School backpack with wheel

Top & Best School backpack with wheel Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

School backpack with wheel: How to choose the best one in 2022

If your child is already of school age, it is ideal that you buy a backpack so that the little one can take the books, notebooks and materials to school. And an excellent option is to buy a school backpack with wheels.

This model helps to distribute the weight well, does not overload the child’s spine and is quite versatile, as it can be used at school, on trips or trips.

But choosing a backpack is not as simple as it looks, as you need to take into account size, weight, material and design. To help you with this task, we have prepared a Purchase Guide with all this information

First, the most important

  • The school backpack with wheels is ideal for children from three years of age. With this model, you can better distribute the weight of the backpack, saving spine effort.
  • But it is not because the backpack has training wheels that the child must carry extra weight. Ideally, the backpack weighs a maximum of 10% of the child’s weight.
  • The only disadvantage of the wheeled backpack is that the child will need to carry it by the handle (on the top or side of the backpack) when they need to go up or down stairs.

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Best school bags with wheels: Our favorites

In a back to school atmosphere, a question comes to mind: how to choose the ideal school backpack for the child? With so many models available on the market, getting it right becomes a challenge. With that in mind, we have selected some of the best backpack models with training wheels, as purchase suggestions.

  • For those who are a fan of Ben 10
  • A practical wheeled backpack
  • For girls who love mermaids
  • For fans of Marvel superheroes

Buying Guide

When choosing a school backpack for your child, go beyond design and evaluate the size, weight, material and especially if the backpack is comfortable for the little one.

In addition, you will need to choose between a school backpack with wheels or a conventional model. To find out what is the best option for your child, check the information in this Buying Guide.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a school backpack with wheels?

The school backpack with wheels balances the weight of materials and avoids effort, so this is the ideal choice to avoid back pain and possible spinal injuries, which can occur in childhood.

But it is not because the backpack has wheels that it must be full of things. At times, such as when climbing the stairs or getting out of the school bus, the child will need to carry the backpack by the handle and it should not be heavy.



According to the Brazilian Society of Orthopedics, the ideal is that the backpack weighs, at most, the equivalent of 10% of the child’s weight. That is, if your child weighs 20 kg, the backpack should weigh a maximum of 2 kg.

Also, instruct the child to alternate the hand he will use to pull the wheeled backpack. Ideally, the change should be made every 15 minutes.

You will find models with prints of children’s characters that will please from small children to the largest ones. There are also plain versions, a good option to extend the life of the backpack.

In addition to the school, there are other places where the child will be able to use the stroller backpack: on trips with the family or school, on trips, parks, shopping malls, zoos, among others.

It is just not recommended to carry the lunch box inside the backpack, as the food will increase the weight of the backpack. Ideally, they should be taken apart.

Which backpack should the child wear according to age?

From the age of three, most children start attending school. From that age, it is recommended that the child wear a wheeled backpack, as he is not used to carrying any weight.

This recommendation should be followed until the child’s six or seven years of age, which is when the little one can already wear a backpack on his back, as long as he is not too heavy.

Conventional or wheeled backpack: What is the best option for my child?

In addition to the school backpack with wheels, you have the option of the conventional backpack, the one that must be carried on the back.

When choosing this model, you should pay attention to the straps, which must be adjustable, wide and padded, so as not to cause pain in the child’s shoulders and spine.

It is essential that the backpack is always adjusted to the child’s body, and the back in contact with the back (assess whether the piece is also padded, to bring more comfort to the little one).

To find out if the backpack is correctly adjusted to the child’s body, analyze the child’s posture: if the body is hanging backwards or the hunchback column, it is important to make some adjustments.

How much does it cost and where to buy a school backpack with wheels?

The price of the school backpack with wheels varies according to the size, material, design and brand. You can find very simple models, starting at R $ 50, but most models exceed R $ 150. More expensive versions can reach R $ 400.

You can buy the wheeled backpack at luggage, handbag, and backpack stores.  You can also buy at school supply store.

If you prefer, you can find a wide variety of models, brands and different price ranges in virtual stores such as Amazon among others.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare school bags with wheels

Buying a school backpack is not as simple as it seems, because in addition to having to choose a model that your children will like, you need to analyze some characteristics, such as those described below:

  • Material
  • Design
  • Puller
  • Pockets and compartments

We will explain each of the items throughout this section.


Generally, stroller backpacks are made of canvas, polyester or nylon, very resistant materials that will last all year. The casters can be made of silicone or plastic and the structure of aluminum or steel.

It is worth researching a model in which the fabric is waterproof, to prevent your child’s books and notebooks from getting wet if he gets rain.


Each child has their preference regarding the color, pattern and details of the school backpack. Some prefer more basic models, while others prefer versions full of details.

The girls love the Disney Princesses, Barbie, Monster High, Paw Patrol models, among others. And boys prefer Ben 10 backpacks, Cars, Marvel or DC superheroes, etc.


When choosing a wheeled backpack for your child, check the handle, it needs to be adjustable according to the child’s height. Ideally, the elbows should be straight and the child should be able to walk with the shoulders aligned.

If the handle is larger than it should be, the arm may be far behind. If it is smaller, the body is tilted forward.

Pockets and compartments

Look for backpacks with pockets and compartments, as they help to organize school supplies better. If the child’s school offers swimming, judo or ballet classes, the child will need an extra compartment to store the uniform.It is also nice that the backpack has a side compartment to hold the water bottle. Some models also have a special piece to attach the lunch box.


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