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Top & Best Food processor Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Food processor: What is the best in 2022?

Are you looking for a good quality food processor? We want to help you find the best model. website and check out the complete guide we have prepared for you to make your purchase safely.

The food processor is a great ally in the kitchen that offers agility, practicality and more security. A household utensil that replaces others and helps you prepare food without practically getting your hands dirty.

In this article you will find the 7 best models on the market and a complete guide that evaluated all the characteristics of the product. In addition, we will show you what you should pay attention to to ensure satisfaction in your purchase.

First, the most important

  • The food processor brought more convenience and safety to the cooks’ daily lives.
  • Processor is different from mini processor, learn to differentiate the two models so as not to make the wrong purchase.
  • Functionality is a fundamental requirement for your satisfaction, read more about other essential factors in the purchasing criteria.

Best food processors: Our favorites

If you don’t already have a food processor, you certainly won’t regret purchasing one. We selected the 7 best models on the market so you have excellent options to choose from, check out our ranking:

  • All In One Multiprocessor – Philco
  • Electrolux Multiprocessor
  • Philips Walita 11 in 1 Multiprocessor

Buying Guide

From the description of the products in the ranking, you can already see the wonders that this appliance does in the kitchen. Having one of these is like having one more person.

If you have not yet decided on the best model for your needs, continue with us until the end to make your choice with no chance of regretting it.

What is a food processor?

The food processor is one of the best friends of a person who lives in the kitchen. It offers great agility, practicality and security in the preparation of numerous recipes.

It can be said that it is possible to use a processor for any recipe that you are going to prepare, since it makes any food you want into small pieces.

If you want to chop a little spice, grate some vegetables, shred meat, prepare a sauce, mix ingredients … you can do any of these processes with this device.

Making mashed potatoes faster, beating a soup, preparing homemade mayonnaise and cutting the ingredients of a vinaigrette at once are some other ideas for how you can use a food processor.

We could list infinite possible processes with such equipment. Among the main functions, chopping, slicing, grinding and grating are the main ones.

It is also a substitute for other household items, especially manuals. Having one of these at home is synonymous with using the knife and grater less and less, for example.

What are its advantages and disadvantages?

The advantages are numerous. And the first one is precisely the practicality and agility it offers.

You can significantly speed up the preparation of your recipes using a food processor. Especially if you are going to cook in larger quantities.

Just peel an onion, chop into large pieces, throw in the ovenproof dish and press the button. Ready, your spice comes out ready for use.

And you can do this with several spices at the same time, adding garlic and green spices, for example. And all this without getting the smell of these strong spices in your hand.

It is also practical because it standardizes the cut of anything. You can choose the thickness you want and unlike chopping with the knife, the processor makes the pieces uniform, no matter what size you want.

You can grate or slice thin or thick, cut into small or large pieces. Crush to the point of becoming a thicker or liquid sauce. It all depends on what you are going to prepare.

Watch this home video that shows the functionality of shredding chicken in a food processor:

In addition, the processor offers a lot of security for the cook. You may have already cut yourself on a daily basis preparing something for you, your friends or family.

As you start to grate, chop and slice in one of these greatly reduces the risk of domestic accidents in the kitchen.

Think that you can process the food you want, to the size you need more quickly and without the risk of injury.

Although agility, practicality and safety are wonderful advantages, there is also a disadvantage in using the food processor.

Some people report that they end up soiling many components and accumulating more dishes in the sink. Anyway, the pieces are usually small and easy to wash, most of them can even be inserted in the dishwasher.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages and see for yourself whether or not it is worth having one of these at home:

What to pay attention to: Processor or Mini food processor?

Here we want to make an alert. There is the food processor and the mini processor, be careful not to confuse the two appliances and end up buying the wrong product.

Although the definition is the same and the functions are similar, a mini processor is much more compact and simple than a food processor that we are detailing in this guide.

Have you ever thought about not paying attention to this detail and receiving a product with half the size you imagined and more limited functions at home?

It would be very frustrating to open the box and see that you couldn’t do everything you had imagined with your new equipment. A food processor is more complete and functional.

The differences in functions are quite large, as well as capacity, wattage and other details. Check out the main differences in this comparative table:

How much does a food processor cost?

You noticed that we range between models from R $ 380 to R $ 2700. This difference exists especially because of the brands. Imported like KitchenAid and Cuisinart are usually more expensive.

In addition, obviously the quality of the material also defines the value. All models presented are of excellent quality. They only have different functions and materials that also influence the values.

So it depends what your budget for this investment is. But it is possible to buy a functional and quality food processor from R $ 370.

Where to buy a food processor?

Appliance stores and even supermarkets can sell these products. If you have a Havan your city, chances are you will find a food processor.

If you prefer to buy from the comfort of your home, without spending time and gas looking for a specific model, it is worth checking out online stores.

It is on the internet that you find a wide variety of models and get the best discounts. All models in the ranking can be found on the Amazon website, some priced below the official brand store.

Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Food Processor Models

The perfect food processor is not the most expensive or most complete. What is the use of investing in what seems to be the best in the market if it does not meet your expectations and needs?

In the same way that paying very cheap for a device means that it will not have everything that the most expensive model has. So you need to align your real need with your real condition.

The perfect model for you is one that will be your ally in the kitchen, offering the functions you need and for the amount you can invest.

Some criteria may be essential for you to decide the perfect model for you and do not regret your purchase. Let’s talk about:

  • Functionality
  • Strength and durability
  • Capacity
  • Wattage


The functions that a food processor offers for sure is one of the most important criteria to be analyzed.

Do you want it to perform basic functions like slicing, grating, chopping and grinding? Or do you expect a little more from the appliance, being able to beat pasta, liquefy food or squeeze fruit?

You noticed in the description that some models go much further than others in preparing more complex recipes.

The blades, discs, accessories… it all matters when we are talking about functionality. Pay attention to this in the description of each model.

Functionality is also associated with other details, such as the quality of closing the lid, whether there is a safety lock, whether the appliance wire is retractable, whether the nozzle for inserting food is large enough for different types of food.

Make a general reflection about all the functions of the device to decide what is best for you.

Strength and durability

It is difficult to assess this criterion. A good tip is to always buy from trusted and renowned brands in the market. Also check if the manufacturer offers a guarantee, this already offers extra security. Choose products with at least 6 months warranty.

Another way to check if the products are resistant and durable is by reading consumer reviews after purchase. Seeing the testimonials if they are satisfied or not, you can also evaluate this criterion.

In general, processors are often very durable parts. For that, you must also take some precautions. Never overload your processor with excess food, this can damage the engine if it is not high powered.


Do you usually process food in small or large quantities? This interferes with the capacity of the ideal jar for your reality.

If you usually prepare meals for more people, you may need a food processor that fits more.

Some have two or even three different jars or containers. Read the capacity of each one carefully.

In our selection we have a little more than a liter and also others that have a capacity greater than 4.


Just as capacity is important, power can also determine the best performance of the part. Obviously parts with more Watts perform better when processing food.

Most models are around 700 or 800 Watts, which already has a great performance. Some have 1,200W of power, and have exceptional performance.

Keeping this in mind when buying your food processor is very important. You cannot invest in a 500W one expecting it to work like a 1200W one.

Remember that we talked about the importance of aligning your real need with your real condition? It is also important to create the right expectations for the product you are purchasing.


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