Top & Best Footrest Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Footrest: How to choose the best in 2022?

Today’s article is dedicated to guiding people to have an excellent shopping experience.

Can you no longer stand the lack of an appropriate product to rest your feet at work? It’s just not worth buying any promotion that you see ahead! That’s because buying the wrong model hurts both your legs and your pocket.

You will be surprised to know the best versions of footrests. Continue with us in the Guide below and learn how to choose the best one for your need.

First, the most important

  • Sturdier foot rests have an adjustment that allows use for different types of people, regardless of height.
  • Some versions of foot rest, or ergonomic support, as it is also known, have an inflatable shape. They are great choices for those who need to move the product to different locations inside or outside the office.
  • Using the footrest reduces the chances that you will experience back or leg pain after several hours of straight office work.

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The best footrest models: Our favorites

There are so many versions of footrests on the market that you can even choose the models that best match the decor. Follow some technical aspects of the best productions in the Ranking below:

  • Option with aluminum structure and non-stick rubber
  • Ideal for those looking to improve posture
  • Great option with elegance, comfort and practicality
  • Ideal for travel

Buying Guide

Nothing worse than feeling back pain after a few hours of work on the chair because your feet can’t reach the floor. To solve such a problem there is only one solution, that is, to use a footrest.

Learn useful information for you to make the best purchase decision when choosing a foot rest on the market.

What is the footrest?

Foot rest, or ergonomic support, is an invention that emerged at the beginning of the 21st century. With only a few years on the market, the product is present in most offices of companies in first world countries.

This production is so important in the work environment that nowadays there are even legal rules that oblige the company to offer these accessories in the places where workers stay for a long time.

It is important to highlight that the footrest is an ergonomic equipment. This means that it benefits your health by reducing physical pain, stress and fatigue levels during your day to day work.

Most companies record the improvement in employee performance after investing in footrests.


What is the footrest for?

Most people looking for footrest want support to find a balance between chair height and feet.

In practice, the support offered by ergonomic support should serve to ensure that long working hours in the office are carried out with less muscle pain.

It cannot be ignored that footrests are also good for health by improving the users’ posture. The product combats the appearance of varicose veins and swelling in the ankles, feet or legs.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the footrest?

Choosing a footrest is at the same time having advantages and disadvantages in everyday life. There are no 100% perfect products – this rule also applies to this type of accessory.

We can positively say that the market offers many versions of different colors and formats. So, in addition to resting your feet, you can use the production as a complement to decorate the office.

Footrest is good for your health as it improves posture, prevents back pain and swelling in your legs.

You can enjoy the best of the product without having to install anything or plug it in.

However, the popularity of footrests has also brought damage to society. One of them is the proliferation of fake or Chinese models on the market that do not have good ergonomics and even generate damage to health.

It is important to always buy a certified footrest, as your well-being at work depends on the quality of the ergonomic support. It is also worth noting that some adjustable productions are more fragile and break easily.

Speaking of adjustable footrests, most of these versions have a rubber or plastic footrest base. These compositions can be a little uncomfortable throughout the working day.

Some popular versions are not very nonstick and can lose their grip with the floor over time, so they slip and do not provide a very secure base for your feet.

The following table shows more advantages and disadvantages of the footrest:

Support or foot rest?

Right from the start of your search for offers, you need to know that footrest is not the same as footrest, although there are some shopkeepers who get confused and advertise something that in reality is something else.

The footrest (ergonomic support) is a product that allows you to rest your feet and stand upright, usually with your body sitting on an office chair.

In turn, the footrest is already a bigger model for you to stretch your legs and keep your body horizontal, which happens more or less when you throw yourself on the couch after a hard day at work.

Some versions are flexible and allow use in two modes of operation: Rest and footrest.


Which is better: Normal or adjustable footrest?

Another difference that you must know to hit the target when buying is the difference between the normal versions and the models that are adjustable.

The normal footrest needs to adjust perfectly to the person’s foot size. In the packaging or online product description, it is possible to know the dimensions allowed for the use of this type of ergonomic support.

Normal models offer more color variations and provide superior comfort. Some versions have a soft and fluffy base that ensures comfortable feeling. All of this at low market prices.

Among the normal models there are also the inflatable versions. These ergonomic supports already come with an air pump in the packaging and can be carried inside the bag or a folder, without taking up much space.

Now, when considering the adjustable footrest, we can say that the main advantage is the adjustment that allows use for people of different sizes, demonstrating a flexible character in daily use.

The downside of the adjustable footrest is that the surfaces are sometimes very hard. This can be a little harmful for taking comfort away.

Whether because of the adjustment system, size or robust durable engineering, the adjustable ergonomic support costs higher prices.

Understand a little more the difference between the two types of foot rest on the table:

How much does a footrest cost?

Material, brand, comfort and size are the 4 aspects that make the product less or more expensive. In practice there are versions for all types of budgets. The price range can vary from R $ 50 to R $ 150.

The product costs a little more than the average when it also has dimensions larger than the common standard.

The tip is to buy online, since most retailers do not charge shipping because production is light, generating savings of 20% in the end.

Where to buy a footrest?

Kalunga are popular points of national retail that have some versions of foot rests on offer, especially the adjustable models.

On the internet there are more advantages, because in addition to the low prices there are several options for footrest choices. Amazon is the best store for those looking for security when shopping online.

To be considered ideal, a footrest must meet all annexes and the requirements of NR17 standards. These rules are in agreement with labor agencies, so failure to comply can result in infractions to employers.

Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing footrest models

Even the purchase and sale of footrests has its little secrets there that ultimately make a big difference, especially to the most attentive consumers who like to compare before buying. Learn these little secrets below:

  • Decoration
  • Adjustment
  • Comfort
  • Size
  • Refund

Let’s go to the definition of each of the following points:


When considering the varieties of colors and shapes you can use the footrest as that fundamental detail that helps in the beauty of the office decoration.

As is to be expected, the most personalized productions, with several different colors, symbols and even brand customization, cost higher prices.

If you don’t want to buy something personalized for decoration reasons, you should opt for simpler versions that have popular costs.


Before buying the adjustable footrest, check to see how many levels there are to adjust.

If the production has only 3 or less adjustments, it is a sign that it does not work for certain types of people. On the other hand, models with 4 or more possibilities for adjustment have superior flexibility of use.

Sometimes there are no price differences between models with 2 or 4 adjustments – keep an eye out when comparing offers.


The comfort of a footrest depends on two factors: adjustment to the size and material of the support base.

There are foam or inflatable versions that are very comfortable. Only they have less durability than the more solid models that do not generate much comfort.

You should often opt for a more comfortable and less durable model. At other times it is necessary to select a version with more durability and less comfort.


You need to buy something that fits your feet perfectly.

It doesn’t do much good if you buy a less than ideal pillow. The adjustable footrest has more advantage in this regard, especially when there are diagonal adjustments and not just the adjustment that makes the product go from top to bottom or vice versa.

As for the simple and non-adjustable models, you need to buy something that fits your feet perfectly, and when the version is a little taller and less wide it can offer a lower performance.


Footrest vendors often offer a refund policy, which consists of providing 30 days for the customer to try. If within this period he does not like it is possible to request a 100% refund after returning the product.

Experimenting is one of the best secrets for knowing whether or not the footrest is worthwhile. Therefore, give preference to offers from online retailers who have this type of refund policy available.


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