Top & Best Bookcase review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Bookcase: How to choose the best in 2022?

In today’s article we will talk about an item that can be strictly functional or give that highlight that your bookshelf needs: the bookcase.

It is common for people who love literature to have special attachment and affection with their book collection. And nothing better than a good sideboard to keep the collection of books in order in style, perfectly aligned and safe, without the risk of the books tipping to the side.

In this article, we will introduce the most interesting book support models on the market, and give you tips and guidelines so that you can choose the product that best meets your expectations.

First, the most important

  • Usually sold in pairs, bookcases are very useful for maintaining the organization of books, preventing them from falling and being damaged, and even separating them into categories on shelves or cabinets.
  • Material, weight, design and size are among the main aspects that you must evaluate to choose the ideal bookcase, we will address these factors in detail throughout this guide.
  • It is possible to find basic book dressers, without many details, from R $ 10. However, models with elaborate designs, with noble materials or signed by renowned artists and brands can cost thousands of dollars.

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Best Book Sideboards: Our Favorites

In this section we will present the ranking of the six most interesting book trimmer models for sale Recalling that most of the brands listed manufactures the product in other models and themes, which may be better suited to your style and taste. Check the list:

Buying Guide

Now that you’ve checked out our bookcase suggestions, let’s move on to the next step: the buying guide. In this session you will have the most relevant information about bookcases, such as indication of use, advantages and disadvantages, values, where to buy, etc.

In addition, we will help you with topics on the features you should pay attention to when choosing your ideal bookcase

What is a bookcase?

A simple object, the bookcase is very important for a good organization of books and shelves. The best known models are those in the shape of an “L”, which when placed on a bench, bookcase or shelf, embrace the books keeping them together and in the desired position.

With them, you do not run the risk that the copies located at the ends fall, dropping the other books or objects nearby and damaging its cover or pages.

What are its advantages?

In addition to being a practical and functional product to keep your literary collection in order, or even Vinyl Records, CDs, DVDs and Blurays, the sideboard can be a composition item or even featured in the decoration of shelves and shelves.

Be it abstract, character or cultural themes, this object has the power to represent a little of the owner’s personality on the shelf.

They can be made of plastic, wood, steel, iron, crockery and even recyclable materials. However, very thin, light or unstable materials may not provide the necessary support for books.

It is possible to find book sideboards in all price ranges, which will fluctuate according to the size, model and material of the piece. In addition, it is clear that the more refined models, or made in special materials and designs will have a higher price.

Important tips: What should I pay attention to?

Before choosing your ideal bookcase, some questions need to be considered.

Start by defining and analyzing where the trimmer will be placed. Very tall or wide models, for example, may not fit on some shelves.

Take the measurements, especially the height, bookcase and shelf and compare with the dimensions of the sideboard chosen. This way, you avoid the frustration of buying the product and only then realize that it is not the right size for the chosen place to house it.

Also pay attention to the weight of the trimmer. The heavier the heavier the support he will give the books. However, very robust models can also overload shelving and hanging shelves, after all, this weight will still be added to that of books, which are also heavy.

Check if the location chosen for the product has reinforced support and the capacity to support the weight of the sideboard and other objects that will accompany it.

In addition to the weight, check if the chosen model has other mechanisms to ensure stability, such as non-slip points on the bottom or different design to prevent falls.

You are purchasing the sideboard to hold your books. An unstable product can damage not only your collection but also itself. The choice of material is also important, as it will directly influence the strength and durability of your product.

Remember that sideboards in china, porcelain or glass may not be the most suitable for children, for example, since they are more fragile and are at risk of breaking. Finally, watch out for the model. Here, the observation should only be regarding your personal preferences.

Make sure that the chosen model has a design that really pleases you and matches the rest of the decor in the room, after all, it will be highlighted on your shelf.

How much?

Book sideboards can be found for values ​​that vary greatly according to brand, model and material. It is possible to buy the simplest models for very reasonable prices, starting at R $ 10 per pair.

The most sophisticated models, with more sophisticated design and materials, can cost a few thousand reais. Do a lot of research before you buy, as the same product may fluctuate in value from one place to another.

If you buy online, consider the cost of shipping. Depending on the region and the volume of the product packaging, freight may increase the purchase price.

Finally, use the price comparison platforms, which can be combined in the search for the best offers.

Where to buy?

You can buy your bookcase at physical office supply stores like Kalunga or home decor stores.

However, it is on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, that you find the greatest variety of the product in different models, brands and materials.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing book trimmer models

Now that you have a lot of general information about the bookcase, we will list some of the features that you can compare to recognize the best bookcase option to meet your needs and expectations. Are they:

  • Material
  • Weight
  • Design
  • Size
  • Ease of cleaning


The material of your sideboard will determine not only the effect given to your bookcase, but also the durability and resistance of your product.

You can find a bookcase of books of all types of materials. From recycled to the most sophisticated. The material produced ends up interfering with the other factors that we will see below, such as weight and design, so paying attention to this criterion is essential.

If it is going to be handled very often, especially by children or people who may be careless, avoid fragile materials like porcelain, crockery and glass.



As we mentioned in previous sessions, this feature is very important when choosing your bookcase.

You need to pay attention not only to the weight of the product itself, but to the final weight of it with the books and other objects that will be used together in the organization. That’s because being overweight can overwhelm bookshelves and shelves, especially the hanging type.

Check if the location chosen for the product has reinforced support and the capacity to support the weight of the sideboard and other objects that will accompany it. Sideboards that are too light should also be evaluated carefully, as they may not provide adequate support for books.


The question here is purely one of personal taste. Try to choose the sideboard that not only appeals to you aesthetically, but also has to do with your personality and the type of decoration of the environment.

Another tip is also to marry the model with the theme of the books he will trim, and take the opportunity to segment your collection in style.

Choose a themed template for your Game of Thrones book collection, for example. Or a scale sideboard for Vade Mecuum and other law books; a model with suitcases and maps for travel books, and so on. The sky is the limit for possible combinations.


Few things are more frustrating than choosing and buying a product thinking about the perfect corner for him and only then realizing that he doesn’t have the right size.

Therefore, before choosing your sideboard, define the place where it will be placed. Take the measurements of the space, especially the height, to check if the chosen model is compatible. Very large and robust sideboards may not look good on smaller shelves, for example.

Likewise, small and more delicate sideboards can end up disappearing or becoming disproportionate in very large bookcases or when used to trim more books.

Ease of cleaning

It is just a detail, but it can be fundamental in your choice. Some bookshelves pick up dust very easily, depending on where the books are, it is necessary to dust each week or even more often.

Consequently, your bookcase also goes into cleaning. And, a model with many details can be a lot of work. Sideboards with many small cutouts will require more patience when cleaning.

If you are looking for practicality right now, opt for a smoother bookcase, with less detail and easy-to-clean material.


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