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Top & Best Extendable table Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Extendable table: What’s the best of 2022?

we hope you enjoy the specially made reading to help you with the purchase of an extendable table.

Gathering friends and family around a table has been a human tradition for a long time! Share food and drinks in a shared environment, to also chat and have fun.

However, we live in places that are not always large, but we also need a good space to gather friends and family. And, for this purpose, there are extendable tables. We will tell you all about them, just stay here with us!

First, the most important

  • An extensible table is capable of enlarging its own size, in a very wide range of dimensions. This means that you should consider opening it up before buying one.
  • Extendable tables today are manufactured in different shapes and ways of transforming. Some are works of art in their joints.
  • Because it is a table, it means that it serves this purpose. Using it as a support for heavy things, especially when “open”, can even cause an accident.

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The best extensible tables: Our choices

Choosing furniture for the home is a difficult task. The decor of the room, wall colors, everything influences. Thinking about it, we will show you some of the most neutral and beautiful options, for a choice adaptable to your style.

  • An extensible table with modern design
  • For small environments
  • An imposing option

Buying Guide

At first glance, it may seem easy to buy a table. You define the number of people who will sit at the table, and go looking. But, what about the material? And the best format for the location? The doubts need to arise, and we will deal with each one below.

What are the advantages of an extendable table?

The scene is not difficult to imagine, you may recognize it in your own home. Friends arriving, and that small table with four seats occupying the only space available.

As a solution, you create a second space for people to sit, or borrow smaller tables.

It is likely that when this situation occurs, you end up thinking about those tables that increase. The proportion is limited only by space, a dream!

Nowadays, it is not easy to find a large place to put all of our things, most spaces require creativity in making everything fit. And some things can be great “lifesavers” for everyday situations. As is the case with the extendable table.

If you intend to receive guests in your home, there is no way to give up a spacious piece of furniture for this. The table is one of the best options, after all, as the saying goes ‘The heart of a house is the kitchen’.

Enjoying comfortable moments with family and friends will require a good place for that, and the extendable table will be there to help you. It will offer space when it is open, and does not impact circulation when closed.

How does the extendable table work?

Extendable tables are exactly what the name implies; tables capable of increasing in size when necessary.


The extendable table is a multifunctional item.

Its main objective is to increase the possible number of guests seated at the table, without starting an elbow war. In addition to also expanding the useful surface, to place more dishes and meals.

They are usually more expensive than the normal table, because they have the functionality that gives them their name. And they are mainly made for you to place in places where you need constant circulation, without giving up comfort to those who sit.

Considered a multifunctional furniture, there are many types and models of extensible table, which vary mainly by the way they extend. In addition, you can find an extensible table of the most varied materials.

From glass demolition wood, from rustic to modern tables, there are extensible options for all tastes.

What types of extendable table?

Accommodating a quartet of people, half a dozen, or even a large group, they can be adapted to the most diverse needs. A compact table for a date, or something bigger for family and friends.

As for your taste, don’t worry. The variety available on the market will make you find the right table (and we will give you some tips). In the models themselves, there are unique details and finishes to highlight the environment.

Want to get a taste of what we’re talking about? Connect in the video:

To choose yours, it is important to know the different types of extendable table on the market. Look:

Table with fixed structure and extendable end

With varied shapes (usually rectangular and square), they have a firm base with well positioned feet.

This type of table can pass for a normal table.

Naturally, they pass normal tables, even without a towel, as their extension is attached to the main part. This way, you are free to keep the extension saved, and use it only in the proportion you want.

The experiment works with different materials, which fit through joints on the table or through screwed metal structures. There are even tables with other “small tables” to lean on the side, working as an extender.

Extending table with adjustable end

A very versatile table, which does not depend on additional extensions, as its own structure provides the adjustment.

They are tables where there is a displacement of part of what looked like a fixed base, enlarging the top as it is increased.

They are generally characterized by the opening in sliding motion, requiring a little force for the opening and closing process. Especially when it is necessary to move the table feet together.

Extending table with adjustable center

With operation very similar to the adjustable end, in this case it is the center of the table that provides the increase in size.

Generally with the medium separated by a joint, the table has another part of itself hidden in the lower portion. When the top is pulled to one side or the other, the center opens and the hidden part takes place, expanding the size of the table.

It is an automatic snapping and snapping system, with just the right movement for opening or closing.

Extending table with side folding

One of the most classic models of extendable table, applied even to some old furniture (mainly bins and telephone tables).

Extension sheets are folded at the ends of the table, and secured until needed for use. When used, they are “unfolded” and fixed expanding the top area.

It is a disadvantage that it is not possible to put your feet on the end of the table, if the model has a fold that is not hidden under the top.

Extendable round table

It is possible that you can find round table models in the other types of extendable table, but there is a model for them.

In this case, it is understood the extension of a table of any shape into a round shape. And there is a great demand on this, due to the change in the radius of the top.

One of the most common solutions is to attach folding sections, which are hidden under the top. With the need for use, they are opened and transform even the shape of the top.

How much does an extendable table cost?

The versatility of this type of table ends up taking its price, when compared to any traditional model. Extendable tables can be found in the market with prices starting at R $ 700.

However, just as tables vary in price due to size and materials and finishes, extendable tables follow the same path.

You will find excellent options for R $ 1,000 and this amount will increase according to your need for the ideal product, reaching thousands of thousands.

Where to buy an extendable table?

Tables are not complex accessories nor do they use a lot of technology. And that’s an advantage when you think about where to buy an extendable table.

Furniture and decoration stores must have one or two models available, in addition to catalog options for purchase. You can also order directly with specialized joiners and cabinetmakers, but this will cost a little more.

Option nowadays, the internet is full of extensible table options of the most different shapes, models and sizes. Virtual stores  Amazon and Americanas will supply a vast amount of them, some even with a set of chairs.


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Extendable Table Models

Now that you know a lot about extensible tables, we will explain the criteria for choosing the ideal one. After all, we know that you want a product capable of making moments with family and friends pleasant.

An ideal size table allows you to place what you want, with plenty of room for the guests! To choose the ideal extendable table, consider:

  • Table shape
  • Table material
  • Extension mechanism
  • Surface uniformity

Check now the importance of considering these purchase criteria before your choice.

Table shape

Along with the material, it is the most important condition for you to determine before defining your purchase. Observe the place where you intend to place the table and the necessary circulation areas.

In general, tables tend to be in well-defined spaces, so right-angle options (such as square and rectangular) are usually the best option. They will make corridors easy to measure and pass.

For larger environments, where space is not an issue, a circular table brings all the charm to the environment. It is the best format for interaction between guests, in addition to easy access to what is on the table.

Table material

An extendable table can be of the most varied materials. Wood, stone, glass are some of the options available. And each of them has its recommendations and resistance to use.


Always try to choose a more resistant and rigid material. In general heavier, it will also provide stability to the set when the table is open.


Of course, there are options with high technology like glass, which is also a good option. With the natural limitations that any glass table has.

Extension mechanism

Pay close attention to the mechanism available on the extendable table, the best designs usually make a slight transition from opening and closing. This means less effort to get the job done.

Observing if the fixed part of the table allows to store the extendable parts is also important, when they are not attached. After all, leaving them in another place can cause the pieces to be lost over time or even be damaged.

Surface uniformity

Take care to observe, after the extension, if the worktop is uniform between the fixed and extensible parts. Every project is made so that the table is on the same line, but failures can happen.

The uniformity of the top allows greater security in placing things on the table. Shavings or inclinations can cause crashes or even cause things to slide out of your range.


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