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Top & Best Cuckoo clock Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Cuckoo clock: Discover how to choose the best in 2022

Where you can find reviews of the best decorative items for your home. And, to always have a fun way to check the time, the cuckoo clock is a great option.

Developed in Germany, around the 17th century, they became famous for their frames decorated with motifs from the region and for the emblematic bird that sings to announce the passing of hours.

Nowadays, they are a great souvenir to help decorate your home, especially if you are looking for a more rustic touch of wood. So, to understand everything about the cuckoo clock, check out our article

First, the most important

  • Many cuckoo clocks have mechanisms to animate the scene and its characters, in addition to the cuckoo birds, of course.
  • It is possible to find models with different music and sounds so that you can configure as you wish.
  • Despite their more rustic look, many cuckoo clocks have modern machines and operate on batteries.

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Best cuckoo clocks: Our favorites

Cuckoo clocks can vary greatly in size and style, mainly because many are still made of handmade wood. To help you choose, we have prepared a list of some of the best models on the market.

Buying Guide

When it comes to watches, the cuckoo is truly emblematic and recognized worldwide for its high quality craftsmanship and the gears that are not only life for the bird, but also a series of characters and details of the typical German scenery.

But, of course, even these traditional watches have evolved over time, especially when it comes to the machine itself. To understand more about these and other details, follow our buying guide.

What is a cuckoo clock?

The first cuckoo clock was created by Franz Anton Ketterer, in the year 1750. In the beginning they only had bellows that made low and high sounds to announce the passing of hours.

It was only in the 19th century that cuckoo clocks reached the final shape we know today. In addition to the bird, artisans began to sculpt everyday scenes and develop more sophisticated gears to bring scenarios and characters to life.

Today it is possible to find models that incorporate the charm of older models with the technology of more modern watches, with different melodies, alarm clock and sensors. Furthermore, in many current models pendulums are only decorative.



Did you know that there is a Clock Museum in Germany frequented by tourists from all over the world who search for the beautiful cuckoo clocks and all its history?


What are the main advantages and disadvantages of a cuckoo clock?

In addition to being great decorative pieces, cuckoo clocks also offer other benefits. Many models already have one more melody to choose from. The cuckoo song alerts more easily the passing of hours and the night sensor allows many cuckoos to silence during the night so as not to disturb their sleep.

However, there are some disadvantages to note. Some models do not have volume control. With more complex gears, they require specialized maintenance and, although charming, the sound can end up becoming irritating over time.

What are the different types of watches?

Since the invention of the first sundials, sand or water, technology has continued to advance. Today we have analog, digital clocks and even smartwatches that connect to our cell phones. But despite that, we can still differentiate them in other ways.

For example, models with cuckoo fall into the category of wall clock, which allow easier viewing of the time, whether at home or at work. They are ideal to help compose the decoration of an environment and the price varies according to its materials and the sophistication of the artistic work involved.

Most popular and perfect for everyday use, wristwatches are more practical, are always with us and are in an intermediate price range. Now, if you are preparing for a special occasion and can invest a little more, pocket watches are great for those looking for a touch of elegance and sophistication.

How much does a good cuckoo clock cost?

The price of cuckoo clocks can vary widely from material, machine, craft work and size. Wooden models, more traditional and produced by hand, tend to vary from R $ 500 to R $ 1500, with models that may cost much more, depending on their complexity.

However, it is also possible to find simpler models and cheaper materials. Plastic models with wood-like coatings still have their charm and can be found from R $ 50 to R $ 300.

Where can I buy a cuckoo clock?

You can find cuckoo clocks in mainly watch shops, but because it is a famous souvenir, it is also possible to find them in gift shops, decorations or antique shops.

If these options are not available in your region, you can also choose to search for the ideal model on the internet, either in the domestic market or for imported products. And a great place to look is on Amazon, which offers great options with great discounts and fast and secure delivery.


Purchasing criteria: What to consider before buying a cuckoo clock

As you can see in our article, cuckoo clocks are excellent for those looking for not only a reliable machine, but also a beautiful decorative item.

But, before making the purchase, it is important to consider some criteria to make sure you are buying the ideal model. Especially with cuckoo clocks, since many are produced by hand, which makes them unique.

  • Machine
  • Material
  • Size
  • Functions

Check each of the topics below carefully to understand more about what differentiates each model and how to find the ideal cuckoo clock to brighten up your home.


One of the most important factors when choosing a good cuckoo is the machine, that is, the watch itself. Especially in imported models, produced in Germany, there is a great concern that they are not only beautiful, but work perfectly well, which is essential in a watch.

So, before making the purchase, check which brand is responsible for the machine and if it is reliable, so you will avoid maintenance costs and your cuckoo will sing for much longer.


The material is also something to watch out for. The most traditional and sophisticated models are produced in wood, but today it is more and more common to find cuckoo clocks made of plastic.

In addition to the aesthetic itself, wooden models are much more resistant and durable, but they also tend to cost more. Although very durable, plastic models tend to lose their appearance.


Although it is possible to find models that can be placed on other furniture, in general, cuckoo clocks are wall models, so it is important to consider the space that you have available in your home.

They are separated into three sizes: small, medium and large, but even within these categories, the size can vary a lot due to the decorative details of the watch. Check the manufacturer’s specifications carefully to make sure it will fit well in the space you have available.


The main differential of cuckoo clocks of other models is the presence of the bird and the melody over the hours, but today they incorporate several other functions.

Many cuckoo clocks already have the option of an alarm clock, volume control and even the option of configuring different songs so you don’t get sick of the sound. And, in order not to disturb your night’s sleep, most models already have sensors that turn off the sound at dusk.


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