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Top & Best Mountain Bike Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Mountain Bike: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Today’s text is about mountain biking, also known as MTB, the bike itself of one of the most popular modes of Top & Best Mountain Bike Review

In addition to being able to enter the world and in extreme sports competitions, mountain biking allows you to ride with speed and safety in the most diverse types of terrain, trails and treacherous to the injured.

In this Guide, we will show you everything there is to know about mountain biking, from prices to varieties, from advantages to disadvantages, among other useful information. Everything to help you choose the ideal model.

First, the most important

  • Mountain Bike, as a sport, is very broad, with several and different modalities, such as Cross Country, Downhill, Freeride, among others.
  • The most popular models of mountain biking have rims of 26, 27.5 and 29 inches.
  • The price of the models varies widely, ranging from R $ 400 to R $ 5,000.

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Ranking: The 3 best mountain bike models

To give that strength in your choice of your mountain bike, we put together a list with the best models on the market, evaluated based on their material, technology and cost-benefit.


Buying Guide

Mountain biking has grown a lot in the last few years, by, in a way, expanding the horizons of the bicycle, and not just on the terrain. Riding a MTB combines adrenaline, exercise and technique as well.

From this expansion, certain mountain bike modalities emerged, which in turn differ in the type of activity and the type of terrain, or both. Anyway, it ended up also implying a market variety of mountain bikes. In this Buying Guide, we will introduce them to you.


What is mountain biking?

It has been a while since the bicycle is no longer a mere means of transport, combining recreational, sporting and athletic activities around it. Mountain biking (in English, “mountain bike”) appears in this context, as an adaptation of these same activities to rough and unconventional terrain, or off-road .

The insertion of the word “mountain” is not for nothing, since the mountain slopes are the ones that best represent the type of terrain that this bike is prepared to face.

Basically, MTB is a bike with wider tires, with greater traction, with more gears, since it faces steeper and more difficult uphill. It has more developed suspensions and dampers.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of mountain biking?

A bicycle with such specific adaptations, and to face such difficult terrains, the mountain bike certainly has some advantages and disadvantages in its use.

Among the advantages, the first one is, of course, the versatility of terrain in which you can operate, whether they are rough or off-road or even in urban settings.

After all, if she is able to walk in the most complicated, why not in the easiest? In many cities, the bumpy streets are almost as rugged as any trail.

Another advantage is that its safety and stability in the most diverse terrains make it a good starting point for those who want to start off-road. Of course, cloaks are inevitable, but with an MTB they will be (a little) less frequent.

Mountain biking has one more advantage, which is the great “menu” of modalities, competitive or not, to take advantage of. There are rides that go from the technical to the physical, from freedom to the extreme of the radical.



Among the disadvantages, one of them is maintenance. As apt as it may be, mountain biking has its parts worn out over time and the greater the regularity of pedaling, it requires changes and care with its parts.

Then there is the issue of security. The bike may be stable and equipped, but it is not fall and error proof. And let’s face it, a cloak in the off-road is more dangerous, and at the very least, more hurt.

Finally, what, in fact, for some may be an advantage, MTB requires greater physical effort, even with its infinity of gears and their suspensions and quality damping.


  • Terrain versatility
  • Good for beginners
  • Various modalities


  • Maintenance
  • Safety
  • Greater physical effort

Mountain bike hardtail or full suspension?

It is always a difficult task to standardize bicycle variations, regardless of the modality. These products are so customizable and with so many combinations of pieces that it is challenging to classify some models.

On mountain bikes, what comes closest to making such a division is suspension. Thus, there are MTBs of the Hardtail type and those of the Full Suspension type, which differ in the quantity and positioning of the suspensions.



The MTB Hardtail (literally translated, “rigid tail”) has only one suspension, on the front fork. Your picture, then, is rigid. It is a bike that can face practically all types of terrain, helping to maintain control of the steering in very rough terrain.

Full Suspension, on the other hand, has a suspension on the front fork and another on the frame. Its flexibility, therefore, is much greater, as well as the absorption of impact. The focus, however, is on cyclist comfort.

