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Top & Best Decorative frames review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Decorative frames: Check out the best 2022 models

Today’s topic will catch your attention if you are passionate about decoration, as we are going to talk about decorative paintings!

These items are not indispensable in a home, but they are certainly an excellent way to bring beauty and a feeling of comfort to an environment.

As we love to talk about the topic, we will present you a complete guide with tips and information on the use of these articles. Do you have any doubt? Just follow up with us!

First, the most important

  • Making use of decorative paintings in a room can bring much more life to the environment, however, it is important that you combine them with the general decor, so that the environment is harmonious.
  • There are different types of frames and nowadays you will find both kits, composed of more than two pieces that combine with each other, and individual frames, of only one piece.
  • What will decide which frame to buy is your personal taste, however, it is interesting that you note some issues such as the material of the frame and the style of the environment in which you will hang it.

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Best Decorative Frames: Our Favorites

Decoration is always something very personal. It depends, above all, on your tastes and the impression you want to make.

However, if you still don’t have many ideas about the decorative frames that you will put in your home, it is worth taking a look at our ranking for inspiration:

  • Kit 3 frames cities Gynposters
  • Kit 4 Abetelier geometric decorative frames
  • Uniart abstract decorative frame
  • Kit of 10 Khameo Decorative Plates
  • Decorative frame Mandala Uniart

Buying Guide

Decorative paintings are very practical objects, easy to find in the market and that do not require labor. In general, they are very worthwhile to give a more cheerful air in the house.

Below, we will present you an exclusive guide about these products, so if you have doubts about their advantages, values ​​and even where to buy, just follow with us!

Decorative paintings: What are they and what are their advantages?

Decorating an environment is not always so simple. For those who do not have much experience in the subject, there is always a question about which article to use, where to use it, or which perfect color palette.

If you do not work directly with architecture or decoration, you must have already experienced such a situation. The advantage is that, in almost all cases, choosing to use a frame is a good idea!

The decorative paintings go beyond beauty and aesthetics, they bring identity to an environment, and often define the style of the place.

In some cases, paintings can be full of meanings and bring references from your own life, creating a super special bond! In other situations, they can bring you fond memories and thrill you.

The choice of this article is always something very personal, and that must be your face! This tuning process is delicious and shouldn’t be missed, see?

The main advantage of this product is that it is very versatile! Nowadays you can find paintings of all shapes, colors, styles, prices and sizes! They appeal to the most different types of audience.

This is interesting because, whatever your taste, you will find options that please you! And, as we already talked about here, being enchanted by the chosen painting is very important!

In addition, they can be housed in any and all spaces, including the kitchen, bathroom and even outside, as long as it has to do with the theme of the place.

Another positive point of purchasing decorative paintings for your home is that they do not require specialized labor! You can nail them to the wall yourself, using just a few nails and a hammer. Super simple!

It is very difficult to find disadvantages in these products, as they are really a great idea, however, as always, we recommend that you pay attention to the quality, and make sure that your chosen one matches the space that will put it!

Individual or group decorative paintings?

The decorative frames have variations in several aspects, and you find these products on the market in different sizes, colors and styles. However, now we are going to talk about two very interesting possibilities of using the boards: in groups or individually.

When decorating your home, you have the possibility to buy a set of frames, called kits, and organize them the way you want. You also have the possibility to buy small paintings and assemble your own personalized kit.

Usually, the ready-made kits have between three and seven pieces, which usually have the same theme or color palette, and can be arranged in different ways. As for the size, they vary, however, hardly one of the frames will be very large.

These models in sets have a more youthful and cool look, ideal for modern environments! They can be used in any type of room, be it bedroom, living room, office or outdoor area.

Whether for kits or individual frames, you can create the frames of your frames yourself:


The individual pictures, on the other hand, tend to be much larger, which is why they draw more attention. This type of painting is a classic, and there is no mistake: it is always very beautiful!

If you choose the individual, make sure that it matches very well with the decoration, as he will be alone and will attract eyes only to him.

