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Top & Best Bicycle rim 14 Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Bicycle rim 14: How to choose the best for your children in 2022?

Hi! Our mission today is to help you find the best 14-rim models and give that little push when it comes to your purchase.

Cycling is synonymous with fun, especially for children. It is also a way of exercising, being outdoors, getting out of the closed world of television, computers and electronics.

Children grow up fast, and a bicycle can help a lot in development. Choosing the right size is an essential factor, but we will introduce you to much more than that.

In the next lines, presents you with everything you need to take into account when choosing your rim 14 children’s bike. We will introduce you to the most sought-after brands and models and their main features.

First, the most important

  • Children’s bicycle has no one size. The models vary according to the size of the ring and you must combine this information with the child’s size and age. Taller children with larger legs need bicycles with larger rims, as well as smaller children with smaller rims.
  • In general terms, the rim 14 bicycle is suitable for children aged 4 to 6 years, weighing up to 25 kg, and height between 95 cm and 110 cm. There are still models that accept the placement of extra training wheels.
  • The prices of a rim 14 children’s bike can vary widely, depending on the model, brand and some accessories and attributes. Oh, and in some cases, the character of inspiration also usually means an increase in value. On average, bicycles cost between R $ 150 and R $ 500.

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Buying Guide

After the first steps, it is in the first steps that the child rediscovers himself in full movement. Contact with the nature of this outdoor activity can be an escape for a generation that was born with tablets and cell phones in hand.

Here in our Buying Guide you will find valuable information to help you find the ideal model. Comfort and safety are essential, but there can always be something more to attract the taste and attention of adults and children.


What is the rim bike 14?

Children grow up. Well, this is quite obvious. And they grow very fast. On the one hand, cycling has numerous advantages and benefits, on the other hand, this accelerated growth of children may be one of the (few) disadvantages.

Fortunately, there will always be a bicycle to keep up with your children’s growth, no matter how old or how tall they are. Both bike frames and wheels vary in size, and wheel size is a key factor in determining the right bike for your child.

The children’s bicycle rim 14 for is suitable for children aged 4 to 6 years, with up to 25 kg, and height between 95 cm and 110 cm. There are still models that accept the placement of extra training wheels.


What are the advantages of the rim 14 bike?

As we have said, today’s children were born in an environment dominated by technology. They know how to handle tablets, notebooks and smartphones before they learn to speak their names.

Attention is focused on this equipment, and a bicycle ends up having a very unfair competition. But if, on the one hand, technology keeps children at home, bikes are an invitation to open the door and explore the world. And this is precisely its great advantage in today’s children’s universe.

In addition, it stimulates physical activity and is also a time for family fun, since a child up to 6 years old will not be playing alone on the street.

However, it also has disadvantages as we said. Check their summary in the table below:



  • Stimulates physical activity
  • It is an excellent outdoor leisure option
  • Helps develop balance
  • Numerous models available on the market
  • Family fun option


  • Risk of falls and accidents
  • Short-term use, maximum 3 years

How are the sizes of children’s bicycles defined?

Unlike adult bikes, where the size of the bike is usually defined by the size of the bike frame, for children, the parameter is different.

Children’s bicycle sizes refer to the size of their wheel (tire), and are referred to as rims, such as 12 ”, 14”, 16 ”, 18”, 20 ”and 24.” The bigger the child, the bigger the wheels.





In all sizes, you should make sure that your child can comfortably reach the handlebars and feet on the ground, and have full control of the brakes.

The graph below provides an approximate indication of what age and height correlate with the size of the bike.

  Age Weight Stature
Rim 12 2 to 5 years Up to 21 kg 90 to 100 cm
Rim 14 4 to 6 years Up to 25 kg 95 to 110 cm
Rim 16 6 to 7 years Up to 30 kg 110 to 120 cm
Rim 20 7 years or more Up to 70 kg 120 to 150 cm

How much?

There are some factors that influence the price of a children’s bicycle, such as brand, specific model, quality and accessories. Another factor that usually influences is weight.

If you take two different bikes, the heavy bikes are likely to be cheaper. They are probably made of steel, while lighter bicycles are made with some alloy metals, such as aluminum.