  Hardtail Full Suspension
Suspension Front fork Front fork and frame
Ground All kinds Better performance on highly rugged terrain

Mountain bike rim 26, 27.5 or 29?

The wheel rim, as you might imagine, has a far greater influence on MTB performance than you might think. The most common sizes are, in inches, 26, 27.5 and 29.

The rim 26, the smallest, is the one with the fastest start, ideal for short routes and lower terrain. It was once the most popular MTB, but it was losing space to the other two rims, especially the 29.

That’s because the 29, despite having the slowest start, is what, once it reaches a good speed. It is the one that has the greatest performance, not only in maintaining this speed, but also in passing through obstacles in a cleaner way and with less impact.


The problem is the additional weight, whether in pedaling or in transport, it is the greatest difficulty to pilot it, in the direction of changes in direction.

For this reason, many cyclists are looking for an intermediate rim, the 27.5, which has an almost as good start as the 26 and a performance and stability close to the 29. A balanced model, anyway.

  Rim 26 Rim 27.5 Rim 29
Startup Fast Normal Slow
Performance Low Medium High
Navigation Low terrain and fast circuits Versatile in terrains and circuits Versatile in terrains and circuits

How much?

Like any bicycle, there are many parts and materials that involve a mountain bike, making the price variation relatively large.

You can find more basic models from R $ 400, as well as more complete and professional models in the range of R $ 5,000.

Where to buy?

If you prefer to do your shopping in person, the large sporting goods chains, such as Centauro and Decathlon are the easiest places to find quality mountain bikes.

Now, if you prefer to make your purchase from the comfort of your home, you can find an even greater variety of models and prices on the internet. Sites such as Amazon, Mercado Livre, Total Bike and Bike Runners are the most recommended.





Purchase Criteria: Factors for choosing the ideal mountain bike

Below you will see our exclusive list of purchase criteria, assembled from elements of the mountain bike and its use. With special attention to them, they can help, and a lot, your choice.

  • Cyclist Level
  • Cyclist Size
  • Frame Material
  • Modality
  • Gears

Check each criterion in detail now.

Cyclist Level

First of all, it is important to be aware of your level of cyclist, between beginner, intermediate and advanced. This information will shape the entire choice of MTB characteristics.

A beginner, for example, can do better with a 26-rim MTB, while an intermediate can perform better using a full suspension. An advanced cyclist, on the other hand, can face anyone, including a 29-inch hardtail.

Cyclist Size

In addition to your pedaling level, your size also directly influences the model you will choose. More specifically, the frame size.

  • Between 1.50 m and 1.70 m: You should look for 14 or 16 inch frames;
  • Between 1.70 m and 1.90 m: The frame must be between 17 and 20 inches;
  • More than 1.90 m: You can search for bikes with frames of 21 or 22 inches, without fear.


Frame Material

Além do tamanho, o material do quadro é um elemento importante a se notar. Ele interfere no desempenho, na portabilidade e até na durabilidade da sua mountain bike. Quadros de ferro, por exemplo, são pesados e podem enferrujar.

O ideal é você escolher entre quadros de alumínio e de carbono. Ambos são leves, tanto na pedalada e no transporte, e resistentes também, com o carbono sendo um nível acima do alumínio.


As modalidades diversas, que tanto falamos aqui, também podem pesar na sua escolha. O Cross Country, por exemplo, pede uma MTB leve e eficiente, enquanto o Trail pede a mesma leveza, mas com maior suspensão.

The Downhill is what needs more enhanced suspension. The Enduro also needs this suspension, but with a lighter frame. The All Mountain and Free Ride are the most “generic” in need of lightness, strength and suspension, in minimally reinforced levels.



In relation to marches, it is another criterion that is worth having prior information, such as the modality you intend to do, the level or amount of climbs, the terrain, etc.

Simply put, longer circuits with more and higher climbs tend to be better navigated with a greater number of gears, while faster and technical circuits “ask” for fewer gears.


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