Top & Best Shimano Pedal Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Shimano Pedal: What is the best choice in 2022?

In today’s text, we will talk about one of the essential parts of the bicycle, produced by one of the most important brands in the cycling market: the Shimano pedal.

The right Shimano pedal for the right bike can correct a ride, improve the performance of a race, and increase the safety of the rider. Therefore, in this Guide we will help you find the right model for you!

First, the most important

  • Shimano pedals are best used on intermediate bikes and especially on advanced bikes, which usually come without pedals.
  • The main varieties of pedals are the platform, the clip (or plug-in), the mixed and the speed.
  • Shimano clip pedal models “order” cycling shoes for better performance.

The best Shimano pedals: The ideal model for every situation

Below, we will show you the best Shimano pedals, designed not only from their characteristics, but also from the situations for which they are ideal. Check the elected:

  • The best Shimano pedal for mountain biking
  • The best Shimano pedal for speed
  • The best Shimano ride pedal





Shopping Guide

Shimano has innovative and highly technological solutions for the most diverse bikes and for the most diverse cyclists. One of them is the wide variety of pedals, with a high level of specificity for each need of each pedal.

Below, in our Purchasing Guide, we’ll show you some of the best solutions, answer important questions, and provide essential tips and information to guide your choice of the best Shimano pedal for you and your bike.


Shimano pedal platform or clip?

Despite several high-tech variations, there are basically two types of Shimano pedals: platform pedals and clip pedals, also known as plug-in pedals.

The Shimano platform pedal is so called because it is in fact a platform for the feet. Flat, is the most common type of pedal, not least because it is widely used in children’s bikes and other entry models.

The Shimano clip pedal, in turn, has a different concept. If the feet on the platform only rest on the pedal, on the clip they are fixed on the pedals, using a kind of screws – the clubs – that fit (hence the name “fit”) into holes in the soles of the cycling shoes, specialized footwear for cycling.



Did you know? The first records of a clip-style pedal are dated 1895! However, popularization would not come until 70, 80 years later …


The pedal clip is considered the evolution of the platform pedal, because once fixed, both feet fully participate in the pedaling, with one going down and the other helping the opposite pedal up.

On the other hand, platform pedals allow for more versatile maneuvers and pedaling, for walking and as a means of transport, which require greater freedom for the feet.


How is the Shimano speed pedal?

The Shimano speed pedal, as the name says, is designed to maximize pedaling speed. This means that most models are of the clip type, because, as we explained earlier, there is a greater transfer of energy in each pedal.

Another elementary feature of the speed pedal is lightness, to reduce effort and save energy for faster pedaling. Precisely because of this speed, many of the models are wider, for greater stability, and safety, after all.



Why is the Shimano Deore pedal ideal for mountain biking?

If Shimano speed pedals are adjusted to the speed of the tracks, Shimano Deore pedals are made with the mountain bike’s obstacles and the most difficult terrain in mind.



Sports and Fitness

Mountain bike

August 16, 2019

This means that they are more resistant pedals, from their axle to their clubs – in fact, they are clip-like models – and that allow cyclists to not only resist, but also perform in the midst of the difficulties of off-road sports .

A very representative detail is the slightly lower base, to reduce the accumulation of dust, something common in the “MTB”. Another is the anodized aluminum body, present in several models of the line, which are extremely resistant to damage from falls and the like.


Shimano M530 or M540 pedal?

Of the various lines and models of Shimano pedals, two are among the most popular: the m530 and the m540. Both are ideal pedals for Mountain Bike, a certain Shimano specialty, and both are clip-type as well.

The m530 is the most “basic”, with a lower price, more suitable for intermediate bikes. It has open fixation, which is less efficient but much more practical, and has SPD technology, which enhances the fixation of the pedals with the sneakers.

The m540 is considered the progression of the m530. Its market value is higher, not least because it is aimed at higher levels of performance, and consequently better used in advanced and professional models. It has, for example, a conical shaft and a sealed cartridge, which are more resistant and require less maintenance.



Purchasing Criteria: what to note when choosing your Shimano pedal

As the Shimano pedal can involve cycling competitions and competitions, and risky modalities too, it is essential that you choose the ideal model, for safety and performance. We have put together a list of purchase criteria to help your choice.

  • Modality
  • SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) and Shimano ClickR
  • Tacos
  • Safety


First of all, you must be guided by the modality, for safety reasons, even if it is for a walk, and for performance as well. As a general rule:

  • Clip pedals are more suitable for off-road modes , such as Mountain Bike and Cross Country;
  • Platform pedals are ideal for maneuvers, BMX and other street modes ;
  • Speed ​​pedals are best used on roads and tracks;
  • Mixed pedals are quite versatile for modalities and terrains, as long as they are gentle pedaling;


SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) and Shimano ClickR

A good way to select only the best Shimano pedal models is to look for those that are compatible with Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (“Shimano Dynamic Pedaling System”, or SPD).

It is a system restricted to clip or mixed pedals, which improves the transfer of energy from your foot to the gears.

Another useful technology of Shimano pedals is the ClickR, which facilitates the attachment and release of the feet and shoes of the pedals, ideal for walking and urban use.


If you are after Shimano pedals with greater foot fixation, give preference to models that have the included clubs.

Clubs, also called “cups”, are small pieces, but with an essential role in fixing the feet and / or sneakers on the pedal. And believe me, there are many stores where they are sold separately …

Ah! The best thing is that the clubs are also Shimano. Greater compatibility, greater efficiency.



Never forget security. Avoid pedals with sharp finishes and any other parts and surfaces that can hurt your legs if they slip off your feet during a ride.

The same goes for the resistance and durability of the pedals. Prefer Shimano pedals with chrome shafts and sealed cartridges. After all, the lower the risk of problems with the pedal, the greater your safety.



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