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Top & Best Artificial plant Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Artificial plant: What is the best of 2022?

If you like to know more about decoration, you will be interested in today’s topic, as we will talk about the advantages of an artificial plant.

Despite being purely decorative, the artificial plant has as much beauty as an ordinary plant. It is a great option for those who have a busy day to day life, but still like to keep the atmosphere cozy.

This type of decoration is very practical, does not require care and can be easily adapted to any room in your home.

To know a little better about the benefits of the artificial plant, just follow our guide that you will find below

First, the most important

  • Artificial plants are an imitation of natural plants. They are made of synthetic material and have color, texture and finish very similar to real plants.
  • This type of decoration is an excellent outlet for people who like decoration but do not have a routine consistent with the care that natural plants need.
  • The artificial options are practical, can be placed in any space, do not require maintenance and have varying sizes.

Best artificial plants: Our favorites

Some say that artificial plants are not a good option, but our ranking is just here to prove the opposite.

We have selected five options of artificial plants that decorate and give life to the most different corners of the house. Take a look!

Buying Guide

Decorating our house is very nice, and artificial plants are a great option for those who do not have time to maintain natural plants, or simply prefer less laborious options.

In the guide below we will introduce you to all the advantages of this product, and give you all the necessary tips for the time of your purchase.

What is an artificial plant?

An artificial plant is, as the name implies, an imitation of the natural plant. Usually, it is made of synthetic materials, like polyester, and, because it has no life, it does not need water or sunlight.

It is a 100% decorative plant, but those who tend to have characteristics, colors and very realistic features, which can sometimes be confused with natural plants.

What are the advantages of the artificial plant?

The great benefit of buying an artificial plant or flower is in its practicality. Because it does not require special care, it requires minimal effort and never loses its beauty.

It is a great choice for people who stay at home for a short time, or simply do not have much knowledge about plants, but like to have them as a decorative object.

They are still great choices because you have the freedom to place them wherever you prefer, without having to take into account the position of the sun.

As we said, the artificial plants produced today are perfect and you will hardly notice a difference without comparing with the natural option. They are very realistic and their colors are very vivid.

Another advantage is that they are a beautiful way to decorate any room, from a waiting room to a leisure space.

Despite all the facilities, it is important to remember to keep your sheets always clean, so as not to accumulate dust, but other than that, there is no mystery!

Natural or artificial plant: How to choose?

The choice of the type of plant that will decorate your home is very personal and should take into account your routine and the routine of other residents of the residence.

If you are a person who likes the process of taking care of a plant, which involves watering it daily and monitoring its growth, natural plants are the best choice.

It is important that you have time in your routine to devote to basic care such as pruning and water and sun processes. The natural plant is a living being and dies if it does not receive this kind of attention.

It has the advantage of having aroma, texture and, like all living things, the ability to develop and reproduce.

How much does an artificial plant cost?

The prices of artificial plants vary widely according to size. There are options in small pots, ideal for decorating bathroom countertops or headboards, as well as large trees for outdoor areas.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that there is no average cost when it comes to artificial plants. They can cost from R $ 20 to more than R $ 450, in the case of larger trees.

Where to buy artificial plants?

Due to people’s search for alternative options when it comes to decoration, the popularity of artificial plants has increased a lot. Some stores even sell exclusively this type of product.

There are also shops specializing in gardening, and most of them usually offer a specific section with artificial options.

In houses dedicated to decoration, an interesting variety of the product is also sold.

Finally, if you prefer to buy online due to practicality,we can also buy-in amazon.

Purchasing criteria: how to compare artificial plants

Here at we think it is important to analyze every detail of a product. Therefore, we selected some points of artificial plants that should be observed at the time of your choice.

  • Material
  • Leaf coloring
  • Size
  • Vase

Below, we will explain in more detail each one.


criterion that should be observed more carefully. Analyze the texture and firmness of the leaves and branches, and choose the model that most resembles a natural plant.

Options made only of plastic tend to be the worst, since they look very fake and are even more poorly finished.


n recommend Amazon, Buscapé, Mercado Livre o Submarino.

Leaf coloring

Color is also a very important criterion, and so with the material, it should be as close to reality as possible. Opt for leaves with a vivid, intense and shiny green.

In the case of flowering plants, this factor becomes even more important. Forget the faded colors and prefer the ones that have very realistic tones.


There are artificial plants of the most varied sizes: from the very small ones, ideal for group use in the decoration of benches, to the very large ones, such as trees for outdoor areas.

Before you buy your plant, it is important that you have well decided what space it will occupy, so as not to err in size.

Some were made to be housed directly on the floor, while others need a table, headboard, bench or any other higher surface.


With the exception of artificial mini plants, most do not come with a decorative vase, so it is important that you remember that this accessory is necessary.

When choosing the plant, remember to purchase a vase in which it will fit and that will match the environment where it will be, ok?


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