Top & Best Decibel meter Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Decibel meter: What is the best decibel meter of 2022?

the shopping guide that teaches you how to choose the best decibel meter. Learn how to select an ideal model according to your professional demands without spending excess money.

There are different types and shapes of decibel meters. By knowing how to differentiate each model, your acquisition will be more rewarding. There are versions with extra power in noise measurement, while some less dedicated models cost low prices.

Let’s find out what are the different versions for the decibel meter. Also know the models that have a constant search in the market, methods to compare the models, among other relevant subjects.

First, the most important

  • Digital decibel meters are the most popular today, but there are also analog editions.
  • Decibel meter only generates reliable results when it has a calibration certificate.
  • Some models work with additional functions such as a temperature, radiation or humidity meter.

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Buying Guide

What is the meaning? What is a decibel meter for? How to use? What are the advantages or disadvantages of the device? You can follow these and other answers now in our purchasing manual.

What is a decibel meter?

MNPS (Sound Pressure Meter) is an acronym in Portuguese that designates the name of the device called decibelimeter. It is present in analog or digital format and needs to be calibrated to provide accurate results.

The device consists of a kind of control with displays on the screen. Coupled to the product is the presence of a microphone whose objective is to capture the sound pressure level, that is, the auditory sensation of the sound volume.

The decibel meters are equipment that perform the instantaneous measurement or reading of the noise levels, being able to be made single measurement or isolated measurements, according to specific purposes – Alexandro Demétrius Pereira,  specialist in occupational health and safety.


What is the decibel meter for?

Due to the particularity of measuring sound pressure, this device is a guaranteed presence in factories. With it you can manage noise levels, ensuring that the noise does not exceed the limits of the law, for the well-being of employees.

In traffic, the use of a decibel meter also occurs among traffic agents. It is possible to use this equipment to measure the height in the car or home speakers.

In civil construction the use is frequent, mainly during the execution of the works, considering that excessive noises can generate very serious noise pollution. The use of the model helps in obtaining reports.

The decibel meter is used by neighbors who are irritated by the high volume of buildings or parties in the neighborhood, who can call the inspector who also performs the measurement itself with the device before taking action.
Even during events the decibel meter is used to measure the pitch of sounds in decibels. Here’s an example:

How does the decibel meter work?

After being turned on, the device captures the loudness levels. This happens via the microphone present in the upper part of the decibelimeters, whose responsibility is to transform the mechanical signals captured from the sound vibration into electrical signals.

The response of the measurements can be slow or fast, depending on the product adjustment made by the operators.

It is possible to program the devices for measurements within certain time intervals. For example: Every 20 minutes. This practice is among the most used to measure the evolution of the sound of drill or other machines in the work environment.

How to use a decibel meter?

There are no secrets to using the machine. You first insert the batteries and batteries before connecting. Afterwards, it is important to direct the device from the point of who hears the noises.

For example, the decibel meter should be used in the exact location where the worker is on the job, or, neighbors who complain about the loud sound. As a result, results appear that must be less than the imposition of legal limits.

More tips on how to use a decibel meter you can watch in the video:

What are the advantages of the decibel meter?

Once they are calibrated to the required standards, decibel meters generate accurate decibel results for each measurement. It is impressive to note that the exact measurement comes from a small product, simple to fit on tripods.

The small model can also be used with your hands. In the market you can find different versions in terms of colors or formats, from editions at medium prices to dedicated options that cost more.

In the digital versions there is memory for you to record and record the measurements that happen instantly or in a programmed way, according to certain periods.

It is an indispensable device in different work environments, leaving noise at the limit necessary to ensure that employees do not develop deafness or other health problems.

To function perfectly, in addition to calibration, the models also need powerful microphones, justifying the value of the device in retail.

There are also decibel meter applications that are used to measure the sound with the use of a cell phone. To give you an idea these applications are great, but they are far from working with the perfection of decibelimeters.

