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Top & Best Caloi Bicycle Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Caloi Bicycle: Which are the best in 2022?

Welcome to MyPriceSaving! Today we are going to talk about the Caloi bike models, and give you several tips for you to choose the right bike for you. Cycling has many health benefits and we want to tell you more about it throughout this guide.

Therefore, today’s mypricesaving guide is about these bikes, with several tips and a list of the main equipment available on the market today.

First, the most important

  • Caloi bikes are a reference in the market, as they offer affordable prices and high quality. The brand manufactures options for all needs and pockets.
  • Among the frame materials of Caloi bikes, there are those that have iron, aluminum, or carbon fiber in their composition. Learn the difference between them in this guide.
  • The most sought after characteristics on a bicycle are frame size, brakes, suspension, tires, pedal, and saddle. We’ll talk about them in detail in the Purchase Criteria section at the end of this article.

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Ranking: The 5 best Caloi bikes

Who has never heard of a Caloi bicycle? Check below the ranking with the best models of the brand we have selected for you to have excellent options to choose from:

Buying Guide

More health and well-being and greater contact with nature are just two of the great advantages of cycling. The practice that has become increasingly popular in Brazil – and also more accessible – is also widely used as a means of transport.

Caloi is a brand that offers numerous models, I have the ideal bike for your need. Want to learn more about them? Keep reading!

What is a Caloi bike and what are its advantages?

Caloi is a Brazilian bicycle brand, and the equipment produced by it has high quality, always being among the best in the market. It was purchased by Cannondale in 2013, which is a Canadian brand that manufactures excellent equipment.

The ideal, when looking for a bicycle, is to compare each model, as the brands usually have components from different manufacturers, therefore, stick to only the automaker is often not the best option.

The importance that Caloi has at the national level, however, cannot be denied, since it was the first to manufacture folding bicycles, still in the ’60s.

The innovative character of the brand, and the affordable prices, contributed to more people having the opportunity to buy bicycles, and to have the chance to have a healthier lifestyle, even if only on weekends.

Unfortunately, the brand has lost a lot of market over the years, as competition has been increasing, as bicycles are priced more and more competitively, and new brands have entered the market.

Many consumers complain about the Caloi assembly service, as there are some reports of loose parts, so it is important to check this before your purchase, and call the warranty if necessary.

For those who want to remember classic models, the brand bet in 2018 on the re-reading of one of its most famous bikes, the Caloi 10, to celebrate its 120 years of history.


  • Innovative brand
  • Bicycles for all needs
  • Affordable prices
  • Models that made history
  • Assembly
  • Competition

Caloi bicycle with aluminum, iron, or carbon frame?

The material that makes up the structure of the bicycle, which is also known as the frame, is very important, as it determines the weight and price of the bicycle. Below we list the most used materials in bicycle structures:


It is the most common material to be used on bicycles, as they are lighter and last longer, due to the low risk of corrosion. Currently, most bicycles have this material in its composition, since it has the best cost-benefit.


Iron frames are still widely used on bicycles, especially those used in urban areas, where people often seek the lowest possible price just in order to have a cheap way to get around.

One of the main disadvantages of iron bicycles is their weight, as they are much more robust than those with other materials. In addition, they are more subject to corrosion, which greatly reduces the life of the equipment, especially for people living in coastal regions.


Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber bicycles were once considered the most expensive on the market and their price has improved, but it is still a type of equipment inaccessible to most people.

As with aluminum, this material does not rust, but it is very susceptible to UV rays, which can make it brittle. Despite this, cyclists are very fond of carbon fiber because it is very light.



Titanium was once considered the most exotic material in bicycles, but today it has become increasingly popular, as it is as light as aluminum, and not as susceptible to corrosion.

One of the disadvantages of titanium is that it is not very accessible, as it is a difficult material to handle, which, consequently, makes it expensive.

Aluminum Iron Carbon fiber Titanium
Weight Light Heavy Light Light
Durability Durable Corrosion risk Susceptible to UV rays Durable
Price Best cost-benefit Cheap expensive expensive

How much?

The cost of a Caloi bike will depend a lot on the use you want to make of it, whether you want high-performance equipment or just to use as a means of transport.

From the most expensive and functional to the simplest, the brand manufactures bicycles for all needs and pockets. A high-performance Caloi model, Elite Carbon Racing, costs R $ 12,999 on Amazon’s website.

For people who just want a bicycle for everyday life, Caloi Montana is a good option, costing around R $ 499.


