Top & Best Bicycle Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Bicycle: Which are the best of 2022?

Here we are going to talk about a means of transport that is being increasingly adopted by Brazilians, whether for daily commuting, physical exercise or just leisure: the bicycle.

There are bicycles available for different types of ages and needs. Some models are more ideal for racing, others are better for taking a walk around the park. There are different types of rim size and multi-speed bikes.

Among so many options, it can be a challenge to choose which model is right for you. Our mission is to help you with that choice! Let’s talk about the best bikes, their advantages and disadvantages and what are the main features that you should evaluate before purchasing.

First, the most important

  • Choosing a bicycle is not a simple task, as it is necessary to consider its intention to use, the available models, the number of gears and the size of the rim. Here you will know exactly which is the best bike for you.
  • For those who use a bike just for leisure, a simpler model may be enough. For those who work every day on a bicycle or like to hike, a more complete and resistant model is needed.
  • The bicycle offers many advantages such as economy, health, time and fun. However, it will be necessary to pay a large amount at the time of purchase, as bicycles are a little expensive.

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The best bikes on the market: Our choices

With so many options – and bike types – on the market, it’s hard to choose the right model without a little help. And we want to help you in that search. Below, you can check the best bikes for different needs and, of course, choose the one that best fits yours.

  • The most popular model for teenagers
  • An option with distinctive style and design
  • The option for children who love cycling
  • The bicycle for those who prefer elegant models
  • A great option for leisure time

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Caloi is one of the best known bicycle brands in Brazil, and one of its best and most popular models for teenagers is the Caloi Max Front Aro 24 bicycle.

This model is ideal for teenagers who want a mountain bike. It has 21 different speeds and is perfect for those who like adventures. This bike is smaller and has a different design.

Suitable for young people from 12 years old, this model has a great cost-benefit, it is comfortable and easy to assemble. In addition, it has quality shock absorber and brake.


For those who prefer bikes with style and differentiated design, this can be a good option. The Aro 26 Viking Freeride bike stands out with its bold and exclusive appearance.

This model of bike offers 21 speed options for the cyclist, allowing use in different types of terrain. The tires are made in MTB with Aro 26, ensuring safety during maneuvers on any ground.

It is recommended for both teenagers and adults. Consumers of this model considered the bike good and resistant, as well as easy to assemble.



A children’s model for those who know children who love cycling! The Verden Children’s Breeze Aro 16 bike has a super charming pink and white design and comes with training wheels.

In addition, it has fenders, basket and luggage rack for the child’s comfort. It comes equipped with the best safety items to ensure the child’s well-being during use.

Because it is a children’s model, it is cheaper and offers good value for money. This bike is ideal for children aged 5 to 8 years and has no gears.


The Caloi Aluminum Sport Aro 26 bicycle has a classic design, for those who prefer elegant and more sober models. It is ideal for those who want to start mountain biking with a lighter bike.

This model offers 21 speed options and has an aluminum frame and comfort on the front suspension. Another advantage of this bike is that it costs a little cheaper than other models.

The bicycle is ideal to be used at leisure, such as strolling through the neighborhood or taking a few walks in the park with the family.



The Caloi 100 Sport bike has a 26 rim and offers 21 walking options for the cyclist. It is ideal for teenagers and adults who like bikes with a modern design.

With front suspension, higher handlebars, comfortable saddle with springs and quick release, this model is ideal for cycling through the bike lanes and parks in your city in a fun and comfortable way.

It is more suitable for leisure moments and offers great cost-benefit. The bike is easy to assemble and is comfortable and soft.


Buying Guide

One more bike is one less car on the street. This means less traffic and pollution through the cities of our country. If you want to be part of this group of people who have been switching the accelerator for pedaling, this ReviewBox Brasil Guide will provide you with all the necessary information for your purchase.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the bicycle?

Lately, especially in big cities like São Paulo, the use of bikes for daily tasks is increasing more and more. One of the big reasons for this is the ease. With a bicycle, you don’t get traffic and get to places much faster.

In addition to ease, other advantages, such as low cost, are very attractive for cyclists. A study pointed out that it is possible to save up to R $ 451 a month by exchanging the car for the bike. An interesting proposal, isn’t it?

In an interview with the ElPaís portal, designer Laura Karina Fujimura Rodrigues, who works in São Paulo, confirms the advantages of using a bicycle on a daily basis:



Laura Karina Fujimura RodriguesDesigner

“By bike, everything is easier. It arrived, got on, passed the lock and that’s it. If I go to Avenida Paulista by car or I will have to pay a fortune in the parking lot or I will be driving for a long time until I get to stop.”

In addition, the bike offers a great saving of time, which you can spend resting, walking or studying. In large cities, it is possible to save 19 minutes a day using a bicycle instead of a bus. That gives six hours free per month!

There are also benefits for your health and well-being. With the rush of day-to-day work, it is not always possible to exercise. However, by exchanging the car and the bus for the bike, you can maintain a healthier routine without having to go to the gym.



For what purpose do you want a bicycle?

