Top & Best Blowtorch Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Blowtorch: how to choose the ideal model in 2022?

Today’s topic here is blowtorch. Thinking of buying this tool that is so useful in the plastics and metals industries or for handicraft production? So let’s show you how to make the best choice!

The use of this tool is recommended for cutting, welding and heating plastics and metals. It is necessary to have some extra equipment that will be added to the main body of the tool, such as specific nozzles for each function and gas tank.

To make sure that you are making a great purchase, we will go through this document through the main details to pay attention to the torch models and their use. Never forget to follow all safety specifications

First, the most important

  • The torch is a multipurpose tool: it can be used professionally, in welding or cutting, or in crafts, cooking and even camps and complicated situations that call for fire. Pay attention to the ideal nozzles and gases for each situation!
  • Dealing with a torch means dealing with very high temperatures. Therefore, never forget all protective equipment. Your safety must come above all other things.
  • There are very cheap torches, which cost around R $ 25, and others that are much more expensive. But it is common to have to buy extra items, such as gas cylinders, which will make the total price more expensive.

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Best blowtorch models: Our favorites

We select some of the main torches available on the market and bring the specifications of each one. You will be able to understand why they are great tools and analyze which ones best fit your needs! Below, the list with some great quality models:

  • The most versatile portable torch
  • The ideal torch for camping
  • The best professional blowtorch
  • The best torch for cutting
  • The most versatile mini torch


Buying Guide

Do you know what a torch is for, exactly? And how to make use of it? Let’s go through this shopping guide to demonstrate everything you need to know to be able to work properly with this tool!

After all, knowledge and security never exist in exaggeration!

What is a blowtorch and what is it for?

A blowtorch is a tool that produces fire using oxyfuel gases. It is necessary to use a cylinder containing a gas that can vary a lot, but in most cases, it is butane, propane or oxygen.

There are also occasions when a mixture of gases is used. This requires special torches fitted with more than one cylinder.

The torch works by means of a lever or trigger that generates triggers the production of flames. Usually, there will also be a special nozzle for each type of operation.

The operations are varied: welding or cutting glass, metals or plastics are the most frequent uses, but they can also be useful with fusions and other craft work. Even in the kitchen they are used, although there are specific torches for culinary use.

And you may need them in everyday life situations, like lighting a fireplace or a fire.

Check the advantages and disadvantages of owning a torch in the table below:

What accessories are needed for a torch?

There are two types of torch accessories that are important and need to be studied carefully: gas nozzles and cylinders.

This is because each type of nozzle and each gas is recommended for different functions. A particular socket may be excellent for welding, but you will not be able to make a cut. So always consult experts on the subject!

It is also necessary to make the correct combination between nozzle and gas. An example: the nozzle type 1502 is ideal for use with acetylene and for cutting.

All of these specifications need to be followed in order for you to achieve maximum efficiency in your work!



Did you know?

The discovery of iron, which took place around 2000 BC, was a fundamental step in the advancement of humanity. Soon after, we started thinking about ways to fuse pieces to build objects with different functionalities.

The use of fuels for this task has always been common, but the torch as we know it today took time to appear. It was only in the 19th century, more precisely in 1801, that the chemist Robert Hare developed the first specimen.

What are the equipment and safety measures for torch use?

Torch work involves flames at extremely high temperatures and handling gases that can cause serious accidents. Therefore, there are a number of safety standards that need to be followed.

Always wear protective equipment: special clothing with great thermal resistance, helmet, visor and gloves are essential. Also make sure they are not soiled by flammable materials such as grease or oil. The same goes for the torch nozzle.

Check that the torch has flame regulation and a fire shut-off valve. Also pay attention that the tip is well adjusted and that it is ideal for use with your tool.

Never allow the hose to wrap. If you notice that the torch is swallowing fire, that is, pulling the flames inward, gradually reduce the flame until complete deactivation. Find out what the problem is before you get back to work.

Do not work sloppily or with little attention. Always be aware of any problems so that your use of the torch has no risk!

Check out this video with several safety tips for the professional use of a torch:

How much does a blowtorch cost?

A torch for use in simple tasks will probably be cheap. It is possible to find efficient models starting at R $ 25. The heavier the service, however, the higher this value will go up.

Specialized cutting torches can reach around R $ 300. We always need to remember that this is just the tool body, and that extra items such as gas cylinders and special nozzles need to be purchased separately.

Where to buy a blowtorch?

Tool stores, be they simple ones, neighborhood stores or large chains, will have some torch models. The famous brands of building materials stores.

To buy over the Internet, our recommendation is Amazon. Safe and full of models, it will surely leave you with a great blowtorch! Other options are the websites of the large networks mentioned above.

Buying criteria: what to consider when buying a torch

There are some factors that are also important when choosing the ideal torch. In order for you to buy the best model for your intentions, let’s review some of them!

  • Extra items
  • Opening for cylinder
  • Operating temperature
  • Portability
  • Design and ergonomics

Below, more details about these items:

Extra items

We have already mentioned that the need to buy items such as gas cylinders and special nozzles can increase the value of a torch. But what if this is not necessary? There are some models that already bring extra collections that will certainly reduce your expenses.

If you are looking for a torch to be multifunctional, it will be a hand on the wheel if it already has nozzles and adapters, for example. Extra fittings for hoses, or the hose itself, can also help a lot.

Opening for cylinder

In the specifications of various torches, you will find the dimensions of the cylinder opening they have. Thus, you will know exactly which is the ideal fit and how to make the right purchase.

There is no use trying to acquire a cylinder incompatible with your torch. In addition to it not fitting properly and causing money loss, there will be security risks. The best thing to do is to always follow the instruction indicated by such numbers.

Operating temperature

The temperature of a torch flame can vary widely. There are some that operate at just over 1000 degrees celsius, others that can reach up to 4000. This value is usually specified in the product description.

The flame called neutral, which is ideal for welding, is the most powerful. It is usually achieved by mixing oxygen and acetylene. Torches that do not reach this temperature are not recommended for this type of work.


Some of the torches available on the market bear the name of being “portable”. If you plan to use it in a variety of places, such as providing welding services or taking it to camps, this is an important feature.

For heavy services that will always happen in the same place, such as a work environment, it is not so fundamental. Again, it depends on what uses you want to use the torch!

Design and ergonomics

The design and ergonomics of a torch are important to make work less tiring. If the trigger is positioned in an easy place, as well as the adjustment markers and buttons, you will need less time to get used to the tool.

There are some models that are designed to facilitate this beginner experience and make the process of use comfortable. If this is a priority, choose a torch designed for that purpose. Don’t be complicated trying to use a more complex torch!


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