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Top & Best Hand mixer review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Hand mixer: Which is the best of 2022?

For those who like to cook, it is a pleasure to make delicious desserts, homemade cakes and pasta. For all this, having a hand mixer or laptop is a lifeline. The equipment is simple to use, without having to assemble, which makes washing even easier. In addition, it takes up less space in the kitchen and is much more affordable!

There are countless types of dishes prepared with this mixer, Imagine, for example, that you only need egg whites. The options are to get the big mixer or beat with a fouet, right? With the portable version, there is a happy medium.

But it is important to choose your product well. There are several speeds and powers available on the market and you need to make the right decision. That’s why you’re at. In this article, we list the best hand mixers and show you, step by step, how to choose the best model according to your needs!

First, the most important

  • These mixers have an ergonomic design, which facilitates their use. In addition, some models offer the possibility to rest the device without touching the tabs on the surface, which prevents excessive dirt.
  • The price of hand mixers is more affordable, if compared to the orbital or planetary mixer, since it is a simpler device, without the big motor and many utensils.
  • Hand mixers are practical and versatile, perfect for whipping light ingredients such as whipped cream, egg whites, cookies, etc. To make breads and other heavier doughs, you may need other types, such as a planetary mixer.

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Best hand mixers: Our preferences

Wanting to prepare that delicious dish for the family in a practical way? Depending on the recipe, a hand mixer will be the solution to your problems! For this reason, we have listed five of the best models on the market so that you can have this accessory so useful in the kitchen, at home.

  • Hamilton Beach Classic Handheld Mixer
  • Bat300P Black + Decker Portable Mixer
  • Bellagio Compact Portable Mixer

Buying Guide

You like to cook and woke up with the desire to make a special recipe for the family, but this recipe requires you to beat some foods that will take a lot of work to hit the hand, however, that are not so complex to need a planetary mixer. The solution? A hand mixer!

Keep reading our Shopping Guide and find out the advantages, prices, where to buy, important features and everything you need to choose yours!

What is a hand mixer?

Did you know that the hand mixer was the first utensil for this purpose launched on the market? Before, the machines were industrial and had large and heavy engines, suitable for scale production. The first commercialized mixers appeared in 1915, created by the Hobart Manufacturing Company.

The goal was to create a product that would allow mixing the ingredients with less effort and taking up less space. Like any innovation, the product was initially expensive and gradually became popular, becoming a sensation for the public.

Even today, hand mixers have the same advantage as the beginning: mixing easily, without using too much space. In addition, time is also an important element. After all, whether you’re a kitchen professional or just an occasional cook, you probably prefer to avoid spending too much time beating pasta and egg whites.

At the same time, spending a lot of money on the best devices available on the market is not always an option, is it? For this and other reasons that we mentioned above, the hand mixer is a wise choice.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the hand mixer?

Priced considerably lower than other mixers, the notebook is a good option in many ways. It can be annoying to take the entire battery out of the closet just to beat egg whites or a small cake dough, for example.

However, if you expect to rely on this product to beat heavy pasta, you may want to invest a little more. This does not mean that the hand mixer is less capable. It handles many tasks and many users can use it for years without needing another device. This is especially true for novice or casual cooks.

The simplest recipes that require an electric mixer can be easily done with it. In order not to be left at hand, it is worth observing the power and weight of the engine, as well as the product’s ergonomics. You will need a device that is easy to load, store and use, with minimum power that can handle a good range of densities.

As for utensils, there are models that bring more variety. Still, this type of mixer may be a little behind when compared to planetary mixers, for example. This is because some types of whisk depend on the shape of the bowl used, which may vary in the case of the hand mixer.

What is the difference between hand and planetary mixers?

The hand mixer is compact and ideal for lighter masses. Perfect for those who make cakes at home, not very often. It is a cheaper mixer, and therefore less powerful, but sufficient for simple home situations.

They usually have a speed variation between 4 and 8. Quite different from planetariums that can reach 12. These, in turn, are also more robust and powerful, withstanding all types of pasta.

In addition to domestic use, they can be used in the commercial sector, in the food industry. Check out the main characteristics of these two types of mixer.

How much?

The price of hand mixers varies slightly. From R $ 90, you can already buy a good device, which will help in the preparation of a multitude of recipes. The most expensive of the list can cost R $ 150.

What weighs most in the mixers’ price is the power. This is the main element, since a lower power makes preparation difficult, even though the density is still quite fluid.

Where to buy?

Hand mixers are available at appliance stores and even supermarkets. Where you find other types of mixer, there will also be portable options.

To have access to more models and be able to see the evaluation of previous buyers, the ideal is to search and buy online. Some online store options:

  • Amazon;


In the selection of hand mixers we made above, you will find links to purchase the one you like best.


Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare hand mixer models

Understanding your needs and the recipes you do most is essential to choosing a good model. Before pressing the purchase button, review the following criteria:

  • Wattage
  • Speeds
  • Weight and shape
  • Cleaning and storage

Let’s talk about each one so you can make the best choice when buying your hand mixer.


Hand mixers usually have between 100 and 400W of power. The power is related to the strength that the mixer will have to beat the doughs, so, to choose the right power, it is interesting to make an analysis of what type of dough you most often beat.

The bigger, the thicker the mixes can be. Choose a model that operates at least 200W, in order to achieve good value for money. However, the greater the power, the more you will have to invest in the product.


The variety of speeds is also an important factor. Look for a model with at least 4 speeds, plus a pulse function that makes it easier to mix heavier ingredients. This element also influences the price, which increases according to the speed varieties.

You can still find hand mixers that have 8 different speeds. Carefully analyze how you use your mixer on a daily basis to make the best choice for your routine.

Weight and shape

One of the main characteristics of a hand mixer is its ergonomics. Ideally, the product should be relatively light, with a comfortable handle for your hand.

As they usually do not come with a bowl, these criteria are fundamental. It is with your hand and strength that you will rotate the mixer. A model that is too heavy can be quite laborious.

In addition, when the design is made so that the mixer supports itself, you avoid a lot of dirt in the kitchen.

Cleaning and storage

Observe if food is entering the base of the mixer. Small lines can accumulate dirt and make cleaning the hand mixer difficult. Check if all parts are easily removable for better hygiene.

In addition, some models have storage systems that facilitate the organization of space, being very compact. If your kitchen is small, be sure to notice it before buying.


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