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Top & Best Mini refrigerator Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Mini refrigerator: How to choose the best portable refrigerator in 2022

Today we are going to talk about a useful, practical and modern appliance: the mini fridge.
The mini fridge is ideal for those who live alone, live in small spaces or want comfort and convenience with drinks always at hand, whether in the bedroom or even in the office.

The popularity of this appliance is so great that today there are models for all tastes. Amid so many options, we will show you in this article what you should check before buying the ideal mini fridge.

First the most important

  • The mini fridge is compact, fits anywhere and can even be taken inside the car.
  • Whether to store one or several cans and bottles, it is possible to choose even those that have a freezer and that still keep drinks warm. We’ll show you which
  • are the characteristics that differentiate one model from another and how to choose the best mini fridge.

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The best mini fridge models

Those looking for a mini fridge, want to combine efficiency, practicality and a unique designer. No wonder, manufacturers have invested in options for all tastes and needs.

Therefore, below, we will present you the best portable refrigerator models available on the market today.

  • Mini Refrigerator Retro Multilaser
  • Mini refrigerator TV012 Multilaser
  • Vintage Coca Cola Mini Fridge

Buying Guide

It may seem simple to choose the best mini fridge. But you need to consider several factors if you want to ensure the efficiency and usability of this appliance.

Therefore, we created this Buying Guide with all the information you will need to make the best decision when investing in the mini fridge of your dreams.

What is a mini fridge?

The mini fridge is nothing more than an ultra reduced version of the traditional fridge.

It is ideal for those who want drinks and even food, always at hand, whether at home, in the office or even in the car.

Also known as a minibar or portable refrigerator, the mini refrigerator has become increasingly popular also for storing aesthetic, dermatological products, medicines and breast milk .

But it is more and more common to find this type of refrigerator even in the workplace, since it facilitates and helps to store small portions of food and drinks that you take in the thermal bag .

The fact is that the mini fridge has, in general, average storage capacity that varies between 4 and 120 liters.

The smallest mini fridge is capable of holding only one can. But, often, this appliance has a typical organization of the conventional refrigerator, with shelves, supports on the door and even a freezer.

With the evolution of the technology used in this type of refrigerator, nowadays it is possible to find even models that have the extra function of heating drinks and food that are stored there.

Difference between mini fridge and common fridge?

Of course, the main difference between an ordinary refrigerator and a mini refrigerator is size.

As the traditional refrigerator takes up a lot of space, for those who live in small places, for example, the portable refrigerator may be the best option.

And, precisely because of this, another big difference between them is the storage capacity and the purpose of use.

This is because the traditional refrigerator can hold between 220 and 600 liters, depending on the model, making it ideal for large families.

The mini fridge takes up less space, is easy to transport and can serve as a complement to the traditional fridge in the kitchen.

The mini fridge is also more recommended for those who live alone and end up not needing to store so much food in the fridge.

But the fact is that it is not always necessary to choose between one refrigerator and another.

It is not uncommon to find a mini fridge in your room or office, without leaving out the big fridge in the kitchen.

That way, you can always have on hand whether cold drinks (and even heated) or quick snacks.

Below, you can see the main differences between the most common types of refrigerators and the mini fridge.

Where to put the mini fridge?

Because of its compact size, the portable refrigerator can be easily transported and placed in different locations.

You can, for example, place the mini fridge on the office or study desk. It is also perfect on the nightstand or under a bench or table.

If you choose a portable refrigerator with greater storage capacity, it will have to be fixed, whether in the kitchen, living room or bedroom.

But if you choose a mini fridge with reduced capacity you can transport it to any room in the house, according to your need.

    • In the bedroom: Who has never been thirsty and too lazy to go to the kitchen? For those moments a mini fridge in the room can be quite useful. You can keep bottles of water, cans and chocolates.
    • In the living room: The mini fridge is ideal for you to always have a drink on hand while in the room, whether alone or with friends. Here too, depending on the designer of the appliance, it will be a beautiful piece of decoration.
    • Outside: Whether on the balcony or in the backyard, nothing more practical than being able to have a cold drink without having to go to the kitchen, right? As the mini fridge is small and light, it becomes even more practical to take outside.
    • At the office: Having a drink or fruit on hand, kept correctly, is ideal if you are working and want to maintain a healthy diet. With the mini fridge you avoid distractions and waste time when going out to get what you want. In addition, you can use your mini fridge to store your lunch, for example, without having to use the fridge at work.
    • On trips and tours: The good thing about the portable refrigerator is that you can take it even in the car, instead of taking a large thermal box . Some models even allow you to plug the mini fridge into the vehicle’s socket.


