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Sofa: How to choose the best in 2022?

Whether watching a movie in the living room or having a relaxed chat with friends, the sofa is one of the most common pieces of furniture in every home. It is about him that we will talk today here at ReviewBox be very

Found in the traditional, retractable model, in the shape of a sofa bed, with two, three and even six seats, the sofa is part of the decoration of the house and is one of the most comfortable places to enjoy it.

And if you are looking for one of these, know that we have gathered in this text everything that is most important about it so that at the end of reading you can choose the ideal sofa. Just keep reading!

First, the most important

  • The sofa can be used in TV rooms, living rooms and even in offices and receptions.
  • The most common are two- and three-seater. In terms of model, the retractables are the most sold thanks to their comfort and the possibility of expanding the seat.
  • There are sofas made with leather and fabric lining in the most diverse colors, the most used being beige and earthy and gray tones.

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The best sofas on the market: Our choices

There are numerous models, sizes and styles of sofa. Deciding which one is best among them is not an easy task. For this reason, we have separated in this ranking the models with the best consumer ratings so that you can start choosing which one to buy.

  • A sofa bed option
  • Set option for the whole family
  • A reclining option

Buying Guide

The sofa is a piece that, in addition to adding decoration, still manages to be functional and very comfortable, participating in several moments of relaxation. In it, couples date, children watch cartoons, friends talk and many other situations have this piece of furniture as an adjunct.

However, what is the best model? How many places are ideal? Should I choose a model in leather or fabric? These are just some of the doubts that go through the mind of those who are looking for a new sofa and it is to answer all of them that we have prepared this purchase guide.

Why is the sofa indispensable?

The sofa, or also called upholstery, is a piece of furniture whose main function is to serve as a seat for a variable number of people.

It consists of a wooden structure that gains fillings usually made with foams and springs and a coating that can be made of fabric or leather.

Thanks to this, the sofas become comfortable and also beautiful items, serving to add to the decoration of the environment.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the sofa?

The sofa is a product that adds numerous advantages. The first is to provide moments of relaxation and comfort for those who watch a movie or television in the living room.

The other is that it is found in different measures, models and styles, thus pleasing different types of people. It matches almost all decorations and can still be used in large or small places and by a variable number of people.

There is also the advantage that it is easily found to buy and has a high durability, and when purchasing a quality sofa it is great to be sure that that product will remain intact for good years.

The negative point is that the sofa has a value considered high, especially considering those with larger sizes, so it will be necessary to spend a considerable amount to purchase one for your home.

What types of sofa are available?

There are basically four types of sofas that are available for purchase. The first is the traditional, which is the most common and known to all. It is widely sold in sets that have two pieces, one with three seats and the other smaller with two seats.

The traditional beds are fixed, ie not change position, can rely on fixed or movable pads and has a depth ranging between 0.90 centimeters and 1 meter, being found in varying sizes.

The retractable or reclining sofa is the most used today and is ideal for those who like to lie on the sofa. It has a backrest that can have its height regulated and also has an extension for the feet, becoming more elongated.

Another type found is the sofa made with pallets . This is more modern and rustic, being manufactured most of the time by hand. It has its structure made with pallets and on top of it are placed cushions to serve as a seat and back.

There is also the inflatable sofa and it is made of plastic and filled with air. It is ideal for those who do not have much space or to be used in different places like camps, for example.

The last type is the sofa bed and we’ll talk more about it in the topic below.

What is the difference between the retractable sofa and the sofa bed?

A very common variation of the sofas is the sofa bed, which has a dual purpose.

Unlike the retractable model, this one is built in such a way that its backrest can be completely reclined, staying in the same position as the seat and thus becoming a kind of bed.

It is widely used by those who do not have specific rooms for visits, but who usually receive people at home, being very useful in this regard.

The main difference between the reclining sofa and the sofa bed is that it is usually made only in the two- or three-seat version and ends up being less comfortable and less suitable for everyday use.

What are the main sofa formats?

Regarding the shape of the sofas, there is also a good variation and with that it becomes very easy to find the one you like best.

The most common is the traditional rectangular. In it people sit next to each other and there are a variable number of places, with two and three places usually being the most found.

Ideal for taking advantage of spaces is the corner sofa, which has a L-shape. It is basically composed of two sofas that come together in a meeting point and they are also used to share areas of the house.

In addition, with the corner sofa it is possible to have a larger number of seats using only one piece even if the wall is small.

Another format is the sofa with chaise, which has some seats in the traditional format and a more elongated one, which is for those who like to lie down. They are elegant and cozy.

Less commonly found in homes and more common in nightclubs and party spaces are round sofas. They can accommodate a good number of people and do not have backrests, having only seats.

Where is the best place to put a sofa?

There is no rule that determines which is the most suitable place to place a sofa, but the most used are the TV rooms, living rooms and many medical and dental offices usually use this piece in their receptions as well.

However, not every sofa model matches any of these spaces. If the idea is to use it in a TV room, you can invest in a piece that is softer and deeper, as they are more comfortable for those who will spend good hours sitting or lying in it.

Thinking about the sofas that will be used for various functions such as watching movies and receiving visitors, there are two options that are excellent and they are the retractable sofa and the chaise. With them it is possible to lie down more comfortably and maintain a more adjusted position for people to sit.

On the other hand, whoever will use the sofa for a reception area, for example, should invest in a more rigid product with a short seat, which facilitates the act of sitting and standing.

What types of accessories can be used on the sofa?

Amazingly, there are some accessories that can be used on sofas and that can both help to keep them more beautiful, as well as making them more functional.