Before purchasing your bike, you need to consider what your main use will be. For those looking for a leisure-oriented model, simple bicycles will be enough to meet the demand.

For those looking for models to go to work every day, it is necessary to purchase a more resistant bike. These are the main characteristics that your bicycle must have to fulfill different needs:


  Recreation Urban use Trail
Price From R $ 800 From R $ 1200 From R $ 2500
March There is no need for many marches 21 speed minimum 24 speed minimum
Hoop Rim 26 Aro 700 Rim 29
Tire Tire for asphalt and dirt, without many studs Mixed tire for trail and asphalt Tire with studs and soft rubbers
Painting That allows a straight posture That allows a straight posture Made of carbon
Other important features Comfortable bench Use of fenders, comfortable and soft seat, luggage rack, safety light, horn and rear view mirror Tip shock absorber, disc brake, front suspension

What precautions are taken to increase the bicycle’s life?

In addition to these specific characteristics for each type of use, it is essential to take some measures and care to ensure that your bike has a longer service life. These are some tips that will keep your bike up to date:

Keep your tires calibrated

The ideal is to always check if the tires on your bike need to be calibrated and inflate them according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. By doing this, the contact surface between the tires and the ground will decrease, wearing less on the tire.


Don’t overload your bike

By carrying a lot of weight on your bike, you will require the tire to have a larger than normal contact surface with the ground, which will wear the tires out more quickly.

In addition, the chain and link of the bicycle need to do double work to carry the weight and the brakes and rims need greater friction to brake, making them dangerous for your safety.

Change chains frequently


The worn chain increases the risk of falls.

Letting your chain wear out can increase the risk of falls and impair the bike’s performance, as this affects the gear transmission system.

Also, if the chain breaks, you will not be able to finish your ride on the bike. So do maintenance at the first signs of wear. Preferably, change and adjust gears and cranks.

Rotate the rear and front tires

Relaying tires will ensure that they last for much longer. The rear tire is always more worn than the front tire. By making this exchange after some time, you guarantee a longer service life for them.

Maintaining your bicycle at the indicated times, it will last for much longer, offering greater cost-benefit for you!


How much does a bicycle cost?

The cost of a new bicycle can be quite varied. However, for any model it is necessary to pay a relatively high amount, especially if you are looking for a quality bike.

Children’s models, with rim 12 , cost an average of R $ 250. Models for adults, with rim 26, start at R $ 800.

For those looking for bikes for urban use or trails, the value is slightly above. To walk in the city, the models start at R $ 1200. For use on trails, you can find bikes for R $ 2500.

Where to buy a bicycle?

It is possible to find some models of children’s and leisure bikes in some large stores and supermarkets, such as Extra, Carrefour and Centauro.

For those who want to buy their bike online, it is even easier to find the ideal model for your needs. There are numerous options on sites such as Amazon, Netshoes, Mercado Livre, Lojas Americanas, among others.

You also usually find good deals on the internet, and you don’t have to worry about shipping, as it is delivered to your home.


Purchasing criteria: Main factors for evaluating a bicycle

Before purchasing your new bike, it is necessary to take some features into account, to ensure that the model you have chosen meets all your needs and expectations. These are some items to consider:

  • Bicycle models
  • Hoop
  • Gears

These items are essential and must be thought out carefully. Below, we will explain one by one so that there is no doubt between the different bikes!

Bicycle model

There are several models of bicycles that serve different needs. If you are going to use it only for a few days for leisure, a basic model is sufficient. As for the trails, it is necessary to acquire stronger and more resistant bicycles.



Common Bicycle

This type of bicycle is the simplest one found on the market, widely used by those who like to take a sporadic walk or walk in the park with their family.

Ordinary bikes have a single gear with coaster brakes (the brake works by pedaling backwards). They are not suitable for those taking steep climbs or obstacles.

BMX Bike

The BMX bike is widely used in BMX or bicicross competitions, a kind of race on dirt tracks. This sport is divided into two modalities, Race and Freestyle.

They are low bikes, 50 cm, which usually have stud tires. The brakes are operated by brake calipers at the front and rear, and these bikes have a single gear.


Folding bicycles are widely used for daily urban use, due to the practicality they offer. They take up little space, since it is possible to fold and store them in any corner.

These bikes usually weigh 10 kilos. Some models, when folded, function as a rolling suitcase, which you can easily push and pull.

Road Bike

To ride on the road, it is ideal to purchase a bike that provides good performance on the asphalt. These bikes can be divided into two categories: racing and walking.

Running shoes are designed to offer speed and lightness. The strollers provide more comfort. They usually have fenders and cycling handlebars.

Mountain bike

Mountain bikes have compact frames, stable handling, large studded tires and a tall handlebar to keep the rider’s posture upright.

Because they are very versatile, they can be used both on mountainous terrain and on streets and roads, depending on the type of tire you will be using.

Recumbent Bicycles

Because they have a reclining back, these bikes provide more comfort, ergonomics and safety. The cyclist does not ride but sits or eventually lies down.

Many people use this type of bicycle for cycling, as it allows the cyclist to travel long distances without overloading wrists, shoulders and neck.