What are the advantages of a mini fridge?

As we have seen, there are many advantages to having a mini fridge. Whether because you want to save space or because you don’t need to store a lot of food, the mini fridge is practical, compact and modern.

But more than that, this appliance also serves as a complement to the traditional refrigerator.

While the large refrigerator is in the kitchen, the mini version can be in your room.

Another advantage of the mini fridge is that you can take it wherever you want. It is possible to use it in different rooms of the house and even in the car, on trips and tours.

In addition, nowadays the market offers several options: from super small models to those that store a good amount of drinks and food.

And the most amazing thing is that it is also possible to opt for a portable refrigerator that includes the function of heating.

Not to mention that the designer has also evolved and the mini fridge has already become an item that is part of the decor.

But, like all appliances, the portable refrigerator also has some disadvantages.

Among them is the fact that this appliance is not always more economical than the traditional refrigerator.
Some models even have an energy consumption very close to the common refrigerator.

Another disadvantage is that very small models do not have a freezer.

The following are the main advantages and disadvantages of the mini fridge:

How much?

The price of the mini fridge varies a lot depending on the manufacturer brand, size, storage capacity and available technologies and functions.

But in general, you will find a portable refrigerator costing between R $ 116 and R $ 1.3 thousand.

Of course, you don’t have to buy the most expensive one. Everything will depend on your need and your purpose of use.

Where to buy?

You will find the mini fridge for sale in decoration, department stores and hypermarkets.

Still, we recommend that you make your purchase at online stores like Amazon.

That way, you not only guarantee more model options to choose from, but you also get your portable refrigerator from the comfort of your home.


Purchase Criteria: What to take into account before choosing the mini fridge

As we have seen, it is important that, before buying your portable refrigerator, you consider your need, the purpose of use and, of course, the available space you will have for it.

But in addition, because there are several different options on the market, it is essential that you understand what differentiates one model from another.

Therefore, we have listed for you the main factors that must be considered before purchasing the ideal mini fridge:

  • Dimension
  • Capacity
  • Compartments
  • Temperature
  • Energy
  • Design

In the following, we will explain each of these factors in detail so that you can invest in the best mini fridge.


The first factor that you should note before buying your mini fridge is the size of this appliance, which varies a lot depending on the brand.

The fact is that, although it is much smaller than the traditional fridge, depending on the size of the mini fridge you choose, you will need to have enough space at home to accommodate it.

The easiest models, those that you can put anywhere, are coolers that only contain a tin measuring about 8 cm wide, 9 cm high and 19 cm deep.

The medium sized mini fridge is usually about 19 cm wide, 28 cm high and 31.5 cm deep. In this case it is possible to accommodate from four cans.

But you can also prefer the larger mini fridge, of the mini type, which measures, on average, about 48 cm wide, 52 cm high and 81 cm deep.

In this case, the refrigerator can not only hold more products but, in general, has extra compartments and functions as we will see below.


Along with the dimension, we recommend that you take into account the storage capacity of the portable refrigerator.

As we have seen, the smallest mini fridge you will find is one that stores only a 350 ml can.

But you can also choose the versions that hold four or more cans.

If you want even more space, you can opt for portable refrigerator models with a capacity that varies between 4 and 120 liters.

For you to have an ideal, the mini fridge with a capacity of only 4 liters can store about six 350 ml cans.

The portable refrigerator with a capacity of 15 liters can store up to 15 350 ml cans, in addition to 600 ml water bottles.


Another factor that you should note is the amount of internal compartments in your mini fridge.

Of course, the bigger the refrigerator, the more compartments it will have.

In many cases it is possible to find one or more shelves, some that even slide to facilitate access to drinks.

In addition, some portable refrigerators may also have small drawers, a mini freezer, an extra cold compartment and partitions on the door.


Also note that the most modern models have the extra heating function.

That is, the mini refrigerators, in addition to cooling drinks and food, can also be used to keep warm hot drinks such as coffee and tea.

The heating can vary from one brand to another reaching up to 85ºC.

Cooling, on the other hand, can reach up to 6ºC or 20ºC below room temperature.


Finally, also check the average energy consumption and how the mini refrigerator can be turned on.

Power consumption can, in general, vary between 25W and 60W.

In addition, in addition to the model that is plugged into the outlet, through electricity, you can also choose the type that is connected via USB.

Some models also allow you to charge the refrigerator in the car socket.


Also take into account the design and colors of the mini fridge. After all, as we have seen, it will be an integral part of your decor.

Nowadays, you can opt for traditional models, white or stainless steel, which combine with everything, even the most modern and colorful types.

However, the most popular are those with a vintage or retro style.


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