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Top & Best Bicycle shifting Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Bicycle shifting: How to choose the best in 2022?

The subject of today’s article is bicycle shifting. If you need to buy a new one, or if you are simply thinking of making an exchange for a more modern model, here you will find all the information you need to make the right purchase!

Bicycles with gears facilitate pedaling for all types of people: Even those who use them only as a hobby have a win! There are many variations of changes within these models and it takes a little knowledge to make your journeys much more comfortable!

First, the most important

  • A bicycle’s gear system makes cycling much easier. Whether in the city or on the hillside, you will feel much more comfort while doing this activity.
  • There are front and rear shifts for bicycles. The total number of gears is reached by multiplying the number of speeds for each of the two.
  • If you want to improve your bike’s original gearing system, you will need to replace several other parts besides the gearbox. You will probably need professional help.

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The best bike changes: Our recommendations

Confused by the amount of bicycle exchange options the market offers you? Do not worry! We have made a selection of some of the most impressive models available!

  • A simple rear bicycle shift
  • For those who want to change the complete kit
  • The gear for mountain biking





Buying Guide

Do you want to better understand how a bicycle gear works and how it can help you when cycling? Do not worry!

We now come to the buying guide, the sector responsible for answering the most frequently asked questions about the product!


What is the function of a bicycle gear?

It is not only in motor vehicles that there is a gear change. The same thing occurs on some bicycles, especially those indicated for slightly heavier or frequent use.

In them, you can make cycling on a slope or mountain simpler by placing a gear more indicated. The operation is similar to what happens in a car, with the first gears serving for the exit and for low speeds, and higher indicated for an established movement.

The bicycle shifter also works in the same way as that of a car: It is the one that will allow you to change gears. There are some differences between the types of changes and we will talk about them later.



Did you know that walking bikes are quite old? The first model sold in Brazil, for example, appeared in 1972. It was Calói 10, which was so successful that it almost became synonymous with this type of product in our country!

What are the advantages of having a bicycle gear?

If you are thinking of buying a bike with or without gears or if you are considering changing your current exchange rates for better ones, the big question to be answered is about the advantages and disadvantages provided by these extra functions.

A good bike with gears makes pedaling much more comfortable. With it, you have total control over speed and effort. Even clear situations involving the imaginary of this means of transport, such as pushing it on the slope, cease to exist.

The greater the number of gears, the greater the control over the bicycle and the higher the price. It may also be necessary to have a greater experience with the pedaling, since the understanding of when is the time to put each gear will become more fundamental.

We have prepared a table with the main advantages and disadvantages of a good bike with gearbox!



  • Provides much more ride comfort
  • Speed ​​control becomes easier
  • It is possible to pedal easily even on slopes
  • There is greater robustness and resistance in the wheels


  • The more gears, the higher the price
  • A bicycle with many gears requires more experience

What are the differences between front and rear gears?

To fully understand the functioning of a bicycle’s gear system, it is necessary to know three of its most important parts: Dowels, front shifts and rear shifts.

    • Drawbars: They do the same function as the gearshifts of cars, that is, they are the levers that are used to move gears. The ones for the rear gear are on the right side of the handlebars, while those for the front gear are on the left side.
    • Rear derailleur: Also called a “little monkey”, it is attached to the rear wheel. When actuated by the dowel, it tightens the chain and causes it to move through the gears, changing the gear. The most common models usually have between seven and nine speeds.
    • Front gear: Simpler and less important than the rear, usually between one and four speeds. It is on the front wheel and changes the gear when it is driven by the dowel.


It is more important to have a rear shift than a front. This is what happens in the simplest models of bikes with gears, which already allow good speed control.

What are the most common gear numbers on bicycles?

The number of gears on a bicycle consists of multiplying the number of rear gear speeds by the front. For example, seven in the rear and three in the front consists of a 21-speed model.

