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Top & Best Embroidery machine Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Embroidery machine: What is the best model in 2022?

In times of crisis or not, it is always interesting to find new sources of income and a good option for this is the embroidery machine, a product we will talk about today.

Being able to be used in towels, lab coats, uniforms, caps and much more, this item is extremely versatile and an investment that can yield good results for those interested in joining this branch.

If you are thinking of purchasing this product, you have come to the right place! We have prepared this article to show you everything that is most important about the embroidery machine. Come on?

First, the most important

  • There are domestic, professional and industrial embroidery machines, which is the best model depends on the demand for work that you will perform with it.
  • Always opt for machines that have medium size racks, having a very small embroidery area can harm you depending on what you are going to embroider.
  • The investment in an embroidery machine starts at around R $ 2,000, with industrial ones costing more than R $ 30,000.

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Ranking: The 5 best embroidery machines

You have seen that the investment in an embroidery machine is not low, so choosing the ideal model for your need is extremely important. To help you in this task we have prepared this ranking with the best evaluated machines on the market. Check it out and start choosing yours.

Buying Guide

Whether you are entering a new industry or need to change your embroidery machine for a more modern model, it is essential for business success to make a right choice.

The many options available on the market can end up confusing the mind of those who are not so used to this product and to not let you go wrong we have prepared this purchase guide with all the necessary information. To learn more just keep reading!

What is an embroidery machine?

The art of embroidering on fabric emerged in prehistoric times, when the needles were made of bones and the cross stitch was used to sew clothes made with the animals’ skins.

Over the years this practice has spread even more and as technology has invaded all areas, embroidery machines have emerged, which have automated this form of craftsmanship.

Currently having an embroidery machine has become synonymous with a source of income. With it it is possible to execute several drawings and writings quickly, easily and with less probability of errors.

Whoever works with it can work in several areas, it is possible to embroider company uniforms, lab coats, swimsuits, caps and more.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having an embroidery machine?

The main advantage of having an embroidery machine is linked to the fact that it can automatically do something that until then was done by hand. For many, embroidery has to be something handcrafted, however, businessally speaking, this is no longer practical and efficient.

With the machine it is possible to optimize the time and use a huge range of letters and drawings, expanding the market and reaching several niches.

Another positive point is that this product, depending on the category, does not occupy much space, which for those who are starting a business or working from home is an excellent advantage, since a small place is enough to start offering the service.

The negative point of the embroidery machine is linked to its price. The initial investment for those entering this business is a little high, but as the number of customers grows it is quickly replaced.

In addition, before starting to work with this product it is necessary to learn a little about its particularities. Even if the machine does much of the work on its own, the human part is essential to the quality of the result.

Home, professional or industrial embroidery machine?

There are basically three types of embroidery machines, the domestic, the professional and the industrial.

The housekeepers are ideal for those starting out in the area. They are compact and computerized. They are very similar to the professional models, with the difference that the speed to embroider may be lower.

The professionals can be acquired either by those who are starting in the field or by those who already work with it. As positive points, it is worth noting that they are more resistant than domestic ones, they usually have a larger embroidery area, in addition to working with more agility.

Finally, industrial companies are aimed at large companies. They are the ones that have a bigger frame, have more technology involved, count with several needles and work very fast.

In the table below you can compare the main characteristics of each of them:

What do you need to know before using an embroidery machine?

The first thing you should learn before using your embroidery machine is that they all come with some designs and fonts for embroidery, however, if you want to include something different in it you need to know the formats that the machine can read.

To include a file on your machine, you need to understand what extension it can read, the most common of which are: .PES, .DST, .JEF, .EXP, .SEW, .HUS, .ART and .VIP. To know which file format is accepted by a given model, just read the manual.

But now you must be wondering how you are going to put the design that a customer wants in that format.

Don’t worry, there are machine embroidery programs for this. Most manufacturers send a CD with their products with this software, so they can be installed on your computer.

If you choose to buy a second hand embroidery machine model, remember to check if it has a memory card reader or USB port. USB models are more modern and easier to use.

It is through this software that you will be able to convert the file to the necessary extension, rotate and resize the image, in addition to making small edits to it if necessary.

If the machine you bought does not come with this CD, there are several options of programs that can be downloaded and that perform this same function. It is even possible to create your own arrays with programs Embird and Wilcom.

Another important point for those starting out in the business is that you should always put the fabric in the frame well stretched, use 100% polyester threads, which are more resistant, and apply stabilizer when embroidering fabrics with elasticity to create a firm base for the drawing.

How much?

We already told you that the investment in an embroidery machine is a little high. The initial average value of this product is R $ 2,700, and the most expensive models can cost up to around R $ 30,000.

The high-value options are more industrial, so they are aimed at those who work on a large scale. They have a greater embroidery capacity and are larger in size as well.

Where to buy?

On the internet it is quite simple to find embroidery machines for sale. Both department stores and specialty stores have this product. Some sites we recommend are: Amazon; Free market; Store.

Physically it is easier to find embroidery machines in stores specializing in the sale of products for this purpose. Establishments that usually sell sewing machines also have embroidery machines.

Another option for those a model that is in our ranking is to click on the link to be directed to the place where the product is being marketed.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing embroidery machine models

Since this will be an investment and a product that could become your source of income, it is essential to make a good choice, right? To assist you in this process, we have separated the main factors of comparison between the embroidery machine models, they are:

  • Machine type
  • Rack size
  • Number of matrices
  • velocity
  • Size

Below, check each criterion in detail.

Machine type

Remember that we mentioned above that there are domestic, professional and industrial embroidery machines? Well, which one you will buy is the first step in defining which is the best option for you.

There are practically few effective differences between domestic and professional models, even in price they are very similar.

These two types of machine are ideal for those who are starting in the business and even for those who already work with it, but do not have a very high production.

If your company works on a large scale do not hesitate to buy an industrial one. The investment is higher, but they are stronger and work very quickly.

Rack size

The embroidery frame is the size of the space your machine can embroider. It varies according to the product model, and may be smaller or larger.

It is very important to pay attention to this because a small rack can limit you. Thus, depending on the product to be embroidered, the machine will not be able to perform the work.

Unfortunately it is not possible to have several frame sizes on one machine, the most we find are models with two, and therefore some people who have a smaller area usually do the embroidery in stages. However, the chance of errors is very high.

So, try to choose a machine with a rack that will best suit the type of service you will provide.

Number of matrices

Matrices are basically the product that you will effectively offer to the customer. They are the designs that will be embroidered.

All machines come with a specific number of dies, there are models with 30, others with more than 100 and so on. The advice here is that the more the better, especially if your intention is to work with different segments.

There are nowadays some companies that make dies for embroidery machines and even on the internet it is possible to purchase them, but with that you will have an extra expense.

Another option is to create your own matrices in the programs mentioned above, but for that you need a little more knowledge.


Time is money, regardless of the area in which you work. Therefore, it is essential to choose an embroidery machine that works with agility.

Whatever type of machine you are going to purchase, analyze this feature. It is important that the chosen one does a good amount of points per minute, as this will be essential for your production.

You can find this data in the product description on the sales website, be sure to check it out.


The ideal size of the machine you will buy is directly related to the available space you have. Those who work at home should give preference to smaller models, domestic or professional, and there are even portable options.For those who own large companies, a bigger machine will not get in the way and so this issue is not so relevant. It is worth assessing where the work will be carried out to determine the correct dimension.


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