The first is the cushion. Some sofas already come with fixed and mobile cushions, but it is also possible to purchase them to help decorate and serve as a head support when lying down.

Sofa blankets are also an excellent option. They serve to prevent the sofa from getting dirty and to add a touch of beauty to the product, they are also ideal for covering on colder days.

Another common accessory for sofas is sofa arm mats. This product is more rigid and fits perfectly in this region with spaces for cups and even remote controls on some models.

With them, drinks are not spilled on the furniture while watching TV or chatting with friends.

How much does a sofa cost?

The amount to be paid on a sofa varies according to several factors and the main ones are the size of the product, the model in which it is made, type of covering and density of the foam.

Each of these characteristics makes the sofa cheaper or more expensive and it is very common for a leather sofa with 5 seats to cost more than a fabric sofa with only two, for example.

With that, it is possible to find this product with an average starting price of R $ 400, while the most expensive ones can cost more than R $ 14 thousand.

Where to buy a sofa?

There are a number of stores where sofas can be purchased and there are even some that specialize in upholstery manufacturing. However, those that sell pieces of furniture

Online stores are another excellent option to buy a sofa and it is even easier to find this product in different versions. Some of those with good prices and variety are: Amazon, Etna or Mobly.

Another option is to purchase one of the sofas that we put in our ranking and for that just click on your preferred one and you will be directed to the place where it is for sale.


Purchase criteria: Factors to compare sofa models

Now that you are already in the universe of the sofas the time has come to show you what to take into consideration when choosing one of them. The main points to be analyzed are:

  • Number of seats and size
  • Type of coating
  • Fabric options
  • Foam density
  • Color

Below we explain in detail each one of them so that you can make an excellent purchase.

Number of seats and size

When choosing the size of the sofa and its number of seats, one should analyze the place where the product will be placed and at that moment taking measurements of the space is essential.

An important point is that it is recommended that there is a minimum of 70 centimeters of free movement around the furniture and this is another point to be taken into consideration.

For small rooms and rooms the ideal sofas are two-seater and less than 100 cm deep. If more seats are needed, you can invest in armchairs and puffs , not to mention that a good model is the retractable one, which can be expanded for leisure and retracted when not in use.

In larger rooms all models and sizes of sofas are welcome and those in L or chaise fit very well in these spaces, making it a standout piece.


An important tip is that you should also measure the door and elevator where the sofa will pass, in the case of those who live in buildings. This is valid since the product will need to enter your home in some way and if it is larger than these two spaces it may need to be lifted, which is not allowed in many places.


Type of coating

The sofas can be covered with fabric and leather and each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages that must be analyzed when choosing.

Leather is easier to maintain, as it is simple to clean and many white sofas are made with this material because they can be cleaned more easily.

However, leather gives the space a slightly heavier appearance and you also need to be careful with the sun, as if it hits the leather sofa directly for a long time it can cause cracks.

The fabric is the most common nowadays, but its negative point is the need to be washed to remove dirt. However, it has a soft touch and smooth texture, and the fabrics of cotton, suede, velvets and silks are the ones that guarantee greater comfort.

In the case of choosing a fabric sofa, it is worth knowing that there are several companies that make the piece waterproof, and with this it is more guaranteed that if accidents occur it will not spoil.

Fabric options

If the decision is for a fabric sofa, it is important to know that the most common ones used to manufacture this product are pelleted twill, linen, chenille and suede.

The fabrics most used in sofas are pelleted twill, linen, chenille and suede.

Those who lead the sales ranking are chenille and suede. The chenille has a more affordable price and high durability, but it lacks a little aesthetics.

On the other hand, suede is highly resistant and also softer than chenille, and there are options that have a wet aspect that please many people.

The twill is made 100% in cotton, so it passes in the front in terms of softness, and has a wide variety of colors. Linen can be manufactured with natural or synthetic raw materials.

It is a little more rigid, but it has a sophisticated and elegant appearance, in addition to having high durability. The negative point is that it unravels and anyone who has cats should avoid this material.

Foam density

All sofas are filled with foam and each one has different densities that must be taken into consideration when thinking about resistance and softness.

Thanks to density, manufacturers are able to define how many kilos that sofa can support. As the backrests tend to receive little load, it is common to use D23 and D28 foams.

The D28 is also applied to the seats, as it is comfortable and soft, but the D23 should be avoided in these cases as it can deform if continuous use is made by people over 70 kg.

Those who are heavier should always opt for seats with a higher density, and the D33 is usually the most suitable as it supports weights ranging between 71 kg and 100 kg.


Finally, the color of the sofa must be defined and this depends on a number of factors that go beyond personal taste.

In this sense, the best way not to make a mistake is to choose a plain sofa with light tones, with beige being the most used and currently those that are on the rise are gray and blue.

For small environments they are also the most suitable, as they do not visually decrease space, unlike what happens with dark colors.

Another way to choose the color of the sofa is by analyzing the tone of the furniture. Pieces in closed tones ask for softer lighter sofas, to contrast and not keep everything too dark.

On the other hand, those with children and pets should choose colors that are a little more intense, as they hide more dirt than a white sofa, for example.

There is also the option to buy a colored sofa, but it is important to think that this is not a piece that changes frequently. With that, it can be very easy to get sick and, in this sense, earthy tones, black, beige and even gray end up being more suitable.

But if the choice is for a more striking sofa it is important to let only it stand out, so that the environment is not exaggerated. So all the decorative items in the place should have shades that match the furniture.




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