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Top & Best Mizuno Men’s Sneakers Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Mizuno Men’s Sneakers: What’s the best of 2022?

Enough more, because today we will talk about men’s sneakers, the flagship product of one of the main brands of footwear and sportswear on the world stage.

There is a men’s Mizuno shoe for all types of running, track, asphalt, and even everyday shoes. That’s because it doesn’t lack technology, whether for performance, comfort or style, even in the most sporty models.

In this Guide, we will help you choose (and find) the ideal men’s Mizuno shoe. This means that we will show you the main models, their prices, places of sale and any and all useful information for you and your purchase.

First, the most important

  • Mizuno men’s sneakers are among the two best-selling running shoes in the world.
  • The design of the Mizuno shoe is very much based on its logo, which at the same time fills almost one face
  • leather upper, gives a feeling of movement that harmonizes the components of the shoe.
  • Its price varies between R $ 150 and R $ 1600, largely due to the launch date, design, material and technology of each pair.

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Best men’s tennis models Mizuno: Our favorites

Below, you will see an exclusive list with the best models of men’s Mizuno sneakers, assembled by us, of course. The evaluation of the items made use of the technologies, the material, the design and the cost-benefit, in short, of each one.

  • Mizuno Wave Prophecy 8 sneakers
  • Mizuno Wave Dynasty shoes
  • Mizuno Wave Creation 20 sneakers

Buying Guide

Born in Japan, Mizuno has more than one hundred years of experience in the manufacture of sports equipment, always seeking excellence and innovation in its footwear. The Mizuno men’s sneaker leaves its wearer ready for any run, whatever the type.

In the Buying Guide below, we will show you the different lines, the newest technologies and the different designs that allow this to happen. We will also show you the cheapest models, how much they cost and where to buy them, all so that you can find your favorite men’s Mizuno sneakers.

What is the Wave line of Mizuno Men’s Tennis?

You may have noticed that many of the Mizuno men’s tennis models carry the name “Wave” , such as Wave Creation and Wave Prophecy. If you haven’t noticed, it’s because you haven’t researched it, since in fact there are many models that carry the word, which in English means “wave”.

It can be said that it is Mizuno’s largest line today, so much so that it gives rise to other sub-lines, such as those mentioned above. In addition to the name, what, after all, defines the Mizuno Wave?

The answer is simple, cushioning. In all men’s Mizuno shoes with the name “Wave” there is a Wave plate , a special cushioning, which is in the midsole.

Squeezed” by two EVA foams, the plate has the function of absorbing the impact of the steps and distributing it along its length. It is not exactly visible, with the exception of some models, where it is possible to see them at the height of the heel.

As you can imagine, the name “Wave” is because these plates have wave shapes, which facilitates this work of absorbing and dispersing the impact of the race.

What are the cheap Mizuno Men’s Sneakers models?

With the quantity and level of footwear innovations, the most modern technologies and a large volume of new model launches, the value of a Mizuno shoe can be high, reaching R $ 1600.

Still, with creativity, patience and power of observation, it is possible to find more affordable models, but without losing quality, durability or performance, or style.

The first rule is to avoid launching. New models will always be more expensive, which is normal. Search for older lines, or earlier versions. In fact, this is the second rule.

Mizuno usually numbers its lines, such as Wave Creation 18 , Wave Creation 19 , and so on. If you find a line that you like, but find the model expensive, look for previous versions.

Don’t think, however, that we’re going to let you do all the work. Our recommendation for a cheap men’s Mizuno shoe is Strike 2 , Brave 2 , Jet 2 and Falcon. These models are still recent, but for a price that varies between R $ 150 and R $ 190.

Another route for you who dream of cheap Mizuno men’s shoes is to opt for the casual line, which also operates in the range of R $ 150 – R $ 180.

How are the adaptations of Mizuno Men’s Tennis for different steps?

A subject that has always sparked debate among orthopedists, runners and other running experts and habituals is the question of the type of footprint of each person and the need (or not) and adapted shoes.

For those who do not know, it is considered that there are three types of steps, pronated, supinated and neutral. The pronate is what we call the “flat foot”, the supine is the “flat foot”, and the neutral, well, is a normal foot.

Far from wanting to create controversy, Mizuno offers adaptations for each type of step. They are not necessarily specific lines for each one, but recommended for those who like this type of step.

For pronounced steps, the men’s Mizuno sneaker has reinforced cushioning on the inside, like the Wave Horizon. For supine steps, this damping needs to be greater on the outside, as in Wave Creation.