Where to buy?

It is more and more common to find places that sell bicycles since almost all cities have at least one store that sells this equipment. Stores specializing in bicycles are a great option for those who want to talk to salespeople and ask questions about the products.

Some physical stores that are present in large cities and that have many models of Caloi bikes available are Centauro and Decathlon. You can also find them in stores that are not specialized in sports equipment.

To buy without leaving home, there is the option to purchase your Caloi bicycle online, through sites such as Amazon, Buying online you have the advantage of receiving the product at your door and not worry about transporting the store to your home.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare Caloi bike models

When searching for your Caloi bike, be aware of the following characteristics, which are very important and must be observed:

  • Frame size
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Tires
  • Pedal
  • Saddle

Below we will explain in detail each one of these characteristics so that you can choose the best possible equipment according to what you want:

Frame size

One of the most important items to note before buying a Caloi bike is the size of the frame. For those who do not know, the frame is the structure of the bicycle, the part of the equipment on which the wheels and other parts are mounted.

Buying a bicycle with the wrong frame can end up giving back pain, pain in the hands, feet, and even end up leading to an injury in the future. After all, no one wants to buy a bicycle to be uncomfortable, is it?


The most common is to find in 4 frame sizes, which are: P, M, G, and GG, which in inches, would be the following measures:

  • P – 15 ”to 16”: This is a small size, usually indicated for cyclists who are between 1.65m and 1.71m tall.
  • M – 17 ”to 18”: This is the average size, normally indicated for cyclists who are between 1.72m and 1.76m tall.
  • G – 19 ”: Large size, recommended for cyclists who are between 1.77m and 1.82 in height.
  • GG – 21 ”: Extra-large size, which should be used by cyclists who are over 1.83 m tall.

There are other factors to consider when choosing a frame size. The ideal is that you perform a test on the bike before purchasing, also called Bike Fit, so you can have more confidence at the time of purchase.


Some of the brake types most used on Caloi bikes are V-Brake or disc brakes. They have distinct characteristics and must be carefully analyzed before choosing. Check through this comparative table:

V-Brake Disco
How does it work? One of the most well-known and has a drive system based on steel cables, in which you brake using a handle on the handlebars They can be mechanical – used in most basic bikes – and hydraulic – more suitable for Mountain bikes because they are more powerful and provide greater safety
What is the advantage? It is very cheap, safe, and its adjustment is very simple It is usually more efficient because it does not have friction with the wheel, therefore, it does not have as much contact with mud and moisture


Suspension can be one of the most expensive items on bicycles, as a simple piece of it can cost R $ 8,000. There are entry suspensions, which are more suitable for beginners, and which have mechanical functioning. Usually, they are made with simpler and heavier materials.

The more advanced suspensions, on the other hand, have lighter materials, and in many of them, the adjustments are so precise that the cyclist is able to have total control of the bicycle.


The tires can be of different types, according to the purpose you want with the Caloi bike. They can be of the following types:

  • Mountain Bikes: These have wider tires, with studs, which provide greater grip on terrain with mud and dust. Their cushioning is also better.
  • SpeedSpeed bikes, which are used for racing, have thinner and lighter tires, to maximize the performance of the bike.
  • Urban tires: Caloi urban bicycle tires, on the other hand, have excellent durability and usually have channels for water drainage.


Depending on your goal with the Caloi bike, the type of pedal will change, as it must be comfortable to adapt to each modality. Pedal types are usually divided into a competition or ride pedals.

The competition ones are the pedals for Mountain Bike, for example, which should allow the cyclist to take and put the foot with ease. He must also be resistant to face mud, dust, and water.

For this reason, most competition bikes are sold without a pedal, as this is a very personal issue, according to what each cyclist considers most important.

The models of ride bikes can have nylon pedals, because they offer simplicity, practicality, and lightness, besides being very resistant.


The saddle is the seat, and one of the points of support of the cyclist on the bicycle. It is important because about 60 to 70% of its weight is deposited in it. They are also divided into saddles for leisure and performance and for each purpose they must have different characteristics, check out:

  • Leisure saddle: It is wider and provides greater comfort. This saddle is not intended to be lightweight, but rather to be durable and provide pleasant leisure hours.
  • Performance saddle: The performance saddle is usually narrower, and slightly less comfortable than the leisure saddle, as the cyclist will only have the comfort necessary to finish the races with ease since the priority is performance. The fact that it is narrower allows it not to restrict its movements.




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