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Top & Best BMX Bike Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best BMX Bike: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Anyone who likes extreme sports has heard of BMX and the small BMX bike, which is capable of reaching high speeds and performing a multitude of maneuvers.

In the beginning, this type of bicycle was not taken seriously due to its relatively simple characteristics, however, it was found that they have great advantages and are ideal for those who want to practice this sport.

In this text we will bring all the information about this product and at the end of the reading you will be ready to choose your BMX bike and start to venture out there, come on?

First, the most important

  • The BMX bike is smaller than ordinary bikes. It has 20 rim, thick tires and can have only rear brakes, on both wheels or nonexistent.
  • Even so, it is not just one size and when choosing yours it is necessary to analyze which is the most recommended for your height or age.
  • The value of these bikes starts at around R $ 400, but can go over R $ 2 thousand.

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Buying Guide

Bicicross or BMX is a sport that started out shy, but that has been conquering its space and currently there are already several competitions and passionate about the sport. The BMX bicycle is, in turn, the main tool for this practice, being the best friend of the competitors and even those who just like to venture out.

If you already practice this sport or are just starting out and want to know more about this type of bicycle, just continue reading this buying guide. In it we gather all the essential information for those who are looking to buy this product and learn more about it.


What is a BMX bike?

The BMX bicycle has a simpler composition than other bicycle models. It has a 20-inch rim and thicker tires, which provide better traction and impact absorption, characteristics that are essential for dirt tracks with ramps and wall curves, the typical places of bicicross.

This bike has no gears and has brakes that can only be on the rear wheels, on both, which is less common, and sometimes they don’t even exist.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the BMX bike?

It is lighter, has tall handlebars that have a horizontal bar and is extremely malleable, precisely so that the most diverse maneuvers can be performed with them.

With so many characteristics of its own, this bike is perfect for uneven terrain and with many curves. It reaches high speeds.

However, all these advantages come at a price, which is the downside of this type of bicycle. They can be very expensive. In addition, another disadvantage is that they are not suitable for cycling on a daily basis.



  • They are light and maneuverable
  • Ideal for walking on uneven terrain with many curves
  • Achieve high speeds
  • There are several models
  • Can be customized


  • Not suitable for everyday use
  • High price

What types of BMX bikes?

BMX bicycles exist in several types, which can be divided into children and adults, small, medium and large and also according to the type of BMX that will be practiced.

According to the forms of piloting they are separated into:

    • BMX Race : This model is the most common and aimed at competitions with high speed with several jumps and turns. They have a construction that combines agility with lightness and was created taking inspiration from motorcycles that are used in the practice of motocross.
    • BMX Freestyle : This bike can be used for different riding styles, and can be used on the streets or terrain. However, it is not very suitable for racing, as it is as fast as the race model.
    • BMX Street : BMX Street is a modality that occurs in urban areas, so this bike model usually has less thick tires and is more focused on grip and speed. It is a little heavier and has front and rear brakes.
    • BMX Vert : This BMX bike is designed to be used on ramps, so it is usually assembled according to the rider’s preference. What normally exists in common with them are flat tires.
    • BMX Dirty Jump : This type of BMX bike is a union of the race model with freestyle. They are built in a way that is ideal for jumping, but also have tires with great grip for dirt tracks.
    • BMX Flatland : This model has a smaller and more compact frame, closer upper and lower tubes and has a mechanism called Freecoaster, in which it is possible to turn the rear wheel in the opposite direction without rotating the pedal back. In addition, the cranks are short and the tires are smooth.



Whenever you practice BMX it is extremely important to pay attention to the safety devices indicated for the sport. The most common are closed helmet, gloves with covered fingers, thick trousers, flexible sneakers, knee pads and chest protection.


How much?

The value of a BMX bike is very variable, and it changes according to its type.

The most common models cost around R $ 370, but this price can exceed R $ 2 thousand, according to the technology involved in its production, materials and brand.



Where to buy?

BMX bikes are found in sporting goods stores, such as Decathlon, Centauro and others in this segment. It is also possible to buy this product directly from the manufacturers, in which case it is also possible to customize the bicycle according to the need or purchase a ready-made model.

On the internet it is even easier to acquire them, there are several sites like Amazon, Dream BMX and Paco Bikes.

There is also the option to buy the models that are in our Ranking. To do this, just click on the product and you will be directed to the place where it is for sale.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare and choose your BMX bike

Especially for those who are looking for a BMX bike for competitions, it is essential to make a sure choice regarding the model you will buy, as it will have a large share in the results.

Knowing this, we list below the main points that you should analyze when comparing the models, they are:

  • Type of bicycle
  • Size
  • Age range
  • Customized or ready

Now, check out each of these factors in detail. So you are ready to make your choice.

Type of bicycle

Remember that above we show you that there are different types of BMX bikes? For it is at this point that this must be taken into account.

If you are still not 100% sure about which mode of bicicross you will practice it is possible to choose a bike that is more versatile like Freestyle, however if you have already defined which area you will choose to focus on it and choose a model that is specific.

As the investment is high, it is smarter to analyze this factor before purchasing the bike, not least because each one is created with different characteristics that better adapt to a type of riding.



BMX bikes come in a few different sizes, the most common of which are: small, medium, large and extra large.

Each of these sizes is suitable for a pilot’s height and, even if this is not completely followed, for those who are starting it can be important.

Below is a table where you can check the average height and size of bikes to arrive at the store with a defined size.

Pilot height Top tube Handlebar height Handlebar width
Up to 1 meter 15 “- 15.5” 2 “-2.5” 20 “- 21.5”
De 1 a 1,15 metros 15,5″- 16,5″ 2″ – 3,5″ 21″- 23″
De 1,10 a 1,25 metros 16″- 17,5″ 3″ – 4,5″ 22″- 24,5″
De 1,20 a 1,35 metros 17″- 18,5″ 4.5″ – 6″ 24″- 26″
De 1,30 a 1,45 metros 18″ – 19″ 6″ – 7,5″ 26″- 27″
De 1,40 a 1,50 metros 18,5″ – 19,5″ 7″ – 8″ 27″- 28″
De 1,50 a 1,75 metros 19″ – 21″ 7″ – 8″ 27″- 28″
Mais de 1,75 metros Mais de 20,5 7″ – 8″ 28″

Faixa etária

Além da altura, também pode-se levar em consideração a idade indicada pelo fabricante. Há opções para crianças de 6 a 12 anos, outras a partir dos 8 anos e assim por diante.

Normalmente os mais jovens irão utilizar um modelo com quadro e pedais um pouco menores, enquanto que adultos ou crianças mais velhas tem uma maior variedade de opções.

Especially for those starting out in the sport, it may be easier to choose the bike that way.


Customized or ready

Another variation with respect to this product is in the fact of acquiring it ready-made from the factory or customizing it.

There are excellent ready-made options, including, thanks to the presence of the most diverse types of BMX bikes, it is very easy to find a model that is ideal and meets the needs.

However, in the case of high-performance competitors or those who have not found the ideal option, it is worth considering the option of customizing your bike. In this way it is possible to compose all the desired characteristics in just one product.

But it is worth remembering that the personalized option is more expensive and requires in-depth knowledge of the subject so that everything goes as planned.



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