The cheapest models start at around R $ 150, but there are not so many options available. Most of them are in the uppermost range, on average R $ 300, varying up to R $ 500.

Where to buy?

There are different destinations when it comes to buying your 14-inch bicycle. Toy stores usually have a few options, and many of them have plenty of room for a few test drives.

Sporting goods stores can also be an alternative, and even if you don’t complete the purchase, you can try to take practical questions between the models and test the material.

Centauro and Decathlon are good examples, as are large supermarkets and department stores, such as Americanas, Ponto Frio, Magazine Luiza and Walmart.

The online market is the whereabouts of most brands and models available. There are a variety of products on the internet, with emphasis on sites like Amazon and the online versions of the stores mentioned above, which offer a huge range of 14-rim bike models.



Pay attention to a detail on how to deliver the product. Although most often deliver assembled and overhauled bikes, some models may have small parts or detachable accessories that may require a little more skill.



Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing the 14-rim bike models

It is one thing to choose a bike for yourself, when you have some ideas about the type, size and model you want. But when you are responsible for choosing a bike for your child, everything is different.

You need to consider some special criteria, aiming at quality, comfort, durability and safety, but without forgetting the design, capable of influencing the decision of your little one.

  • Weight and Material of Manufacture
  • Brakes
  • Design / Visual
  • Accessories and comfort

Now, understand the importance of considering each of these factors mentioned.

Weight and Material of Manufacture

In the case of bicycles, especially children’s, the weight is closely linked to the material with which they are made.

Generally, bicycles that use steel as their primary material tend to be heavier. Bicycles that use other alloy metals, such as aluminum, are the lightest.

And we need to treat the weight criterion differently. Most adults ride a bicycle at around 20% of their total weight, while children’s bikes are generally around 50% of their weight.

Ideally, a child’s bicycle should have less than 40% of its weight, but this is usually not possible. When choosing the right bike for your child, look for the lightest bike you can find in your price range.



Brakes are essential safety items and one of the most important mechanical parts of a bicycle. Whatever makes your child’s bicycle move quickly, you obviously want him to be in control when it comes to stopping.

Some children’s bikes have brakes called a roller coaster (brakes on the rear wheel that are applied when pedaling backwards) or hand brakes (brakes engaged by a grip on the handlebars that press brake pads against the wheel rim) or both.

The size of the hand and the limited strength influence and it is necessary to pay extra attention to the parents in this regard. If the brakes use pads, check that the pads are aligned over the rim and that the nuts are tight.

There are many cheap bicycles that leave something to be desired in this regard. Others, in order to be lighter, end up leaving out the concern with such an important item.


Analyze the rim 14 bicycle brake, this is an important safety item. (Source: cegoh / Pixabay)

Design / Visual

The most controversial criterion to be analyzed is the design. Some experts in safety, bicycles and even in early childhood education recommend eliminating this filter of your choice, but we cannot leave it out, since most of the available models explore this issue.

We could only guide you to have extra attention in relation to colors, paintings and, mainly, bicycles with themes of princesses, superheroes and cartoons.

This is because in some cases, brands use these devices only to attract the child’s attention at the time of purchase. And after the fashion is over, the bicycle could be left out.

But it’s really important to know how to measure. Today there are themed models made by brands that produce bikes of the highest quality and you can combine the useful with the pleasant. Especially because it would be useless to choose the safest, most resistant bicycle, if your child doesn’t like the color or model.


Accessories such as horns and baskets, as well as the training wheels, are important details to be analyzed when choosing your rim 14 bike. (Source: bboellinger / Pixabay)

Accessories and comfort

Although some accessories exist only to attract attention, without any practical function, others are very useful for children.

Items like basket, horn and support for water bottles are very interesting, as they have specific and efficient functions and can be removed.

The side learning wheels usually accompany virtually all models available on the market. Children between 4 and 6 years old are still learning or gaining security when cycling.

Chain cover plates are an important protection item. In addition to preventing the child from getting hurt, it prevents clothing from getting tangled in the chain, tearing or even causing accidents.



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