Children ‘s bikes , as the name suggests, are made especially for children. They may or may not contain training wheels, depending on the size and age indicated for use. These bikes have no gears, suspension or sophisticated accessories. Always prefer models with light and easy to apply brakes.



There are rims of different types and shapes. When choosing your bike, you will come across different rim sizes and will need to choose which is best for your needs.

Most rims are made of carbon steel, which is heavier and is used mainly on low-cost 26-rim bikes. There are also aluminum rims – found on road bikes – and carbon fiber rims.

Rim 26

This is the rim present in most manufactured bikes. The Aro 26 offers agility and low weight compared to larger hoops. It can be used in different terrains.

Its low cost is one of the biggest attractions of this rim, in addition to the facility to find compatible products, such as tire, camera, spokes, frame and suspension. The bike with rim 26 is ideal for those who prefer a more agile and light bike. However, it has less contact area with the ground, impairing its traction and stability.

In addition, it will be necessary to put more strength in the legs when overcoming obstacles. This is because the angle of attack is large and requires a greater degree of space between the wheel and the obstacle.

Rim 27.5

As the rim is larger than the 26, the 27.5 has a slightly larger area of ​​contact with the ground, offering more traction and stability. So it is ideal for curves and high speeds on land.

Its speed is also easier to maintain, so the pedal yields more with less crank turns. The 27.5 rim provides agility for trails and sharp turns.

The biggest disadvantage of this ring is that it is not so simple to find products compatible with it on the market. You will need to do some research to find 27.5 bike products. This is because this ring is not yet so popular in the market.

Rim 29

The 29th rim is the current darling of many cyclists. These bikes tend to have slow starts because of the large diameter. However, as soon as she gets the momentum, she is super agile and fast.

29-rim bicycles generate more stability and grip.

As it has a greater area of ​​contact with the floor, it generates more stability and adherence to the ground. 29 rim bikes pass through holes that the 26 rim does not.

This type of rim also maintains a constant high speed without requiring a lot of force when pedaling.

In addition, it traction well on steeper slopes. However, the 29-rim bike also has some disadvantages. It may not be a good option for those who ride on very technical trails and who have sharp turns. In addition, because it is larger, the ideal is that the cyclist is at least 1.75 cm tall to be comfortable.

Aro 700c

700c rim bikes are nothing more than a 29 rim bike with narrower internal width. 700c rim tires are thinner than 29 rim tires.

It is a little heavy and has a certain fragility, as they were developed with the intention of generating speed. The 700c rim is ideal for training on asphalt, as it provides agility and lightness. For those who walk around the city, it can also be a good option, as 700c rim bikes usually have a comfortable frame.

  Benefits Disadvantages Recommendation
Rim 26 Agility, low weight, low prices and lightness Less traction and stability Use for leisure in steep terrain
Rim 27.5 More traction and stability, easy to maintain speed Difficulty finding compatible products on the market Curved terrain and high land speeds
Rim 29 Agility, speed, constant high speed and good traction It is not ideal for sharp turns and is not suitable for people under 1.75 cm Use on trails
Aro 700c Agility and lightness Heavy and a little fragile Asphalt training


From 1 to 30 gears, there are bicycles with few or different types of speed for you to ride peacefully on different terrains. Models with 1 gear are indicated for recreational use only. Those with 30 gears can be used in different types of soil.


These are the main marches:

11 gears

A bike with fewer gears can increase the efficiency of the bike and relieve pedaling. With a crown in front and 11 cogs in the rear, the 11-speed model can be used on different types of terrain.

It has practical operation, it is extremely light and gear shifting is made easier. However, these bikes are expensive, may not be sufficient for some sections and require maintenance in specialized locations.

12 gears

This system has a lighter gear, with 50 teeth, and brings a higher final speed than the 11-speed bike. The 12-speed bikes are extremely light, require low maintenance and are very accurate and fast.

On the other hand, it has a high cost, requires a hub and other specific parts for its use, has expensive parts and needs specialized workshops for maintenance.

21 gears

This is the most traditional type of gait system found on bicycles available on the market. It is most suitable for beginners on Mountain Bike.

21-speed bikes are inexpensive, simple and functional and provide high durability. However, they require frequent maintenance and are limited to very steep terrain, in addition to slow changes.

24 gears

With 24-speed bikes, it is possible to face stronger climbs. They offer greater performance and resistance, being suitable for those who use even dirt roads.

They provide quick changes and are relatively low cost. However, they are heavy and offer limited performance, as well as requiring periodic maintenance.

27 gears

These bikes are extremely versatile, as they have a wide range of gears. They offer high durability and serve various purposes, such as leisure, cross country, cycling, bikepacking, etc.

Among its disadvantages are the high cost, the heavier weight, the need for frequent maintenance and the fact that it is not as efficient on very aggressive trails.

30 gears

Bicycles with 30 gears are advantageous for those who practice cycling, as it is possible to cycle in various terrains. They are relatively light, have quick and accurate changes and are very resistant.

On the other hand, their cost is high and they do not have many spare parts available on the market.

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