Top & Best Frames Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Frames: See how to choose the best model in 2022

your internet review site. For those who love photographs and want to display and have a moment or loved one always present, a beautiful frame can make all the difference.

With these practical frames, you can have your best memories always with you, whether in your home or office environments. In addition, they are excellent options when it comes to decorative pieces.

So, to understand more about the frames and how to present photos of travel, wedding or just beautiful inspirational phrases, check out our review to better understand this product and all its benefits.

First, the most important

  • The dimensions of the frames can vary greatly from one model to the next.
  • Some models have a protective layer made of plastic or glass that helps protect the photograph.
  • If you intend to place frames in the kitchen, bathroom or outdoors, choose a material that will not deteriorate in contact with moisture or light.

Best Picture Frames: Our Favorites

When it comes to frames, the variety of models and size is huge. With that in mind, we have prepared a list especially for you with some of the best available on the market.

Buying Guide

Unlike traditional paintings that hang on the walls, the frames have supports that allow them to be placed on shelves, niches, tables or benches.

With all this practicality, it is very easy to spread them across different rooms of your home. To understand more about these and other benefits that frames offer, see below our buying guide with more details and information.

What is a frame?

The frame is a type of frame with a support on the back that allows you to display your favorite photos on a flat surface, such as a table or workbench. Removing the back of the product, just snap a photo of your choice and close it, so it is ready for exhibition.

Although they are not a novelty, today it is possible to find models manufactured in a wide variety of materials, sizes and formats. Many of them have dividers, allowing one more photo to be exposed at the same time.

In addition, with advances in technology, it is now possible to find digital frames, where you can display various photographs alternately, with different effects and, best of all, with the images you capture with your cell phone or digital camera.

What are the main types of frames?

Today it is possible to find two main types of picture frames. Traditional models are ideal for printed photos, require almost no maintenance and are the cheapest models on the market.

But if you’re passionate about technology, modern frames are perfect for digital photos. They allow you to display multiple photos in a single product, but these models still cost a little more than traditional models. For more information, see the table below.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a frame?

Picture frames offer a number of benefits, as they allow you to display your favorite photos, help decorate environments, and it is very easy to change photos from time to time if necessary.

However, there are some disadvantages to be aware of. To display more photos, you need multiple frames. Some models do not offer protection for the photos and depending on the quantity, they can be a little expensive. For more details, check the table below.

How can I incorporate frames into my decor?

It is very easy to incorporate the frames in your home, as they can be spread over benches, niches and shelves. With so many different sizes, shapes and styles, just find the ones that match the rest of your decor, either by following the pattern or offering a difference that stands out.

Photos may also vary according to the environment. In the bedroom, for example, you can leave photos of the couple. In the room, pictures of children, loved ones or trips you took.

Today it is also very common to use frames with pictures of landscapes or motivational phrases. Just let your imagination run wild, as you can place photo frames in every corner of your home to make the environments more fun, cozy and charming.

How much does a good frame cost?

The price of the frames can vary a lot according to the material in which they are produced, the size and even the number of available dividers. The most traditional models can be found in a range of R $ 1 to R $ 30. More incremental models can cost more than R $ 100.

Digital models are becoming more popular, and this affects the price. Today they can be found in a wide price range that ranges from R $ 150 to R $ 3000. To give you a better idea of ​​prices, the models shown in this table vary from R $ 40 to R $ 90.

Where can I buy a frame?

You can find the frames in stores specializing in decorative items and household items. Although digital cameras are dominating the market, it is still possible to find several stores specializing in photographic and development articles that also usually offer this product.

And with the internet, it became even easier to choose a specific model that can be difficult to find in your city. You can search more calmly and conveniently and still receive the product in your home. All the models shown in our review, for example, are available on Amazon.

Criteria for purchase: What to consider when buying a frame

As you can see, photo frames are excellent options for decorating your home. Not even the digital photo revolution has caused frames to lose their charm.

However, before purchasing the product, it is important to make some considerations, so we have separated some purchase criteria that you must observe to choose the best model.

  • Material
  • Dimensions
  • Partitions
  • Style

Please review the topics below carefully to find more detailed product information and specifications. So you will not miss a thing when you decide how to expose your moments and memories to family and friends.


Currently, it is possible to find picture frames made of a wide variety of materials. They can be manufactured in various types of metal, such as aluminum, in wood or plywood, such as MDF or MDP, which are light and resistant.

For the most demanding buyers, it is possible to find more sophisticated models produced in silver and even gold. When it comes to the material, the ideal is to find one that offers a good cost-benefit and that fits well with the rest of your decor.

And remember, when cleaning, each material requires a kind of care. Manufacturers recommend that no abrasive chemicals be used, so opt for a soft cloth and water. Some materials are also more sensitive when exposed to moisture, so if you want a model for your bathroom or kitchen, check the manufacturer’s specifications.


Another very important factor that you should consider when looking for one or more frames is the question of dimensions. First and foremost, check out the photo size specifications. The most easily found models are for 10 x 15 cm photos.

Also, take into account that some frames have brackets that allow them to be used both horizontally and vertically, for different types of photos.

And lastly, consult the product specifications on the total size of the frame, which includes its frame, so you can have a better idea of ​​the space that will be needed to accommodate it.


Some frame models have dividers, allowing you to display more than one photo in a single product. The most common is to find models with two dividers, but there are larger models where the options are more varied.

When looking for these models, the important thing is to choose the number of dividers, note that sometimes the sizes for the photos are different and how it affects the total size of the product, and the price.


Last, but not least, choose the style of the frame that best matches the environment where you are going to place it and that reflects a little of your personality.

Produced in various sizes, formats, with different types of materials and different partition options, the choices are almost endless. There are no rules here. You can use wooden models for more rustic and metallic decorations to incorporate in a more industrial setting. Just find the most suitable option and abuse your creativity to achieve unique effects.


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