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Top & Best Mini processor review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Mini processor: What is the best model in 2022?

Do you want to know the best mini processor of 2022? Then you’re in the right place. website and check out the complete guide we have prepared for you to make your purchase safely.

The mini processor is increasingly winning the hearts of cooks. A household item that is a great helper in the kitchen. You will practically no longer need to get your hands dirty.

In this text, you will find the best models on the market and a complete guide that evaluated all the characteristics of the product. In addition, we will show you the prices, where to find and also what you should pay attention to to ensure satisfaction in your purchase.

First, the most important

  • A mini processor can be a great help in the kitchen, speeding up the preparation of various foods.
  • Mixer is different from mini processor and we will address the differences between these products.
  • Prices vary a lot according to the power of the device, be aware of the importance of the potentiality in the item purchase criteria at the end of this article.

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Ranking: The 5 best mini processors

Although it is a very small appliance, the mini processor is highly powerful and useful. Below, you can check the ranking we made for you of the 5 best models available on the market.


Buying Guide

A mini processor can do wonders for you in the kitchen. Chopping an onion, or any other seasoning takes a few seconds. For those who are always preparing something, being able to count on this helper is really quite an aid.

In this guide, we bring you all the important information you need to buy your mini processor safely.

What is a mini processor?

The mini processor is a tool that has brought a lot of practicality for those who cook. And practicality in the rush of everyday life today is an increasingly urgent need.

Certainly there are many facilities that a mini processor brings without having to spend a lot, replacing even other household items. After all, you can prick many things with less and less knife.

As its name suggests, it processes food. That means it makes everything you need into much smaller pieces.

With the speed buttons, you can control whether you want to chop or grind food, all the size you want. The jars are transparent, so you can stop when you have reached the ideal size.

With it you can chop onions and garlic without getting your hands dirty or get that smell that costs you to leave even if you wash a lot. Heaven Delhaye, a participant in MasterChef Professionals, shows how practical, versatile and even teaches you how to make a delicious recipe with a mini processor:

What are the advantages of having a mini processor at home?

You can chop any vegetable or vegetable using a device like this without risking injury with sharp knives. In addition to being practical, it is very safe.

You can also prepare sauces, pates, grind toasted bread, cookies, grains like peanuts, among many other foods. The jars of these utensils are usually very easy to wash, which makes the preparation of your meals even faster.

Just put the food inside, close the lid and press the button. In a few seconds you will have the food you want, in the size you need and without making the whole kitchen dirty.

They are light utensils, easy to take anywhere. In addition to being compact, they usually fit in any corner of your closet. The only disadvantage is due to the capacity, since they are classified as mini, they are not suitable for preparing large recipes.

Mixer, blender or mini processor?

When researching more about a mini processor, it is common to be in doubt about the differences between a mixer, blender, mixer or mini processor.

It may even be that these appliances have some similar functions, but it is equally true that each has its specific function.

While a blender was thinking to beat less dense foods, the mini processor is no longer ideal for liquid foods. Its potential is ideal for cutting and crushing even nuts.

The mixer is similar to the blender, but with greater mobility because it can be placed inside the glass to make a vitamin, for example.

It also grinds some small foods, but does not have the potential, speed and capacity of a mini processor. Check the comparison table of the features:

How much?

With an initial investment of only R $ 80 it is possible to buy a quality and functional mini processor. In this price range are the simplest models, but from trusted and renowned brands.

Of course, power is also related to price, so these cheaper products tend to have lower power.

Prices vary widely and can reach R $ 400. With that value, you buy a very powerful mini processor. You combine high functionality, power and quality in one piece.

Where to buy?

You can easily find a mini processor in the home appliance sector of hypermarkets like Angeloni and Big, although there is not a wide variety of models and prices in these places.

They are also for sale in department stores like Havan, of course, for the best guarantee of low price and variety, you can buy online from the comfort of your home.

In online stores, you will find the best promotions. Some examples are the same department stores already mentioned and Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing mini processor models

In this shopping guide, made sure to bring together the best mini processors on the market. But of the 5 mentioned, which is the best for my home?
After all, it is not enough to be the best, you have to adapt to your needs, right?

And to solve this doubt we want to give you some more tips, which can define the best model for your day to day, ensuring that it is very functional indeed. Reflect on:

  • Wattage
  • Capacity
  • velocity
  • Functions


There are models with only 50 Watts of power. Just like the 240 Watt ones. This huge difference between a mini processor and another, also changes the quality of the appliance.

A more powerful piece will make the whole chopping, cutting and grinding process faster. It also allows a larger amount of this food to be processed in one go.

Mini processors with less power require you to process a small amount. Otherwise you will be overloading the product’s motor and may even cause a burning smell, damaging the part.

So, if you want to use to process any type of food, even the hardest, choose a part with more power in Watts.


I don’t know if you tried, but the capacity of the jars of the mentioned models varies a lot from one brand to another, from 310 to 800ml. This can greatly change your satisfaction with the product.

If you are looking for a processor to chop spices in small quantities, a jar with less capacity is enough for you. Now if your need includes preparing sauces in greater quantities, you may prefer a jar with greater capacity.

Therefore, reflecting your daily needs and analyzing the capacity of the jar can be essential for your satisfaction with the purchase.


Some models have only one button. Others offer a dual speed function, including even the pulse key, which makes the process even faster. Pay attention to the description of the parts in this regard.

The simplest models usually offer only one speed option, and that’s fine if you need the mini processor for small quantities. It can be the ideal model for preparing small portions on a daily basis.

Now, if you are looking to process everything faster and even in smaller sizes, speed variation is essential.


A mini processor usually comes with only one blade, which makes its function less varied. But some parts may offer more details on features, such as different types of cuts.

Always look for the functions that the model can offer to make sure it will meet your expectations. The types of blade and cuts that the mini processor makes, dictates how you can actually use the device, so pay attention to that criterion.

And of course, it is worth remembering that the functionality is linked to all the purchase criteria that were mentioned earlier.



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