Top & Best Penknife Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Penknife: Which is the best of 2022?

Are you the type who doesn’t give up enjoying a beautiful adventure? Are you one of those who always want to travel and, preferably, have a lot of contact with nature? Do you love camping and spending days disconnected from the rest of the world? So you need a pocket knife.

This multipurpose tool is very important and can help those who go camping, those who practice adventure sports activities and even indoors.

In this article, you will find out which are the best knife models on the market. We will explain what are the differences between the main products and what you should pay attention to before buying. So, read on to know all the features of this tool.

First, the most important

  • Pocket knives can have many functions. Check which ones are really useful for you. The size of the knives varies. Those most recommended for camping and adventure sports are bigger.
  • The blade material can be of different types of steel. Stainless steel has the best cost-benefit and less risk of rusting.
  • There are utility knives (outdoor) and those also known as multifunctional (Swiss). In this evaluation we will talk about the utility type.

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Ranking: The 6 best pocket knife models

Before buying a pocketknife, you need to check out our ranking of the best models. In addition, throughout this Guide, we will bring you all the information so that you can decide which is best for your needs. Now stay with our selection:

Buying Guide

A multipurpose item, the pocket knife is a grouped of tools in one piece. It can be used for domestic outdoor activities or even as a work tool.

If you are looking for the right pocket knife, we want to bring you essential information so that you know how to choose the right model for you. Come with us!

What is a pocket knife and what are its advantages?

If you think the knife is nothing more than an improved knife, I think you better change your mind quickly. The pocketknife is today a multipurpose instrument, which can be taken to a camp, but it also does not make ugly indoors.

The knife is one of the cutlery products, which is nothing more than the technique of producing cutting instruments. Like the knife, knives, swords, axes and razors are also part of this type of art.

Basically, the knife is a kind of knife. The blade leaves the handle when a button is pressed. However, many pocket knives also have other functions that work at the touch of a button.

Even because of this, it is considered an accessory that has several uses and is aimed at many audiences.

Light and easy to transport, this item can adapt to what you need. Therefore, the advantage of the knife is that it is a multifunctional object. With extra blades and various accessori

es, the knife should be chosen according to what you need at any given time.


Did you know that the history of the penknife began between 600-500 BC?

It is from that time the oldest pocket knife ever found in an archaeological dig. This happened in the Austrian city of Hallstatt. This model had only one blade and the handle was made of bone.

The model currently used was perfected thanks to the influence of the Moorish people, who occupied the Iberian Peninsula, from the year 711. But, it actually gained notoriety from 1950, due to American films in which young people used this instrument.

How can the knife be useful in different places?

We have already talked about the versatility of the knife and that it can be useful for both home and outdoor activities, and even for self-defense. Below we explain all these applications in more detail:

Domestic use

At home, pocket knives can be very useful. It can help to open a can of some food in the kitchen, for example. You can also use it to reinforce a screw or cut a fabric. There are still people who use this instrument with a key ring or ornament.

Camping and fishing

Anyone who likes action movies should remember that the main object used by the character Rambo was precisely a pocket knife. For those who enjoy activities in nature, the pocket knife can be considered a key piece.

The sharp blade is essential for cutting strings, branches and food. She can then fulfill all the necessary functions in a camp. With it, cutting branches to make a fire is easy.

The accessory is still useful for making incisions in fishing lines. With the ‘can opener’ function, the period spent somewhere in the woods is made easier. You can also practically peel fruits and prepare food.

Outdoor sport

Penknife is an essential tool for those who practice any outdoor activity, such as trekking (hiking on trails) or climbing. The blade can help make way or get rid of roots and shrubs that are in the way.


For many people, the pocket knife also serves as a self-defense weapon. The instruments that serve this purpose are known as tactical knives.

They must have a clip so that they can be attached to the wearer’s clothes, in addition to a weight suitable for agile use. In such cases, the blade cannot be loose or very rigid. In addition, it has an easy opening for the use of just one hand.