Neutrals do not need their own or complex adaptations. The Wave Pro Runner , for example, is a good choice in such cases.

What are the technologies of Men’s Mizuno Tennis?

Mizuno men’s sneakers have their technologies concentrated in three parts of the shoe: the upper, the midsole, which is, in most cases, cushioning, and the sole.

As we are more than a hundred years in the company and countless footwear, we will focus on the latest technologies and innovations, not least because we are here to help you find a model for you, right?

Anyway, in leather, the main ones are AIRmesh and Dynamotion Fit. The first is a mesh exclusive to Mizuno, a fabric with open weaves for better air circulation in the shoes and resistance in case of scratches, cuts and falls.

The second, Dynamotion Fit, is a system of intelligent design and sewing, positioned to mediate the movement of the foot with that of the footwear, relieving points of tension, providing greater comfort and safety for the user and durability for tennis.

Below, a “retro” institutional video from Mizuno about Dynamotion Fit:

In the midsole, we started with the U4icX, a 36% lighter EVA, which gives the running more dynamics and comfort, without losing protection against impacts. In damping, we have already talked about Wave plates, but not their varieties.

There is the Fan Wave , which is located in the middle of the foot, for pronators; there is the Parallel Wave , which are two parallel plates, made to keep the foot centered in the race, and the Infinity Wave , which are quite visible and are present in the entire length of the foot.

Finally, in the sole, we highlight the SmoothRide , which inserts rigid and flexible parts in the sole, which optimize the loss of energy and make running much more comfortable – “smooth”, as the name says. There is also X10, a carbon rubber that enhances traction and durability.

How is the casual line of Mizuno Men’s Tennis?

In addition to racing models, Mizuno lent its prestige, design and innovations to a casual line, for lovers of the brand and its fluid logo.

Half of the casual models follow the “All-Star line”, that is, lower, long and simple shoes. The other half makes a kind of hybrid between the sporty and the causal, with a visual highlight for the midsole and upper with more elegant materials, and with more versatile colors.

How much does Mizuno Men’s Shoes cost?

The price range of men’s Mizuno sneakers is between R $ 150 and R $ 1600, a large but natural variation for a company as large as Mizuno.

What will most influence the value of the model is its launch date, the edition of the line in question, and, of course, the quantity and type of embedded technologies.

Where to buy Mizuno Men’s Sneakers?

One of the market leaders in the segment, Mizuno Men’s sneakers can be found in practically all shoe and sports equipment stores, in addition to the stores themselves, found basically in shopping malls.

On the internet, you can find all the models available, including some already offline, and have a huge range of prices. Sites like Amazon, offer you all this, in addition to the comfort of buying the sofa at home.


Purchase Criteria: what to note when choosing your Mizuno men’s sneakers

You will now see our list of Purchase Criteria, which are notes on elements of men’s Mizuno shoes and their use, which can help in your choice of the ideal model.

  • Race Ground
  • Race Level
  • Internal space
  • Weight and measurements

We will, of course, talk about each of the items, so that you choose your sneakers with the maximum information at your fingertips:

Race Ground

Virtually every corridor has its traditional running location, chosen for practicality or taste. It can be on an empty street, on the asphalt of a park, on the sidewalk of a busy street, even on a professional track.

Therefore, take the place that you run into consideration. The terrain of this place – asphalt, dirt, track, sidewalk – will mainly dictate how resistant or dynamic your sole needs and the cushioning it needs.

Race Level

The race level criterion is, in the end, more economical, unless you have an advanced level. In this case, it is about performance.

The logic is that there is a group of tennis right for each level of practice, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced. Even the striker is an economic issue, as the values ​​go up as the level of the race goes up. And so that you, suppose, a beginner, will pay much more for advanced shoes?

Internal space

The internal space of tennis is a very simple and practical detail, but that, unfortunately, can only be seen in person, in physical stores. The idea is that you choose a model with the right internal space.

When you finish running, in fact, even walking for a couple of hours, your feet naturally swell. Therefore, in order for your model to be the most comfortable, choose the one in which there is a small surplus in the internal space, so that it is filled at the time of swelling.

Weight and measurements

The weight and measurements – height and drop – of your men’s Mizuno sneakers are points to be aware of. They will indicate how the tennis will perform. Starting with weight, which is inversely proportional to speed.

The height is proportional to the speed at which you can get your foot off the floor after a stride, and the drop, the difference in height between the toe and heel, dictates the naturalness of the stride, that is, the higher, the more “artificial” she is.


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