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Top & Best Greenhouse for snacks Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Greenhouse for snacks: How to choose the best in 2022?

In this article, we will talk about a very common item in several bars, bakeries, restaurants and snack bars: the greenhouse for snacks. She is responsible for keeping the snacks warm and displaying them for the consumer to choose from.

There are greenhouses of different sizes, with varying numbers of tray and different types of operation. Each is ideal for different types of businesses and the amount of snacks that need to be stored.

Here, we are going to talk about the best salty greenhouses, their advantages and disadvantages, prices, where to buy and what you should consider before purchasing yours. Come with us!

First, the most important

  • There are greenhouses for small and large snacks, with 3 trays or 12, steam or not. Each meets different types of needs.
  • Consumers are very attracted by the appearance of the food. Purchasing a greenhouse for snacks will allow them to make your mouth water with your snacks! So, prefer flashy greenhouses with LED lights.
  • Salty greenhouses are great investments for those who own establishments that sell salty. They provide great value for money and you can find greenhouses from R $ 200.

Best salty greenhouses on the market: Our favorites

Looking for the best salty greenhouse on the market? Your search is over! We have gathered here the 5 best models to facilitate your search. After reading the ranking, read on to learn everything about these greenhouses:

  • Greenhouse for salting 8 aluminum trays – Alsa
  • Greenhouse for salting 3 aluminum trays – Alsa

Buying Guide

If you own an establishment like a bakery or snack bar, the greenhouse for snacks is essential. This is where you expose food and of course, keep it warm. We want to help you with this choice, bringing all the information you need to evaluate a great greenhouse.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the greenhouse for snacks?

Having a greenhouse for snacks in your cafeteria, bakery, bar or restaurant can make all the difference when it comes to selling snacks.

If you have heard the expression “eat with your eyes” you are well aware that the appearance of food can greatly influence the consumer’s purchase decision. Seeing a good-looking snack can make a person decide to buy it, even if they’re not that hungry.

According to nutritionist Gabriela Vedovato in an interview for the ClicRbs portal, consumers think that appearance is one of the main indications that a food is safe.

“(The consumer) incorporates other issues into the technical concept, such as nutritional value, appearance, odor, passing through quality control.” Gabriela Milhassi Vedovato – Nutritionist

A survey conducted by the School of Public Health at USP proved that aesthetic and sensory parameters are decisive factors when consumers evaluate food safety.

With a greenhouse for snacks, you can display beautiful snacks and influence the purchase. In addition, they can also keep the salty hot and fluffy for longer, since most models have temperature control and humidifier.

Among the negative points are the space you will need to reserve to place your greenhouse for snacks. Some models, with 3 trays, take up little space. However, there are greenhouses with 16 trays that need a larger location.

What to pay attention to when buying a greenhouse for snacks?

When purchasing your salty greenhouse, always make sure it has a humidifier. This function will prevent your snacks from drying out, leaving them soft for longer. However, always remember to fill the humidifiers with water to ensure their function.

In addition, it is important to keep the greenhouse always clean, as food scraps can get trapped and generate proliferation of bacteria and fungi. Protect the health of your consumers! With the appliance turned off and empty, wipe the glasses with a brush and alcohol.

Remember, too, that savory foods cannot be stored for long periods in the greenhouse. Ideally, they should be exposed for only two hours, especially cheese breads, as they can lose their original flavor and look unpleasant.

Did you know that the coxinha is a salty origin? It is not clear who invented this national passion, but the salty that is traditionally stuffed with chicken, today already has many variations. Dried meat is another flavor that has been gaining the taste.


How much?

There are very cheap greenhouses and others that need a bigger investment. This will depend on the type of operation, size, number of trays and other functions.

The simplest greenhouses, with only 3 trays, can be found from R $ 200. On the other hand, steam greenhouses, which are very spacious and attractive, go up to R $ 2,000.

However, always take into consideration, before buying, that investing in a good salty greenhouse can be more profitable in the long run. Quality greenhouses last much longer and offer better value for money.

Where to buy?

A salty greenhouse is not that complicated to find. If you to buy in physical stores, you can find some models.

There is a greater variety of greenhouses in online stores. On sites  Amazon,  you can find several different models of salting stoves.

Buying online you do not need to leave the house and you do not worry about shipping the product.


Purchasing criteria: Main factors for evaluating a salty greenhouse

There are some main characteristics that must be observed in the salty oven before you make your purchase. These are some of them:

  • Operating type
  • Size
  • Number of trays
  • Design

Keep reading to find out exactly what the importance of each of these points is and choose your greenhouse for snacks with precision.

Operating type

There are two different types of operation for greenhouses. Although both have the function of storing the snacks, each one works in a different way.

  • Conventional greenhouse : Conventional greenhouses do not need to be connected and do not have humidifiers. They work only with the heat of the food itself. Through thermal insulation, the temperature of the snacks is maintained for a longer time. This type of greenhouse is more accessible because it costs less. However, savory foods do not remain hot for a long time, and you need to heat them up after a while.
    • Steam oven : The steam oven needs to be turned on and has a tray of water below the salty ones, creating steam that keeps food warm. With this stove, it is possible to control the internal temperature and the humidifier allows the snacks not to dry out.



Before purchasing your salty greenhouse, you need to think about the space it will occupy. If you have a small establishment, choose greenhouses that don’t take up much space.

As for bakeries, snack bars and larger restaurants, which produce more snacks and have more space, the ideal is to purchase a larger salty greenhouse. Invest in an ideal model for the size of your business.

Checking the measurements is essential to not buy the wrong model, especially through online purchase.

Number of trays

There are greenhouses for salting from 3 trays up to 12 or more. Some larger models have more than 20 trays. The number of trays you need for your greenhouse will depend on the size of your business.

If you have a snack bar, for example, you will probably have to store several snacks at once. Thus, the ideal is to invest in a model that can comfortably accommodate all snacks.

If you own a bar that sells only a few snacks a day, a model with 3 trays may be enough to store the fried and baked snacks on the day.


There are greenhouses for simpler snacks and the most modern and eye-catching. When purchasing yours, always remember that consumers can be more attracted to beautiful, large and flashy greenhouses.

Some greenhouses are horizontal and can be placed on the counter. Others are vertical. Some have LED lights, so that the consumer can better see the salty and choose his.

Not all greenhouses are silver. It is possible to find different colors and models. Get one that suits your business!


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