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Top & Best Capsule coffee maker Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Capsule coffee maker: What’s the best in 2022?

You are a coffee connoisseur, but in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, don’t you have time to prepare a warm cup in the morning before going to work? Thanks to the technology that brought us the capsule coffee maker, you don’t have to give up your morning coffee or go running for any coffee along the way.

In this article, we want to provide you with all the information necessary for you to choose the best capsule coffee maker in a safe way, according to your personal needs.

For this, we take into account the functionalities of each model analyzed, as well as prices and designs. That way you can decide what fits in your pocket and meets your style.

First, the most important

  • Capsule coffee makers allow you to go beyond traditional coffee each morning and can prepare a wide variety of drinks in a single machine.
  • A great advantage is that you have fresh coffee in every cup, avoiding the use of thermoses or re-flavored coffee in the traditional coffee maker.
  • Because of the ease and practicality the machines save your time in preparation, allowing you to feel more at ease to enjoy your coffee in the rush of everyday life.

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The best capsule coffee makers: Our choices

Deciding to buy a capsule coffee maker to have your coffee fresh in a few seconds every day? Here is our list of the best models on the market. Analyze and decide which one best fits your needs!

  • The brand’s successful coffee maker
  • A modern design option
  • Great value for money
  • An option that guarantees warm coffee in 30 seconds
  • An economical option


Buying Guide

You want a quick coffee maker that quickly prepares your morning coffee and even other drinks – hot and cold – too. So you decide to look for a capsule coffee maker and then … surprise! There are many models on the market!

If you are faced with this situation, continue reading our Buying Guide and learn everything you need to choose the coffee maker that best suits your needs.

What are capsule coffee makers?

Companies have, over the past few years, understood and adapted to the real needs of the client. The company that puts itself in its place, feels its problem and proposes a simple solution to solve it, certainly takes the lead.

The capsule coffee maker is just one example of how everything has been changing. People are immediate, they have no more time to waste with what is not really relevant.

And being able to prepare delicious coffee with the push of a button may seem like a simple solution to our eyes, but it has transformed the habits and lives of many people who have been looking to optimize time.


With capsule coffee makers, your coffee is ready in less than 1 minute.

Boiling water, straining the powder, storing coffee in bottles no longer seems to be an option. Now you just have to choose what you would like to drink that day, insert the capsule in the machine, fill the water tank and press a button.

There, your coffee is ready in less than 1 minute. Not to mention that these machines guarantee fresh coffee for every cup. The capsules already have the right portion for producing a cup of coffee and even tea. And many of the models mentioned have a wide variety of drinks, reaching up to 25 different types.

That way you can vary between espresso, coffee with milk, cappuccinos, chocolatto, chococcino and teas.

Another great feature of these coffee makers is the way of cleaning. Most of them have a simple backwash system. And this is an important detail to avoid accumulating fungi and bacteria in your device.

Capsule coffee makers make the exact amount of coffee for a cup, that is, it does not generate waste of the drink. In addition, there are options of capsules for all tastes, you can try different types of coffee in the comfort of your home.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the capsule coffee maker?

It is a medium investment solution compared to traditional coffee makers. However, if thought about in the long term, the capsule coffee maker can generate savings, with no more waste of coffee, which is very common in the traditional process.

In many cases half of the bottle ends up being poured into the sink drain, either because it has cooled, or because the taste is no longer pleasant. In addition, the capsule coffee maker works with more pressure, ensuring the quality of the coffee. Regarding the preservation of the aroma and flavor of the drink still in its storage process, as they are individual portions, the capsules do this job better.

The traditional powdered coffee boxes, on the other hand, usually lose quality until total consumption. After opening, they stay long weeks in pots that are opened and closed daily.

What is the difference between a capsule and an electric coffee maker?

You already have a lot of information about the capsule coffee maker. And we are sure that you already know that good old traditional electric coffee maker.

In short, the electric ones have a simple water heating system, which passes through the coffee powder, being filtered and making you quickly have a hot and well-dosed coffee. They are practical, just put the coffee powder, fill the water tank and turn on.

In a few minutes the coffee will be ready in the glass refractory. It is ideal for families, there is no point in connecting an electric coffee maker to produce a cup of coffee. And that is the big difference between the two.

Still, the electric coffee maker, different from the capsule, requires a filter, so also consider this expense. Of course, they use ground coffee. Compare in the table below:

How much does a capsule coffee maker cost?

The price of these capsule coffee makers can vary widely, depending on the machine’s functionality. Design and size also influence this factor. But what determines the value of such a machine is whether the brand is already consolidated and also the quality of the coffee it produces.

You find some offers worth R $ 150 from less expressive brands. It is already possible to find good machines starting at R $ 250. However, those with better functions can be purchased for an average price of R $ 600. Some more modern ones can vary between R $ 900 and R $ 1,200.

The capsules can vary between R $ 2 and R $ 3 per unit. But it is possible to find kit promotions with 150 capsules for R $ 250. This guarantees a price of R $ 1.66 per unit.

Where to buy a capsule coffee maker?

Due to the popularity of these coffee makers, today you can find them in several places, from supermarkets, department stores or even online stores. Some examples are:

    • Amazon


In the selection of the best capsule coffee makers we have made for you, there is a link where you will be directed to a website and can make your purchase right now.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Capsule Coffee Maker Models

This question is very important. Understanding your needs is essential to ensure you choose the right machine for you. And as we want to make the process easier for you, some features will serve as a guide to make the right decision when choosing your machine.

  • Practicality
  • Cleaning
  • Variety of drinks
  • Size
  • Home or business use

We will detail each of these items below, so you can make the best choice when buying your capsule coffee maker.


Ease, practicality and agility are what most capsule coffee consumers want. So analyzing how the machine works is very important. Ask questions like:

  • Does the device require many or few steps?
  • Is it easy to understand and use the buttons on it?
  • How fast does she work? Does it make a lot of noise?

It is important to analyze and compare all these criteria to ensure satisfaction and not have to deal with any surprises when the product arrives at your home.


If agility is important when making coffee, imagine when cleaning the machine. Considering whether the appliance is easy to clean is essential to optimize time. Check if there is a backwashing process, if you can easily detach some parts for cleaning, if the design makes cleaning the machine easier on the outside.

Some machines may be easier than others when cleaning, and if that is an important factor for you, analyze the structure of the machine as a whole.

Variety of drinks

What are your tastes? Do you prefer traditional espresso? Do you like to try new types of drinks? Do you have children at home?

Understanding your preferences and your reality facilitates the right choice. Analyze, why would you buy a machine that makes 25 different drinks if you know you will always opt for espresso?

Now if you like to vary between different types of coffees, teas and chocolate-based drinks, or even have children at home, it is worth purchasing a machine with a wide variety.


Although some people do not consider this to be an important factor, checking the dimensions of the machine makes you plan the ideal corner for it. Often people idealize the size and end up being disappointed when they do not check the dimensions especially when buying online.

Have you ever thought if you are looking for something small and light and are faced with a machine that takes up more space than planned? If you like to move the object, the more compact the capsule coffee maker, the better. Pay attention to the dimensions.

Home or business use

So far we have talked more about the domestic use of the capsule coffee maker. But it is very common for small businesses to opt for this solution to provide coffee to their employees. This factor can be important for your purchase, so you need to analyze some important aspects.

What is the capacity of the water tank? It is natural that a company needs a machine with a larger reservoir due to the flow of use. Just as choosing a coffee maker that has the cheapest capsules also matters.

Checking if there is an energy-saving function can be essential, since the coffee maker must stay on throughout the day at the company.


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