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Top & Best Peanut butter Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Peanut butter: How to find the best product in 2022

Have you thought about how to improve your performance at the gym? Today,  we will do a complete analysis of peanut butter, how to find the best product and understand more about its benefits.

Very popular in the United States, peanut butter is starting to become popular in Brazil, mainly by gym goers looking for healthy eating options.

Rich in healthy fats, peanut butter is also very tasty and can be mixed with other ingredients to please all types of palates. To learn more about it, check out our article.

First, the most important

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  • Some people have an intolerance or allergy to peanuts. If you ingest the product and notice unusual symptoms, see a doctor.
  • Although very tasty, the peanut butter is very caloric, so eat in moderation.
  • Because it is a great source of energy, it is widely used by athletes and people looking for better results in the gym.


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Ranking: The 5 best peanut spreads on the market

Increasingly popular in Brazil, it is now possible to find a wide variety of unique brands and recipes. Of course, this is excellent, but it also makes the choice a little more difficult. Therefore, we prepared this Ranking with some of the best peanut butter on the market.

Buying Guide

Only a few years ago it was difficult to find peanut butter on the national market and it was necessary to appeal to imported brands that were expensive. Today, however, there are many manufacturers and the variety of brands and flavors continues to grow.
, fashion really caught on, because the paste offers many benefits for those who exercise. To understand more, do not miss our Buying Guide with more detailed information about the product and why it has become a fever.

What is peanut butter?

The paste, also known as peanut butter, is nothing more than a type of cream made from ground and processed grains to gain a pleasant texture, allowing us to pass it on bread, on toast or incorporate it into other recipes.

If you are used to watching movies and series, you may have noticed how Americans are passionate about peanut butter, and it is not for nothing that they are the biggest exporter of the product.

Famous for being an extremely healthy food, the peanut butter started to taste like Brazilians, especially because it can be mixed with a multitude of other products so that you can get a better texture and differentiated flavors to please even the most demanding palates .

What are the advantages and disadvantages of peanut butter?

Peanut butter offers several health benefits, as it is a great source of vitamins and nutrients. For those who like to exercise, it helps in the development of muscles and is great for those on a diet, since it increases the feeling of satiety even in small portions.

However, some care needs to be taken. Peanut butter is a very caloric food, which requires moderation. The taste can become sickening over time and, compared to other creams, pates and jellies available on the market, it costs a little more.

How does peanut butter help improve exercise performance?

In addition to being very tasty, peanut butter is also excellent for sportsmen on duty. That’s because it is extremely rich in nutrients, vitamins and fibers that help replenish energy and muscle development.

Even in small portions, it has a high level of calories, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

It is also a great source of potassium, one of the most important minerals for our body, especially in those who practice physical activities, since it acts in the processes of relaxation and contraction of muscles, helping to prevent fatigue, cramps and pain resulting from training.

With just two tablespoons of peanuts, it is possible to obtain up to 252 milligrams of potassium, which is equivalent to 15% of your daily requirement.

Its fibers and proteins also act in the development of musculature, and we cannot forget all the benefits of Omega 6, which stimulates the production of collagen, so important for our skin.

Considering all this, with a healthy diet and the use of peanut butter in conjunction with your exercise routine, in addition to ensuring a much healthier life, it is also possible to greatly improve your performance to achieve even better results.

What are the different ways to consume peanut butter?

Versatile, even peanut butter has its variations. In its most traditional form, it is excellent for appetizers and cold snacks. It is a great source of vitamins and nutrients and is in an intermediate price range.

Peanut butter has a lighter texture, which makes it perfect for hot snacks or to be used in other recipes. And the biggest advantage is that they tend to be cheaper.

And, if you’re on a diet or exercising, the peanut butter energy bars can be consumed more easily in small intervals and are much more crunchy. The downside is that they tend to be more expensive.

How much?

If before they were difficult to find and expensive because it is an imported product, today it is very easy to find national products of great quality and that cost a much more affordable price.

The price can also vary widely from brand to brand, recipe and quantity, but peanut butter can be found in a price range that ranges from R $ 5 to R $ 50. Considering all the benefits, it is an investment worth it for your health.

Did you know that the first records we have on the use of peanuts belong to the Incas and Aztecs?


Where to buy?

It is now possible to find the peanut butter available in most major supermarket chains.

It is also possible to find them in stores specializing in the sale of natural products and even in shops that deal specifically with foods aimed at improving physical fitness.

But, if the peanut butter has not yet reached your city, don’t worry. It is also very easy to obtain them through the internet, either in virtual stores or in large distributors Amazon, which deliver the product with all the speed and practicality you deserve, and the best, without you having to leave From home.

Purchase criteria: What to consider before buying peanut butter

Peanut butter is gaining more and more space on supermarket shelves, either because it has a unique flavor or because of the wide benefits it offers to our health.

Whether to improve your performance, gain pasta or just enjoy a delicious differentiated breakfast, it is easy to understand why it will end up becoming an indispensable item in our daily lives. But, with so many options, you also need to have a little discretion before making the purchase.

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  • Ingredients
  • Nutritional information
  • Flavors
  • Net weight


Read the topics below carefully to understand a little more about peanut butter and how to differentiate one brand from another to choose the ideal option to make your life much healthier.


Of course, you must be thinking, “Peanut butter is made from peanuts!” And you are correct, but in addition to the base ingredient, many brands have started to incorporate different ingredients to make their product even more tasty and nutritious.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to find peanut pastes with chocolate flavors or that incorporate cocoa in their composition to attract the most passionate audience for sweets.

Widely used for physical exercise practitioners, it is also possible to find peanut pastes that incorporate sweet potatoes and even Whey in their composition to improve performance.

Nutritional information

And speaking of nutritional expectations, this is a factor that you should be aware of. Despite being an excellent source of nutrients, peanut butter is very caloric

Fortunately, most brands now offer gluten-free peanut butter, lactose, trans fats and sugar.

It is also very common to find recipes without preservatives and produced with 100% natural ingredients. Still, it is important to keep an eye out and find which product is best for your needs.


In addition to the ingredients that are incorporated to increase the nutritional value, it is also possible to find several different peanut butter recipes that incorporate more recognizable flavors, such as chocolate or hazelnut.

Peanut butter is a great base, extremely nutritious and can incorporate a wide variety of flavors and ingredients, so choose carefully or take the opportunity to sample different recipes and which one best fits your flavor profile or to meet your nutritional expectations.

Net weight

It may seem silly, but this is one of the factors that has a great influence on the price. Making a simple calculation, it is easy to notice that it is often cheaper to buy larger packages.

This may not make much difference for those who are just looking for a tasty pasta to accompany bread for breakfast, but for those who are planning to go on a diet or exercise regularly and want to consume peanut butter often, it is worth worth considering buying bigger packages. Ultimately, they can cost less than smaller packages.


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