Top & Best Panelist Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Panelist: What’s the best in 2022?

If you are interested in organization and decoration, you will like to know that today we are going to talk about the pantry, essential furniture in a complete kitchen.

As the name suggests, the pan is the space for storing pots, and although it does not seem essential, it is a great ally of the kitchens in order.

If you are interested in the topic, but still don’t know it very well, follow with us that we will present you a complete guide on the advantages of the paneler.

First, the most important

  • The pan is a piece of furniture designed for storing pots and other types of household items, such as plates, bowls and dishes.
  • It is usually vertical, and has several shelves, arranged to help with organization.
  • The paneler also contributes to ambient decoration, since it is a large and striking piece of furniture.

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Best panelers: Our recommendations

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  • A cost-effective potter

Buying Guide

Having a space for pots and pans and other household items is essential, as it not only guarantees the good organization of the environment, but also helps to keep items in good condition.

In the guide below we will tell you, in detail, everything that must be taken into account when choosing your dream pot.

What is a paneler?

The potter is nothing more than a kitchen cabinet, usually vertical, which has the purpose of storing and storing pots and other household items that are not in use.

It has doors with shelves, and some may have drawers and even open niches for inserting microwaves, ovens and other items.

It is a large piece of furniture, but very practical and functional, being essential in a complete and orderly kitchen.

What are the advantages of the paneler?

Keeping our house organized, with everything in its proper place is a delight, right? However, some larger items can be a little difficult to organize, such as pans.

Especially if your kitchen is not huge, you may have already broken your head several times trying to find cool space for your pans and other utensils, such as dishes and dishes.

And this is where the pot comes in, a piece of furniture totally designed for you to store these items so important for our daily routine.

The paneler is a good idea as it guarantees intelligent use of space and good organization. It keeps your utensils in an easily accessible place, and prevents them from getting loose around the kitchen and even in visible places.

It is also important to remember that the potter helps in the preservation of your pots, since every object when it is well kept and taken care of, has a longer useful life.

It is a practical piece of furniture, great for organization, which still allows you to choose a model in the size that best suits you and meet your needs.

It is only interesting that you pay attention to the type of potter you will buy, as not all are made with good quality materials and some may not match your cooking style, generating an ugly aspect.

Also, make sure there is a corner in your kitchen to house your potter, okay? Although it is a great facilitator of life, it is a piece of furniture that needs space.

What is the ideal size and model for a good potter?

Panelers are usually large furniture, however, there is a considerable variation in sizes and models. The ideal is that you look for a model that adapts 100% to your needs.

If you have a lot of pans, for example, give preference to options with only shelves, without niches or drawers, as this is a way to make better use of the space.

If you also want to store small objects, the drawers are already more interesting, as they guarantee better organization in this case.

First of all, it is important that you know your need well, and understand what should be prioritized. Also take into account the space available in your kitchen, so you don’t end up buying something bigger than you should.

How much does a good potter cost?

A paneler is not a very cheap piece of furniture, as it is large and well worked. However, prices vary depending on the material and model.

If you are going to buy a simpler model, aluminum or MDP, and PVC handles, you will probably pay between R $ 300 and R $ 500, remembering that these are more fragile and have a much shorter useful life.

However, if you choose a wooden model, with stainless steel, glass or metal details, the price will probably exceed R $ 700, up to R $ 2000 or more, in the case of planned furniture.

Where to buy a good potter?

You won’t be short of a place to buy potter! Currently, many stores sell this product in different models.

You can look for them in appliance stores. If you are in the habit of going to department stores, you will like to know that you can also do your shopping there! Finally, if you prefer the comfort of buying and receiving your potter at home, we can recommend the online version of the stores already mentioned, in addition to Amazon, which also leaves nothing to be desired.


Purchasing criteria: how to compare the models of panelers

As with all furniture, there are some issues to be observed when buying your paneler, such as:

  • Material
  • Quantity of shelves
  • Design
  • Open or closed?

As we do not like to leave any doubt, we will give you all the details about each of these points.


The most suitable materials are those derived from wood: both solid and MDF (although more fragile) are durable and resistant options.

This, even, should be your biggest concern when choosing the material of your paneler, since it is not legal to need to buy a new furniture the following year, right?

In this case, we do not recommend plastic or aluminum panels, as they do not have good durability and still suffer from climate change.

Quantity of shelves

How many pans do you need to store in your kitchen? This is very personal, right? Know that everything will depend on how many items you have at home, so there is no exact number of shelves to indicate.

However, the ideal is that you have at least three shelves available to store your utensils and pots, so you guarantee good organization and good use of spaces.


As we already said, the potter is also a decoration item! Nowadays there are really beautiful and elegant options, which fit very well in the kitchen environment.

If you like to decorate, it can be cool to try to match your potter with the style of your home. Some have different handles, glass cabinets, glass doors and other details that make all the difference.

Open or closed?

Although not the most suitable, there are options for open pots, which leave the pans in plain view. These, although cheaper, are not very cool for aesthetic reasons, after all, it is not a very comforting sight.


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