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Top & Best Socket set Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Socket set: How to choose the best in 2022?

Never confirm the purchase of a product promotion without first reading what we have to inform in the following words.

With the choice of the right socket sets you can perform the most different professional and amateur jobs with screws. Market options look similar, but they have significant differences that need to be noted.

The main types of sockets, as well as their uses and advantages, you will follow in the text. We will inform you what is the average price, where to buy and other matters that help you to have more knowledge.

First, the most important

  • Quality socket sets almost always come in a case that facilitates transport.
  • The longer the cable and the number of socket units the more expensive the complete set costs.
  • Manual sockets are not suitable for pneumatic tools, unlike the impact socket.

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  • Bosch socket set

Buying Guide

Have you had the hard experience in your workshop of trying to unscrew a screw and fail? At these times we realize how important it is to have that socket set always available in your pocket.

Let’s learn the secrets and mysteries behind buying a good socket kit.

What is the socket set?

Socket set consists of a set of tools to perform services on screws or threads. It is possible to use this production for both screwing and unscrewing.

For each wrench there is a corresponding socket that can be used to work within a certain size and type of screw. In some versions there are adapters so that only one key fits into different sockets.

The use of the socket set occurs in light mechanics or electro-electronic services. The most basic kits consist of 1 socket, 1 cylinder and 1 cable to activate sockets when tightening or loosening.

How does the socket set work?

In the case of the manual version, operation occurs as follows:

    • At the back of your key’s mouth , direct the turn button to the left or right according to your objectives (tighten / loosen);
    • Take the cylinder from the kit and connect one of the parts to the mouth of the key. Then install the socket on the other side of the size corresponding to the handled screw.


Better understand how the socket set works when watching the video:

What are the advantages of the socket set?

Looking at the positive side, the socket set is considered one of the most versatile assemblies in the workshop. It has several ideal accessories to make everyday work practical.

Socket kits are known for their effective accuracy. With the tools of the game you can have enough precision to screw or unscrew even in places with less access that cannot be accessed by other forms of key.

In addition to manual sockets, there are impact socket sets used with power tools such as a screwdriver. Such models are more expensive because they are reinforced to evolve the impact and reduce vibrations at work.

The best versions of socket sets are tough, although they are heavy and difficult to perform for certain people who do not have much strength.

Negatively there is also the issue of prices, since productions by famous brands cost 3 times more on average.

See the summary of the positive and negative points of socket sets:

Manual socket or impact socket: Which is better?

Sometimes you put the socket on the screwdriver to do certain tasks and suddenly you see the accessory break in the middle. This is usually because the mechanic uses a type of socket not suitable for use with power tools.

To avoid mistakes of this kind it is worth knowing the difference between manual socket and impact socket:

Manual socket

This socket is for manual use only. The version features a metallic finish and costs lower prices compared to the impact socket set.

Using the product with a glove represents the safest measure, especially to avoid slipping from the hand during services. Production is also lighter, facilitating general use.

Impact socket

The impact socket, on the other hand, is more expensive because it has a body worked to withstand the work performed at high speed. It has a lot of resistance and has a phosphate finish.

The use of the screwdriver accessory requires the use of a pin and retaining ring, also explaining why these versions are more expensive than manual options.

Keep in mind the characteristics of each type of socket:

How much does a socket set cost?

The socket set can cost from R $ 20 to up to R $ 300 on average. Well-known brands are more reliable because they offer robust productions. The quality of the case can also make prices more expensive.

Impact socket sets can cost twice as much. The compositions and engineering of the other items in the kit are factors that impact pricing, as well as the cable size and technical characteristics in the cylinder.

Where to buy socket sets?

physical stores that offer some versions of socket sets. However, prices can be up to 20% more expensive than prices charged on sales sites.

In addition to saving, when buying via the internet you have a lot of convenience to compare the promotions and choose the one that is more affordable. Buy on Amazon.



Did you know that it is impracticable to use a manual socket on electrical or pneumatic machines because it does not have the adequate resistance to work at high speed?



Purchasing criteria: How to compare socket sets

Quality sockets cost more, but they can last a lifetime and streamline services, which justifies the purchase of the best versions. However, in addition to issues such as brands, you should pay attention to certain criteria when comparing offers. Are they:

  • Articulation
  • Far end
  • Cable
  • Case

Below we will see a little more about these 4 points:


A self-respecting socket set has a combination of equipment that makes you access the screws even in the smallest and most difficult places.

Only there are some less articulate games. They work only at points that have enough space to carry out the work. Usually these simple productions cost lower prices.

Far end

There are hexagonal or fluted holes at the ends of the sockets, not to mention the more boring versions. Each edition serves to work on a type of screw head.

Therefore, when you need to perform different types of services with screws of the most diverse styles, it is recommended to take home the most complete set possible.


There are several types of cables and socket wrenches, and you need to choose one according to your type of work to get the best out of the tool.

Below you can see some examples of cables and choose the one that best suits your needs:
T-Cable: Slides easily in the hole, ideal for lighter services.

  • Cabo I: It has a curved style composition to reach difficult to reach points.
  • Ratchet handle: Allows turning without removing the tool from the screw.
  • Articulated cable: Engineered with articulation that accesses different angles.


A set of quality keys always has a case made of steel and plastic. This extra accessory is very useful for keeping everything in order and decreasing the chances of losing the sockets.

There are some socket sets on the market that are cheaper because they don’t come in a case – keep your eyes peeled.


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