Although also flexible, individual frames are less versatile, and are only suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and offices. More informal environments like barbecue area and kitchen tend not to accept this piece.

Before choosing your dream style, note whether your home is more classic and sophisticated, or modern and funky. Both are good choices, but each has its own characteristic.

How much?

Talking about prices of decoration items is always complicated, because many factors are involved such as size, quality of the material and, mainly, your personal taste.

In the case of paintings it is no different. It is very easy for you to find super expensive options, as you can also find the cheapest ones, so it is important that you are prepared to find a wide range of prices and do a lot of research.

If you choose frames produced in digital printing, you will notice that they are not among the most expensive, because they are not exclusive and do not require much time to be produced.

On average, these products cost between R $ 100 and R $ 300, both the kit and the individual option.

But, if you prefer a single painting, made with ink, directly on the canvas, know that you will pay very expensive, according to the amount stipulated by the artists. In general, the price will probably exceed R $ 1500. However, exclusive paintings are always the most incredible, beautiful and personal!

Where to buy?

It has been increasingly easy to find cool options for decorative paintings out there, right? Yeah! And therefore, we have many options for stores to refer you. You can start by taking a look at the home and decor stores themselves,  If you prefer, we also recommend department options. In them, the variety is a little smaller. Finally, you will always have the possibility to buy online, either in stores specializing in decoration, or on large sites such as Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare decorative frames

Your taste is the main factor when choosing decorative frames. However, there are some very particular criteria that are worth observing for you to make the right choice:

  • Style
  • Color
  • Frame material
  • Type of production
  • Convenient

Next, we’ll explain a little better what each of these factors means. Follow!


When talking about taste, we also talk about style, especially if your case is painting kits.

It is often possible to choose to buy separate frames and assemble a set. In these situations, it is important that you define the style that you will follow, otherwise your pictures can be quite confused when put together.

For example, if you plan to decorate your outdoor area, a floral theme should look great! Or if your house has a very modern look, geometric shapes and inspiring phrases can be very welcome in the room.

In general, it is important that you define the message you want to convey, and, of course, make sure that your decorative paintings match the chosen room, okay?


The choice of color is also very important! The variety of paintings on the market is huge, so you will have no problems with this issue.

We suggest you to choose paintings that have color palettes that match each other, and that also match the decor of your home, after all, so the environment will be much more comfortable!

In very neutral places, we suggest you choose the most vivid pictures, with more intense colors and that draw more attention. In places where the walls are colorful or the decor is very striking, it can be cool to opt for minimalist paintings, with neutral tones, such as white and black.

Frame material

Almost all decorative frames have a frame, and you will notice that there are several possibilities of materials responsible for this function.

Frames can be made from solid wood to plastic, but that does not mean that they are all of good quality.

Here at Review Box Brasil, we always prioritize durable products, which do not disappoint the customer, so we recommend you to choose options made of MDF or solid wood.

They are interesting because they are the most resistant, most visually beautiful and do not risk cracking. The plastic frame, although cheaper, does not have good durability, since it can crack, dent or break very easily.

Type of production

Nowadays, most decorative paintings are produced by means of digital printing, one of the most used methods in the production of graphic materials in general.

In this case, the drawing is done on the computer, and printed on a high quality printer. The main advantages are that the image is perfect and the cost is very affordable, however, the production is not exclusive.

There are also pictures made by plastic artists, who dedicate hours in each piece. In this situation, the work is all done on top of the screen and is 100% exclusive.

The disadvantage is in the value, which is much higher, however, it is pure and original art. The choice of the type of production is personal and depends on what each one seeks in a framework, and is able to pay.


Finally, the choice of the room! First of all, it is important that you know that all rooms in a house accept decorative frames, as long as they match the theme of the environment.

In more formal environments, such as living rooms and bedrooms, you can opt for less cool pictures, if it is of interest to you. In the kitchen and in the barbecue area, for example, it can be cool to opt for fun comics.

The important thing is to know how to combine the local decoration with the painting, so as not to be exaggerated or out of context! The use of frames is always welcome and should not be ruled out!



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