Utility or Swiss Army Knife? Which one is the best?

There are several types of pocket knife available on the market. For you to make the best choice, it is important to know what the use of this object will be.

Knives are basically divided into two groups: outdoor pocket knives – also known as utility knives – and Swiss pocket knives – also called multifunction knives.

In this text, we are evaluating the outdoor pocket knives. These are more geared to use in camping, hiking, fishing and adventure sports.
This is because they have larger blades and are aimed at cutting denser materials. Whoever works or frequents farm environments, for example, must have a knife with a sharp blade to cut strings.

The main tip is to study the characteristics of each model available to buy the one that has to do with your lifestyle. Swiss knives are smaller and fit in a small bag. Despite this, it has more functions than the outdoor pocket knife.

Some of them: wire cutter pliers, scissor keys, pen, etc. Only the cut of the blade of this type is not so sharp. That is, the blade is not as strong as the utility type.

Also pay attention to how it will be handled and transported. Some pocket knives have a design that allows them to be stuck in your pocket, others will need a special cover.

How much?

Utility knives cost between R $ 70 and R $ 120. Prices may vary according to the material the blade is made of, the material of the handle and also the size of the product.

Another factor that can influence the price is the existence of other functions, such as can opener and others.

Where to buy?

To buy a pocketknife you should go to a store specializing in cutlery products or else dedicated to outdoor activities.

On the internet, there are also many options available. In large retail stores, such as Amazon  is possible to find good prices.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing different knife models

Much has been said so far, but we still have important points to consider. Especially so that you know how to make your choice thinking about your reality.

When buying a product, carefully analyze all details. By doing this, your money will be used well and you will not regret it later. So, take the following points into account:

  • Weight
  • Blades
  • Cables
  • Lock
  • Other functions

We will talk a little about each one of them in the sequence.


Evaluate the weight of the knife you intend to buy and analyze whether the activity you intend to take it for will not be harmed.

Whoever goes on a trail hike, for example, needs something very light. In such cases, the less weight the better. This is a detail that can influence the athlete’s performance. After all, carrying a very large or heavy knife can be uncomfortable.

For those who do not need to carry the product with them and will use it at home, for example, weight is not so important. So analyze how you are going to use your knife.


This is the main point to be analyzed at the time of purchase. The highest quality products are made with one of these three types of steel: apricot, stainless steel and carbon.

  • Stainless steel : It has the best cost-benefit ratio. This type of steel is a mixture of iron and chromium alloy. The chemical and physical characteristics of these materials provide great resistance to oxidation. That is, these models are unlikely to rust.
  • Damascus steel : They are manufactured with two different types of steel that are joined by a method known as brazing. This is a metal welding project with mechanical shock and heating. A damask steel bar can have 50 to 600 layers. Pocket knives made with this type of steel are more expensive.
  • Carbon steel : They are not very resistant to oxidation. When in contact, without proper cleaning, with salt and lemon, for example, they can stain and rust. On the other hand, pocket knives with this material have different and rustic finishes.


Pocket knives with handles or handles of different materials can be found. Weight and price may vary depending on the type of cable material. So, see which one best suits your needs.

It is also important to assess whether it is easy to wield it, whether it slips from your hand and whether it allows firmness to make the cut.


The lock is what will allow the knife to remain open during use. The most common types are frame locks, liner locks and lock back.

The difference between them is quite technical. The most important thing is to know that the liner lock and frame lock models are aimed at opening with just one hand. Knives with a lock back lock, on the contrary, require the use of both hands to open.

Pay attention to this feature at the time of purchase. Having a pocketknife that does not hold the blade well can put your safety at risk and still cause accidents.

To define which will be best for you, consider which activities will be performed with the instrument.

Other functions

The knife has the main function of cutting. But many manufacturers end up offering other functions in that same instrument. The most common are the bottle opener and also the spark generator, for lighting fires.

Ideally, you should check if these functions are useful. In general, they make the knife cost more.



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