Top & Best Selim Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Selim: How the best for your bike in 2022?

Shopping Guide on bicycle saddles. Today is the day to get to know the best information so as not to falter and never regret it after purchase.

Before you go around buying any cheap saddle, you need to know that not all models are the same. If you buy the wrong saddle you cannot return the product and end up assuming the losses.

We will deal with different subjects that make life easier for customers. Discover the average price, the best versions, which saddle to buy and other fundamental things. We wish you a good reading and a great shopping experience.

First, the most important

  • Saddles with leather on the cover are more suitable for you to feel comfort on long journeys with medium speed. Some of these models weigh on the bike, so to have stability it is not recommended to pedal at full speed.
  • Light saddles that have a “V” shape are great for those who like to accelerate a lot with the bike. These products help balance even when the bike is fast on long turns.
  • Before buying the saddle, make sure that the frame fits smoothly into the bike’s seatpost.

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Buying Guide

Choosing the correct saddle is very important for any cyclist, after all, it guarantees comfort and in some cases even helps the athlete’s performance.

Now that you’ve checked out the best and know the importance of the saddle, it’s time to get to know the information that serves to guide your analysis in the search for the perfect product.


What is saddle and what are its advantages?

Cushion, saddle and bicycle seat, these are just other names for saddles. As it is a part that is almost always in contact with cyclists it needs to be a comfortable, light and resistant product.

With a quality saddle it is possible to have more security when cycling over short or long distances. This product has the objective of supporting a large part of the weights of cyclists.

The most modern structures are simple to adjust. People adjust the saddle to the ideal height to ride comfortably. You adjust the height on the saddle through the seatpost, the same piece that serves to fix the saddle on the bike.



Gabriel the thinkerSinger

“Life is like riding a bicycle, if you stop, you fall.”

The more levels of adjustments there are in this product the higher the price on the market. To adjust it is necessary to consider the distance from the ground, the size of the cyclist and the height of the pedals.

There are several worldwide and Brazilian saddle manufacturers. Each company has a different way of making products. The best brands are hired by bike factories to supply large shipments.

In practice, only professional cyclists know how to choose the best saddle formats. This is because those who have cycled for a long time have tried different types of seats before finding the perfect option.

The saddle is not just used to support people’s weight. This product is also useful for the body to be positioned in the best possible way to avoid muscle injuries or pain.

To facilitate the choice of the best saddle, some manufacturers provide interested audiences with some measuring tools. Now let’s see this table that summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of bicycle saddles:


  • Pedaling comfort
  • Cyclist safety
  • Simple to adjust


  • It’s not unisex
  • Expensive
  • The best productions are imported

This is not a unisex product. You need to buy the male or female model. To support the weight on the saddle, people use a bone called ischium. Normally, this bone is more distant in women and closer in men. This explains why there are male or female versions of the product.

How does one saddle differ from the other?

It is necessary to keep an eye on the base of the saddle, in order of more expensive and resistant compositions we have those of carbon fiber, nylon and injected plastic.

Carbon fiber is more resistant and gives a beautiful shape to the saddle. Some versions for professionals who cycle a lot and in different terrains have a more flexible base. This flexibility has certain advantages:

    • Less vibrations;
    • More ergonomics;
    • Comfort.


The newer and more expensive versions have holes or recessed parts. These small changes serve to generate less pressure in contact with the product. Even the rear has variations in design as an attempt to generate extra comfort.


We cannot forget the lining as well. Although they are a little heavier, models lined with leather are very comfortable. Tensioned leather versions can be useful for bikes that are used by men and women.

Leather saddles adjust to the hip bone as the person wears it for a few days.

Foam linings have different densities, the denser the higher the price. In intermediate prices there are productions of gel and (or) rubber, combining a little comfort with more balance on the tracks.

Above the upholstery there is the saddle cover, which may have leather, rubber or courvin in certain versions. Plastic is very common in cheaper productions. In some productions there are even a few small holes for more grip when cycling.

The rails are part of the saddles responsible for uniting the piece with the bicycle cap and allowing adjustment. The best rail options are manganese, carbon and titanium. The steel structures oxidize and weigh more on the bike.

Check now the advantages of having a saddle with rubber or leather tensioned in the cover:

Tensioned Leather Saddle Rubber Saddle
More chances to offer comfort Lighter
More beauty More balance
More retro style More water resistance

How much?

In retail, the average price of a saddle can range from R $ 50 to R $ 1,000. Imported brands with a light composition have high values. Medium-weight and national models are more affordable for non-professional consumers.

The saddle track when it has manganese and carbon can make the product more expensive. Metal rails, although they are heavier, are affordable at times.

Another thing that impacts the price is the format. When the saddle has holes or a different design it almost always ends up costing more. The traditional forms of bike seats have popular values ​​in the market.



Where to buy?

Want to buy saddles in person? Then, visit physical stores like Bayard, Americanas and Centauro. Take the opportunity to get your hands on the products and check to see if everything is resistant.

Do you want to buy on the internet to pay lower prices? Access stores like Amazon, NetShoes and Submarino. Don’t forget to buy only from offers that have the complete product description and plenty of photos.

Amazon is the safest online store on the internet. There the pages are checked every day so that there are no breaches of customer data.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the different saddle models

Below you will learn about 4 purchasing criteria that should make your life easier as a buyer. With these points in mind it will be easier to find the ideal saddle for your cyclist profile:

  • Lining
  • Rail
  • Weight
  • Material

Find out more information about each of these criteria in the sections below.


Many people think that buying the most lined product possible is a way of comfort. This is a very mistaken thought. The versions with a lot of foam yield easily and end up supporting the body weight more than the ischium.

So, pay more attention to the ideal format for you than in the product lining. There is no use paying a high note in a soft structure that does not reduce pain after cycling.

When the saddle is perfectly shaped for you, you need only a thin layer of foam.


The saddle rails can be different in diameter on the seat of your bike. For this reason you need to check if the option you want to buy is compatible with the bicycle. Anyone who buys the wrong size cannot exchange the product at the store after purchase.

Por isso, leia atentamente a descrição do produto nos sitesde venda e confira a compatibilidade com sua bike.



Existem muitas opções de peso para selim. O valor médio pode ir de 100 gramas a até 900 gramas. As estruturas leves e resistentes custam caro e servem aos competidores de alto desempenho.


As estruturas com um peso médio são boas porque geram conforto para pedaladas menos rápidas e de mais distância. Já os modelos pesados de metal são antigos e podem ter corrosão no contato com água.


We have already dedicated a topic to talk about the material of the saddle, and its importance. The material differs from the weight of the product, a criterion mentioned above.

Investing in a high quality saddle, made from good raw material is especially important for those who compete, or are still a dedicated cyclist.


The material of the saddle determines the comfort and durability of the product. (Source: Natala Standret / 123RF)

This is because the material dictates saddle strength and comfort, two fundamental criteria. Saddles with carbon fiber and tensioned leather are among the best on the market.

Now you just have to put into practice everything that has been taught and make the most of your saddle purchases.




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