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Top & Best Electric jug Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Electric jug: Find out which are the best of 2022

If you like cooking programs, you have certainly come across models of electric jars, which make life easier for cooks.

It may seem exaggerated to invest in an electric jar. However, if you are a consumer of teas, infusions or a good mate, you know that temperature control is essential.

Practical and efficient, electric jars can help you make tea or coffee, but they are also useful for boiling water, making sauces or even for cleaning when you need hot water.

Therefore, ReviewBox Brasil will show you how to choose the best electric jar and, of course, present the best models for you to make your decision.

First, the most important

  • Some models, in addition to the heating function, can act as vaporizers, allowing you to untie your clothes directly on the hanger.
  • Another term widely used to refer to electric jugs is electric kettle or electric teapot. All refer to the same type of product, but due to market positioning, brands adopt different terms.
  • Simpler models are found around R $ 150, and can reach up to R $ 500.

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The best electric jars: Our choices

The most practical and quick way to have hot water for your prescriptions in the kitchen. Looking for an electric kettle? We show below the best models on the market, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

  • A great option for everyday life
  • The electric jar with beautiful finish
  • A tough and colorful option
  • A technological option
  • The option with an innovative look

Buying Guide

Hot water – or boiling water – in a few minutes, without having to use the stove. Just put water in there, plug in and wait. There, you already have what you need to make your tea, coffee or start a different recipe.

Looking for an electric kettle? Continue reading this Buying Guide and find out how to choose yours.

What are the advantages of an electric kettle?

An electric kettle is an electric kettle that serves to boil water or milk that will be used in the preparation of teas, coffees, chocolate and chimarrão. It can also assist in the preparation of some foods such as broths and soups.

The great advantage of the electric kettle is that it boils water in about four minutes, much faster than the conventional, electric or microwave stove, and the water does not evaporate when it reaches the boiling point because of the jar lid .

You can also measure the amount of liquid, as the bottles have a water level indicator.

Most models for sale have a device that turns off the device as soon as the water reaches the boiling point, this is very important, as it avoids overheating the electrical part of the device and possible accidents, in addition to leaving you unconcerned.

After operation, the electric kettle keeps the water warm for much longer, because of the excellent sealing of the bottles, which prevent air from entering.

In addition, most models have a removable electrical base, that is, after heating the water the bottle can be transported to other environments, such as the living room, bedroom or reception of commercial spaces.

The product has excellent durability, as it is made of materials with high heat resistance, such as plastic, aluminum and stainless steel.

To take care of your kettle and keep it working well for a long time, we recommend care when washing: remove the bottle from the base, clean with running water and do not use chemicals to clean it.

Electric kettles are also great for spaces where there is no stove or microwave like offices, meeting rooms or even other spaces in the house, such as the living room and bedroom.

In view of the numerous features and practicality that an electric kettle brings to everyday life, there are few disadvantages in purchasing this appliance.

The product is more expensive than a conventional kettle, as it is much more modern and efficient, the consumption of electric energy occurs in return for saving other resources such as cooking gas.

If you want to know a little more about the advantages and disadvantages of the electric kettle, check out the table below:

Electric kettle or coffee maker? What’s the difference?

Electric jugs and coffee makers are basically the same product. The two work in a similar way, serving to heat water for the most varied functions.

Coffee makers, in addition to heating water, prepare drinks. Some models have filtration systems, others with pressing, generating different results in your coffee.

Therefore, we can say that, although simpler, electric jars are more versatile devices, as they are not limited to a type of use or production of drink.

How does an electric jar work?

In general, we can say that electric jugs work in a similar way to traditional kettles.

The difference is that instead of having the stove flame to heat, the jars are heated by an electrical resistance, which controls the heating intensity.

Thus, due to the action of resistance, water can be kept warm for long periods, without evaporating, making it a useful resource for offices or for those who wish to consume hot drinks for long periods.

Can I put sugar in my electric jar?

This is a question for almost every buyer. In general, there is no real impediment to adding sugar to your electric jar, since in most models, the resistance is found in a separate part (at the base) of the jar.

The main impediments are in adding other types of drinks other than water, such as milk, juices, coffee and the like.

For safety reasons, it is important to read the instruction manual for your kettle and check the manufacturer’s guidelines, since some veto the use of sugar in the appliance.


How much does an electric jar cost?

Electric jugs are not a very expensive product. Both in physical stores and on the internet, you can find simpler models starting at R $ 100. More robust models, which can heat water faster and are made of more resistant materials, can reach R $ 500.

Where to buy an electric jar?

As it is becoming an increasingly popular item, finding electric jars has become increasingly easy.

You can find electric jars at home goods stores, as well as department stores.