It is worth remembering that if you want to make a change in the amount of gears on your bike, it is not enough to just change the gear. The entire system will need to be replaced, which also includes dowels, chains, cassettes, rear hubs, among others.

The greater the number of marches, the smoother the passages are. You feel less the transition from one speed to another and you have the option to better control the resistance of the pedals, that is, whether your pedaling will be “lighter” or not.

Check out the table below that we set up with some of the most common gear numbers and for whom they are recommended:


Number of gears Recommendations
1 to 3 (Models with front gear only) Eventual use within cities
7 to 9 (Models with rear derailleur only) More advanced use within cities
Between 11 and 20 Urban bike with possible trails or harder slopes
Between 28 and 34 Ideal for Mountain Biking
Over 30 gears Bicycle touring, long trips through different terrains

When to change the gear of a bicycle?

There are two main reasons for an exchange exchange: Either for improvement, looking for superior performance without having to buy a new bike, or for the fact that the original had problems.

Exchange of exchange for problems must be simple and happen from the acquisition of a new similar model. In that case, there should be no major complications.

If the desire is to exchange for a different model, with a higher number of gears, it will be necessary to replace several other components, as we have already mentioned. In that case, you should seek professional help.



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March 15, 2022

How to use a bicycle gear?

The use of a bicycle gearbox is simple at first: just handle the drawbars, which are on each side of the handlebars.


The first marches are more suitable for uphill and rough terrain.

However, it takes experience to know which are the correct gears. The former, for example, are used for uphill and rough terrain. They provide greater stability and ease for cycling. The further you go, the more options you have to maintain a high speed.

Gears should always be shifted with the bike in motion. The higher the number, the less the passage will be felt. With time of use and experience, you will learn exactly which type you prefer in each situation and will have complete control of the pedaling!

How much does it cost and where to buy a bicycle gear?

You can find bicycle changes with a wide range of values. The simplest models, with fewer gears and without additional parts, can be in the range of R $ 30. Others with complementary items come up to close to R $ 250.

Bicycle shops are good options for buying a bicycle exchange. However, we recommend purchasing online. The Brazilian Amazon offers several great models. It is also possible to check Amazon international and Mercado Livre.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a bicycle gear

If you are going to replace an original exchange model with a similar one, you already know what you need to buy. But if you want a completely new system, you need to choose the best one. Therefore, we have selected technical criteria to help you!

  • Material
  • Extra items
  • Fixing way
  • Compatibility

Below, we will discuss each of them:


Some bicycle shifts are made of plastic, a very cheap material, but one that does not offer much resistance. You should choose one of them only if you want to save a lot.

Among the best materials for bicycle changes are steel, very resistant, fiberglass and carbon fiber. The last two are the ones that offer the best conditions, but this is also reflected in the price.


Extra items

If you are changing your bike’s gear for one with more gears, you will need to not only replace this part, but also many others. Almost all components that control speed will undergo changes.

Buying a kit with all the necessary items improves the cost-benefit ratio.

There will be a lot of ease if you choose a complete kit, which already gives you not only exchange, but also all the other items you will need. Not only will the cost-benefit ratio become higher, but the headache of searching for item by item will also disappear.

Find out everything you need to change the gear and find a ready-made kit that offers a lever, a gear wheel, a chain and all the other items!

Fixing way

Some shifts are quite simple to install on your bicycle: Just screw them on. Others need more complex mechanisms and tools that you may not even have at home. Read in the technical specifications of the product which is the fixing method!

This applies not only to the exchange, but to all parts of the kit. If you do a more complex operation, replacing several components, you just won’t need professional help if you know a lot about bicycles or have a great mechanical knowledge.


The first obvious compatibility issue is that the transmission needs to match the chain, sprocket and other parts of the system. Not only that: There is a wide network of bicycle components that need to fit well for acceptable performance.

You will always need to understand how front and rear shifts are related, how your speeds match, how you can make the most of your system and make it perform well. Thus, not only will it be easy to assemble, but later you will get the best out of the bike.


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