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Top & Best Cheap bike Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Cheap bike: How to choose the best value for money in 2022

Today we are going to talk about a means of transport widely used in different regions of the country. Inside, the bicycle has always been very common. Now, in the main metropolises, they are being used more and more. But how to buy a cheap bike that meets your needs?

Many people use the bicycle to save money, in this case, the ideal is to opt for a model that is of good quality and, at the same time, does not cost the eye of the face. Thus, you live a healthier life with a small investment.

Here we will help you choose a quality model that fits in your pocket. Continue with us to find out what are the main features that you should evaluate to buy a cheap bike.

First, the most important

  • The price here matters, but the quality must be just as important. It is possible to purchase a cheap and good model, according to your personal needs.
  • Its use will be essential to determine which bike you should buy. Whether for leisure or urban use, some characteristics must be evaluated.
  • Cheap good quality bicycles usually cost between R $ 500 and R $ 1,000.

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The Best Cheap Bike Models: Our Choices

The bicycle is an excellent means of transport. Not to mention that it is a great leisure activity and a healthy habit. And it is not necessary to invest too high to enjoy the benefits of a bike. Among the various models of cheap bicycle, these are the ones that stand out for their quality and popularity among consumers.

  • To take a walk
  • An ideal option for urban routes
  • A bicycle with modern design

Buying Guide

We have already shown you that it is possible to buy a cheap quality bicycle. But how do you know if the model is good and suitable for your needs? Here we will solve your doubts and help you select the best bike for you!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the cheap bicycle?

In the interior cities or even some of the  coast, the bicycle has always been a very common means of transport. After all, if you live in a small town, what are you going to spend money on buses for?

However, it is not always possible to buy a more expensive and robust model. Of course, a cheap bike may not have as many features as other more complete ones, but it helps to break a huge branch in everyday life.



They are much faster than walking and much cheaper than riding a car, motorcycle and, in some cases, even buses. A study pointed out that it is possible to save up to R $ 451 a month by exchanging the car for the bike.

In addition, they still guarantee more health for your routine. It is not always possible to pay for a gym or find time to go to it. Thus, the bike, in addition to cutting your expenses, also provides more health.

Among its negative points is the fact that they are not usually as complete as some models. Therefore, it will be necessary to take more care with maintenance.

  • You save money both at the time of purchase and with transportation
  • It is also good for health
  • Often the bike is faster than the bus and even the car
  • They are not usually so complete
  • Maintenance is needed more often
  • Its service life may be slightly shorter

What type of bicycle is right for me?

Among cheap bikes, you can find several different types. Whether you are a regular skinny, mountain bike, folding or child, there is certainly a cheap bike model waiting for you.

That’s the first thing you need to define: the type of bike you’re looking for. From there it becomes much easier to find the ideal bike for your need.

    • Ordinary bicycle : The simplest type of bicycle available in stores, this bike has only one gear with coaster brakes (brake that works by pedaling backwards). It is more suitable for those who use the bike for leisure. As it has no more gears, it is a little difficult to use on steep climbs and obstacles.
    • Mountain Bike : Ideal for those looking for a model to ride a lot and often over mountainous terrain, such as streets and roads. With compact frames and stable handling, mountain bikes usually have 21 gears. They have a tall handlebar to maintain an upright posture when walking.
    • Foldable : Ideal for those who travel a lot on the subway and bus and like to take the bike with them. They offer a lot of practicality, as they can be folded and take up less space.
    • Children : The ideal model for those who want to gift a child. They may or may not contain training wheels, depending on the age indicated. They do not have gears or suspension. Always remember to choose a children’s bicycle with a brake that is easy to tighten.


How to increase the useful life of a cheap bicycle?

Every bike needs maintenance to extend its life. Regardless of whether or not it is a cheap bicycle, taking care is never too much and can extend the life of your skinny girl even more. Check out the tips:

Maintain frequently

This measure is especially essential if you plan to buy a model to use every day to go to work or walk long distances. Observe if it works normally or if something is not right.

To do complete maintenance, it is interesting to check the lubrication of the chain every 15 days. Remember that this also reflects on your security. Also, check the wheel centering and tire pressure.

Keep tires always inflated

Speaking of tires, it never hurts to remember: keep your tires always calibrated! Calibrated tires do not have such a large contact surface with the ground, which preserves them and makes them last longer. Always calibrate your bike’s tires as recommended by the manufacturer.



Rotate the tires

There is no point in buying a cheap bicycle and not making the most of what your tires have to offer. The rear tire wears out more easily, while the front tire is a little more reserved. Taking turns both, they can last twice as long.


Many people, especially in the countryside, have the habit of hitchhiking on the back or on the pipe. However, the ideal is to avoid excess weight on your bike.

When carrying a lot of weight, the bike will need to have a greater contact surface with the ground, which wears out the tires. The chain and ratio of the bicycle also need to work harder and the brakes and rims need more friction to be able to brake.

How much does a cheap bicycle cost?

It is possible to buy a cheap quality bike, but you will still need to pay a certain amount. Many good models cost less than R $ 1,000, but rarely will a good bike cost less than R $ 500 if it is not for children.

The average price of a good cheap bike is around R $ 700. With that price you get a model that will last a little longer.

Where to buy a cheap bicycle?

You can find some models of cheap bicycles in big sporting goods stores and supermarkets like Extra, Carrefour, Decathlon, Centauro, etc.

For those who want to buy their bike online, it is even easier to find a good model at a great cost. There are numerous options on sites like Amazon, Mercado Livre, Lojas Americanas, among others.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for evaluating a cheap bicycle

It is not because the bicycle is cheap that it should not be analyzed very well before you make the purchase. These are some of the features you need to know before purchasing yours:

  • Hoop
  • Gears
  • Tire
  • Design

Let’s talk more about each of them so that there are no more doubts.


There are different sizes of rim on bicycles. The most common are rim 26, rim 29, rim 700c and rim 27.5.

Most of them are made of carbon steel, especially low-cost bikes. However, some models use aluminum or carbon fiber rims.

Many inexpensive bike models have the 26 rim, which offers agility and reduced weight compared to larger rims. In addition, they can be used in various types of terrain.

They also offer more ease because, if you need to do maintenance, your parts are easily found. Learn the main characteristics of the different hoops:


Cheap bikes can have 1 or 21 gears.

Cheap bicycles usually offer two main options for number of gears: 1 or 21. Models with only 1 gear are more suitable for those looking for a bicycle just for leisure or else who live in flatter cities.

The 21-speed ones are more suitable for those who want to use the bike frequently on more uneven terrain. If you live in a metropolis, for example, the ideal is to purchase a model with 21 gears.


The tires must change according to your needs. If you are looking for a bicycle for leisure, the ideal is to purchase a model with a tire for asphalt and dirt, without many studs.

For urban use, however, needs change. If you intend to use the bicycle on a daily basis in the city, choose one that has a mixed tire for trail and asphalt.


It is not because you have decided to buy a cheap bicycle that you need to accept anyone that appears. You can – and should – also prioritize the style of your bike.


If she is going to serve as a means of transport or to have moments of leisure, it is essential that you identify with her and can express a little of your personality through her.

If you like the basics, invest in a cheap black and discreet bike. If you do a more romantic style, those that imitate old bikes and have baskets may be perfect for you. And if you like color, invest in a colorful, patterned or neon bike.


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