Another purchase option is online sales platforms, such as Amazon. In them, it is possible to have access to numerous sellers, so the variety of models available is immense.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Electric Vase Models

Are you determined to buy an electric jar? Congratulations! However, before choosing the perfect jar for your environment, review and compare the criteria below to find out which one best suits your needs.

  • Temperature selection
  • Heating speed
  • Pitcher capacity
  • Possibility to keep warm
  • Security systems
  • Ease of use
  • Durability
  • Manufacturing material
  • Weight
  • Noise

We will detail each of these items so that you can make the right choice when buying your electric jar.

Temperature selection

Essential function for those who want to use water to produce varied drinks, the temperature selection ensures that you can get the maximum potential of all the drinks made.

Some models have a digital panel that allows for degree-to-degree regulation, while others allow adjustment of temperature levels.

Regardless of the type of selection, it is important that your model has the possibility of temperature regulation, to make your jar even more versatile.

Heating speed

As it is a device that aims at practicality, it is important that the jar heats up quickly, so that it is not necessary to wait for time similar to traditional heating, in the kettle.

This factor is determined by the technology used by the manufacturer. So it is worth researching the heating time of each model before making the purchase.

Pitcher capacity

At this point, it is important to consider the volume of drinks that will be produced. If you want to prepare drinks just for you and in small quantities, portable, reduced-capacity models may be enough to meet your need.

However, if the volume of drinks you want to produce is greater, pay attention to the capacity of the pitcher. It is worth mentioning that most models have a capacity of 1.7 liters.

Possibility to keep warm

There are several types of electric jug, from the ones that keep the water warm for longer to models that work only for short periods. In general, we recommend models that have the ability to keep the water warm for some time, guaranteeing a certain autonomy on the part of the appliance.

Security systems

As it is a heated device, it is important that your jar has safety systems to avoid the most varied accidents.

One of the main safety features your jug ​​should have is a cool handle to ensure you can handle your jug ​​without difficulty.

It is also important that the jar has an automatic shut-off device, both to ensure that the water inside does not evaporate and to avoid possible electrical incidents.

Ease of use

An electric kettle, regardless of model or brand, is already a very easy to use appliance, just add water to the container, attach the jar to the electric base, press the on button and wait a few minutes for your water to be heated.

Some models available on the market have even more facilities, such as bottles that turn off automatically after heating the water or models that emit beeps when the water has reached the right point.

There are also devices that radiate different colors to indicate the water temperature and notify you when the process is finished.

Another important detail is about the wire and the base of your kettle. Models with a retractable handle will be more practical than those with a short power cord, which requires the kettle to be kept close to the outlet every time it is in use.

Finally, note whether the model you are interested in purchasing is independent of the base. When the pieces are pluggable, it is easier both when cleaning – because the bottle can be washed without worrying about the electrical part – and when transporting the bottle to other environments.


In general, electric kettles have excellent durability, as they are made of resistant materials and prepared to withstand the heat of the appliance such as stainless steel, plastic or aluminum.

If you take good care of your kettle it will last even longer. One way to maintain this care is to clean the jar with water only, without the need to use chemicals such as detergents, and dry it thoroughly with a cloth.

Also be aware of the warranty offered by the manufacturer: every electric kettle has a 90-day term as a mandatory guarantee by law.

But brands that support their consumers and trust in the quality of their products usually offer an additional guarantee of at least one year. Some offer up to two years.

An excellent tip is to consult the reviews of other consumers who have purchased the product you are interested in purchasing. On the Amazon website, for example, you can read testimonials and see the note that people gave to the product.

Manufacturing material

Electric kettles are made of metal, glass, plastic or a combination of these materials. Let’s check out the characteristics of each of them:

  • Glass: Suitable for those who value the design of the piece. They are usually the most expensive pieces in the category.
  • Stainless Steel: Suitable for those who value the durability of the electric kettle. Stainless steel products stand out for their quality and are at an intermediate price.
  • Plastic: Suitable for those looking for a low priced product. If the inside of the kettle is plastic, it can alter the taste of the drink.

Therefore, the material of your kettle will depend on your personal preference and also on how much you want to invest in the product.


Although weight seems to be a minor factor, you should take it into account when buying your electric kettle.

If she is going to be in a fixed place and rarely be taken to other environments the weight will not be so important.

But, if you are going to need to relocate the kettle frequently and you may have difficulty handling the bottle when it is full, you should look for a lightweight model.

To find out what weight the electric kettle of your preference is, read the product specifications, this information is available from the manufacturer and can be easily found.


Electric kettles generally emit little noise, especially when compared to other kitchen appliances. But they make noise when boiling water and some models emit beeps when the water reaches boiling point.

Some manufacturers report the noise level of their devices in decibels in the technical sheet. Others point out as a benefit that their devices emit little noise.

If the noise emitted by the electric kettle is a relevant factor for you, we suggest that you pay attention to this information and, if possible, read what other users thought of this item in the product reviews.


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