are single cooled, that is, they freeze only a small can or bottle and are for individual use.

This model has much greater mobility, as it is smaller, lighter and has several types of power, there are traditional devices with power by plug, but, some models even use USB cable to work.

In general, the model that most competes with the minibar, in terms of size, capacity and functionality is the compact refrigerator. Both models are suitable for small kitchens, which are increasingly common in apartments in urban areas.

The choice between a mini fridge or a compact fridge will depend on the amount of drink and food you are going to store and the space available in your kitchen. We have prepared a table comparing the main characteristics of these models.

How much?

Some factors influence the price of a minibar: dimensions of the appliance (height, width and depth), capacity in liters, material, design and, especially, features and extra parts.

The cheapest model of minibar costs R $ 550 and is very simple, there are several models of excellent quality for less than R $ 1,000, but if you want a sophisticated model, you can end up paying up to R $ 8,000.

Where to buy?

Finding stores that sell minibars is a very simple task. These devices are sold in supermarkets, But after reading the shopping guide, you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to buy a minibar, as you can buy it at online stores like Amazon.

E-commerce that we highly recommend is the Amazon website, there you can find the best models from different brands, compare prices, and read the reviews of other users, which will certainly guarantee a good purchase.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the different refrigerator models

Before buying a minibar, it is necessary to pay attention to details regarding the size and capacity in liters, energy consumption and take into account what will be the use of your minibar: in which environment will it be placed, if it will only serve to store drinks or if it will function as a refrigerator.

  • Size and capacity in liters
  • Design
  • Energy consumption
  • How it will be used

But don’t worry, we’ll explain item by item, so there’s no doubt about how to choose a refrigerator model that meets your needs and expectations.

Size and capacity in liters

The refrigerator models available for sale are 60 to 90 centimeters in height, 50 centimeters in width and 52 centimeters in depth, weighing about 25 kg.

The capacity in liters varies from 45 to 145 liters, but they have a limit of 200 liters to remain within the mini-fridge category.

The 45-liter option is ideal for smaller environments, as 50 to 70-liter appliances can be placed in larger spaces. Fridges with more than 100 liters of capacity need a space designed for them so as not to disturb the circulation in the room, as they are bigger and wider.


Another very important feature in a minibar is the design of the piece. There are more basic models, very similar to common refrigerators, in which the piece is all white. Most modern frigobars are finished in brushed stainless steel, which guarantee a sophisticated air to the kitchen.

Some models are finished in steel, but the doors are made of single or double tempered glass, this model has internal lighting and highlights the colors and shapes of the bottles and cans inside.

Like mini-fridges, they are usually placed in the bedroom or in common use environments such as the living room, it is nice to invest in a more stripped model, in colors, prints and decorative styles.

But it all depends on the place where the fridge will be and the decoration of this room, the appliance must come to give a touch of beauty and refinement, not to leave the environment very loaded with information.

Energy consumption

The level of energy efficiency must be taken into consideration before buying a minibar, or any other electrical appliance, because an economical appliance avoids the increase in energy costs and, therefore, will be better for your pocket and for the environment. .

To check if the device you are interested in uses little or a lot of electrical energy, see if that model has the Procel seal of energy efficiency and in which category it is, with A being more efficient and G less.

The Procel seal was created in conjunction with Inmetro (Body that supervises the safety of electrical and electronic devices) and is a reliable indicator that verifies the relationship between the device’s performance and energy consumption.

Procel can be used as an additional tool for you to check, among the mini-fridge devices at your disposal, which ones are the most efficient, that way you can choose the best equipment.


How it will be used

Before you buy a mini-fridge think about how you will use it, if it will only serve to freeze drinks and leave them nearby, or if you will use your mini refrigerator as an auxiliary refrigerator or even if it will be the only refrigerator you will have in House.

It is interesting to align the objectives of use with the help pieces of the minibar. There are several models for sale, some have exactly the same arrangement of parts for a refrigerator: removable shelves, can holders, transparent drawer for storing fruits or vegetables, rapid cooling reservoir and mini freezer.

If you are going to buy a device to drop it off at the leisure or party area, like a balcony, lounge or barbecue, consider buying a model with a canister on the door, so you have more internal space to store other larger drinks or even foods.

Mini-freezer models are also ideal for this purpose, as they make diced ice and keep ice cream frozen, they can also serve to freeze drinks more quickly.



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