In the table you see more pros and cons of decibel meters:

Decibel meter and dosimeter: What’s the difference?

It is common for first-time buyers to confuse the decibel meter with the dosimeter, either by similar names or because both work for sound-related jobs.

Knowing the differences between the two types you can be more sure about which model to buy. Read on:

Decibel meter

This device works to accurately measure the noise levels in a given location. The product is useful for determining the occurrences of sound.

Model used to discover the sound exposure in which workers are exposed. The use of this device is external, and it must be placed close to the height at which the ears of the workers are exposed.

This meter is simple, but sometimes companies hold events to show employees how to use this equipment.


In turn, these devices must be connected to the body of the workers and thus determine the sound rates to which the workers are exposed.

Several times companies use the dosimeter to measure noise levels in a complete workday. For long measurements it is more suitable than decibel meters that are better at instantaneous measurements.

Understand more the differences between the following two models:

How much does a decibel meter cost?

The value of the tool costs from R $ 50 to R $ 1,000. The more powerful versions, with microphones that suffer less interference to generate accurate results, generally have higher values ​​in the market.

Editions that work with other extra features can also be more expensive. Certified models are expensive, especially when compared to Chinese models without certification.

Where to buy a decibel meter?

you can find some models with low prices and basic functions. To purchase more dedicated models it is worth visiting specialist construction companies.

Online it is easier to find different versions according to your budget or your need. There is also more comfort, since you don’t have to leave the office to choose an option. Amazon sell the product.

Did you know that some factors can interfere with the results of even the most dedicated decibel meters? They are: Low battery, drop or knock on the microphone, significant changes in air pressure or sudden changes in temperature.



Purchasing criteria: how to compare decibel meter models

There are many models available at retail, which can cause some confusion in our minds when buying. Therefore, it is worth using the following comparison criteria between models as an advantage in your favor:

  • Calibration
  • Impulsive
  • Shutdown
  • Tripod
  • Interval
  • Case

The meaning of each point listed above will be demonstrated below:


Do not think twice, buy only a decibel meter with a calibration certificate, an official document that accompanies the product packaging. It is the seal that authenticates the fact that the products are tested by laboratories authorized by INMETRO.

With the document up-to-date you are sure that your product will not present precision errors when used outdoors or indoors. Uncertified editions cost much lower than average prices.


When the decibel meter works in a more dedicated way it is able to capture extra details of different sound levels.

If your goal is to measure the noise of sharp presses, hammers, breaking glasses or gunshots, buy a decibel meter sensitive to the point of capturing impulsive signals. These versions cost up to 5 times the value of basic models.


In the rush of work we sometimes forget that the device is turned on unnecessarily.

The worst thing is that this inattentive practice can drain the battery or batteries more quickly, causing damage to the company’s budget and the electronic components of the device.

For this reason it is better to opt for the purchase of models that have the auto shutdown function. These devices turn themselves off when they have been inactive for more than 10 or 15 minutes.

Some versions even trigger audible or visual signals to show that the machine is on and inactive.


Although it is possible to use a digital decibel meter with your hands, engineers and other professionals choose to place the machine on a tripod to perform measurements over long continuous periods.

In these cases it is important to find out if the tripod available in your office fits the decibel meter before confirming the purchase. If you buy a model of the wrong size, shopkeepers should not return the money.

Some kits on the market already come with the tripod that fits the device perfectly.


The best decibel meters used by industry and civil construction in the digital model have a memory that records several results. These devices, although more expensive, serve better to measure noise levels at scheduled times.

For example: You can adjust to record records every 20 minutes and thus better understand the average sound pressure at the location. Cheaper models do not have the resources to measure in an automated way.


When we are in a hurry, there are always risks of some work instruments falling or being impacted. A small drop can be fatal to the decibel meter, the inside of which is full of sensitive components.

In order to protect your precious asset, there are models that include a protective case in the package. With this feature the device is less likely to break, thus optimizing the durability of the decibel meter.


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