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Top & Best Espresso coffee maker review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Espresso coffee maker: Which are the best of 2022?

If you are looking for an espresso machine that produces a tasty, full-bodied and traditional coffee in the comfort of your home, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the website.

Drinking espresso is more a matter of style. And lovers of strong coffee tend to be demanding in the quality of the coffee that the machine produces.

In this article, you will learn how to buy the ideal espresso machine for your needs, considering what is a priority for you, according to your tastes and available budget.

First, the most important

  • An espresso machine can produce a full-bodied coffee similar to the coffee shop in the comfort of your home.
  • Avoiding waste due to the preparation being at the time of consumption and dispensing with the use of a thermos is just one of the numerous advantages of having one of these.
  • There are differences between a manual and a capsule machine. You will learn all of these details in this guide.

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Best espresso makers: Our favorites

If you want the experience of drinking a tasty espresso each morning, you’ve arrived at the right place. Below, you will get to know the best espresso makers on the market.

  • Espresso Coffee Maker 20 Bar – Philco
  • Espresso Coffee Cream Coffee Machine – Mondial
  • Automatic coffee machine Gaggia

Buying Guide

Are you an espresso connoisseur? So ReviewBox Brasil is very happy to be able to help you through this guide. Choosing the perfect espresso maker requires attention and we want to show you all the important details. Come with us!

What is an espresso machine and what are the benefits?

Have you ever thought about waking up and having the privilege of having a tasty espresso, full-bodied and traditional in the comfort of your home?

Provide an incredible experience each morning without having to go to a coffee shop. That’s what an espresso machine can do for you.

After all, drinking an espresso is a particular style of enjoying coffee. Then the espresso machine is a solution for those who like the strongest coffee, which preserves the maximum potential of each type of coffee.

Because of the bar pressure used in these machines, coffee is very different from the past in traditional coffee makers or in a cloth strainer. In addition to making other types of coffee, such as cappuccino and latte, the espresso is full-bodied and creamy.

And this is precisely one of the great advantages of having one of these at home: the taste of coffee. But it is clear that the advantages do not end there.

An espresso machine can still be the solution to waste. In many homes that still use the traditional way of passing coffee, they need to store the liquid somewhere, usually in thermos.

It turns out that they end up not consuming the coffee that was left for a few hours in the bottle and the liquid is poured down the drain.

With an espresso machine at home, you prepare your coffee every cup, no longer needing the use of thermoses.

By eliminating the thermos, you eliminate another problem and gain another advantage. Your coffee will be warm whenever you drink a new cup. The bottles end up cooling the coffee.

As you prepare one or two servings at a time and always use the machine when you go to drink the coffee, the guarantee that it will be very hot is total.

The pressure of this type of espresso machine makes the coffee super hot. In addition, some models have a vaporizer. It is he who makes that creamy froth that you find in coffee shops.

So that way you can vaporize your milk at home and have a highly creamy coffee just like coffee shops, quickly and conveniently.

It is very simple to use such a machine. Usually just add a measure of powder in the specific compartment, put water in the reservoir, press a button and that’s it, your coffee will come out warm and ready, in a few minutes you have your cup ready.

Heating the milk in the steamer can be the most complicated process, but nothing you can’t learn after a tutorial on YouTube and a little practice. Train hard and invite your coffee lovers friends to this delicious experience at home.

Another excellent advantage of having one of these is to talk to the people you like enjoying an excellent coffee in the comfort of your home. The big question is that the investment is usually a little high and this may be a disadvantage if you are not aware of it beforehand.

Although in return, in the long run it generates savings because it avoids waste and also by dispensing with the use of disposable filters.

With the disadvantages in mind, those who invest in one of these machines generally also invest in a better quality coffee bean or powder. And that can raise your monthly cost if you drink a lot of coffee on a daily basis.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages:

Capsule or manual espresso machine?

You may have noticed from the description of the appliances that one espresso machine is different from the other. If some allow the use of grain or powder, on the other hand, some others may use only capsules.

There is one that allows the use of both the powder and the capsule. So it is very important to be aware. Perhaps you are in doubt which one is better. And it will depend exclusively on your taste.

If you are a natural connoisseur of espresso, the traditional, manual model would be the most ideal for you. It is he who offers the fullest coffee, just like the coffee shop.

Now if you are still looking for an espresso but prioritize practicality and low investment, capsule machines from national brands are excellent options.

If you are looking for more models of this type, ReviewBox Brasil has a complete article on the best capsule coffee makers and you can check it out by clicking here .

Compare the manual espresso machine with the capsule options:

How much?

Apart from the espresso machine that we brought as a bonus and it costs just over R $ 4,000, it is possible to make an average investment of R $ 720 and buy an excellent coffee maker. This was the average value of the 6 models presented.

However, with only R $ 399 you can buy the cheapest model and still guarantee a full-bodied quality espresso. If your budget is a little higher, other models are between R $ 499 and R $ 550. The first on our list can be purchased for just over R $ 1,000.

There are options for every taste and budget. And the installment terms of up to 10X without interest, as on the Amazon website, allow the highest investment. Capsule coffee shops are also usually cheaper, as we saw in the comparison table.

Where to buy?

It is difficult to find one of these manual espresso makers in physical stores. If it’s a big department store, you might find it easier. However, it is not a product that you can find anywhere in the city.

So it is worth checking out online stores. It is on the internet that you find the best deals.

It’s okay that you will need to wait for the delivery time, but that’s the price you pay for making the purchase from the comfort of your home, without spending time and gas.

So there’s also a guarantee that you’ll find exactly the model you’re looking for without missing a trip. Check out the following sites Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing espresso machine models

Are you convinced that you need one of these, but haven’t decided on the ideal model for your home?

That is why the purchase criteria can help you put on the scale what is really essential in your espresso machine.

That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect from your coffee maker and won’t have any unpleasant surprises when the model arrives at your home. Factors that can serve for a safe purchase:

  • Full-bodied espresso
  • Practicality
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Size

Below, we will reflect on each of them.

Do you produce a full-bodied espresso?

A full-bodied, creamy and quality espresso requires some details. First, the quality of the machine. Manual machines usually offer the best taste, as we have already said.

If this is important to you above all else, we can now discard capsule coffee makers.

Still, manual, semi-automatic or automatic machines need to offer a pressure of at least 9 bars. Be aware of this criterion. All models selected by us are at least 15 bar pressure. The creaminess of the coffee is linked to the pressure of the machine. So it is essential.

Another point is that for a traditional espresso coffee it has only 50ml and must be made with 7 or 8 grams of coffee powder. That way it is concentrated and creamy.

It should preferably be prepared from roasted beans. If the machine does not have a grinder – the most affordable models are compatible with dust only – you can buy coffee beans and a grinder.

Grinding on the spot gives you even greater chances of producing great coffee with these machines in your home.


You can make a cup of coffee in minutes with a manual espresso machine.

Simply place the powder on the metal filter, compress lightly with the measuring spoon that comes with the machine, fit the metal compartment on the machine and turn on. In a matter of seconds you have your coffee ready and warm.

The capsule ones are even more practical, as you just insert the capsule, check if there is water in the reservoir and turn on. Convenience is also associated with the ease of using the buttons on the machines. And the best models require only 1 or 2 clicks.

What can take a little longer is if you choose to use the grain and need to grind it before drinking. But this process is not mandatory, you can buy the ground grain.

Unless you choose an automatic machine, like the Bonus model. You insert the whole grain, it grinds and does the whole process for you from start to finish in a few seconds and with the push of a button.

Ease of cleaning

It is usually very simple to clean these machines. Removable reservoirs can be washed with mild soap. On the outside of the machine, just wipe with a slightly damp cloth and dry.

Finally, the metal parts where the coffee is inserted can be washed with a sponge and mild soap as soon as it cools down. Be careful, after use they reach high temperatures and you can get burned.

The most delicate part can be vaporizer. Those with a metal finish may be a little easier to clean. It is important to always clean after use so that the milk does not dry out and accumulates in the spout.

But be careful with the temperature right after use. Wait for it to cool a little while you drink your coffee and wipe it off with a damp cloth. The difference is in the machines that have a wash button.


Some people may not consider size as an important factor, but checking the dimensions of the machine makes you plan the ideal corner for it.

Often people idealize the size and end up being disappointed when they don’t check the dimensions, especially when buying online. It would be disappointing to receive the product at home and see that it does not fit or occupies more space than planned. So, pay attention to the dimensions.

If you are looking for something more compact, the capsule coffee maker may be the best choice.

You realized that choosing the right coffee maker can be quite a challenge. With the information obtained in this comprehensive shopping guide, you should have been able to make your decision according to your tastes and pocket.

Click on the link left in the ranking and ask for the model that best fits your reality to receive your espresso machine as soon as possible and start enjoying all the benefits.


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