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Top & Best Bicycle horn Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Bicycle horn: What is the best model in 2022?

your online shopping guide. In today’s article we will talk about a fundamental item for the safety of cyclists of any age: the bicycle horn. Available in different models and sizes, the horn is an important audible warning that can prevent a large number of bicycle accidents and incidents.

Follow this article to the end and discover everything you need to know to choose the perfect horn for your bike.

First, the most important

  • Practical bicycle horns are yet another safety item for bicycles. They can be of the bell, electric or horn type.
  • Model, material, ways of fixing and type of sound are some of the characteristics to be considered when purchasing.
  • The values ​​vary according to the make, model and material of the horn. There are from simple versions that cost less than R $ 10 to more sophisticated ones that can cost more than R $ 100.

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Buying Guide

Every cyclist has already faced a situation in which he had to alert a pedestrian or even another cyclist to avoid a collision or an accident. For these hours the bicycle horn is the ideal product. Attached to the handlebars, it is always at the hand of the cyclist, making the bike ride safer for the driver, pedestrians and other cyclists.

Be sure to check out our Shopping Guide and learn tips on how to use, where to buy and how to choose the ideal horn to increase safety and still give your bike more charm.


Why use the bicycle horn?

The use of a horn may not be as popular nowadays, but having a horn on your bicycle is synonymous with extra safety care. The item helps – a lot – cyclists to maintain their safety and conquer their space in traffic.

By activating the horn, the cyclist can signal something or draw the attention of pedestrians, motorcyclists and drivers to something, avoiding collisions and accidents.



Did you know? The use of the horn, for a time, was considered mandatory by the Brazilian Traffic Code. Although the requirement was revoked in 2013, the horn remains a very important safety item.

Its use greatly increases the possibility of interaction between the cyclist and other traffic elements such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, drivers, etc. By using the horn the cyclist contributes not only to his personal safety, but to everyone’s.

How to choose the best bike horn version?

To choose the ideal bicycle horn you need to know in detail the model and dimensions not only of the horn, but also of the bicycle. After all, in addition to being proportional to the bike, it will also need to be attached to the bike, so it needs to be compatible for safe use.

It is also necessary to define the type of use that will be given to the horn. If you intend to use the product only in places where pedestrians and other cyclists circulate, such as sidewalks, bike paths, and parks, a bell model is sufficient.


To drive among vehicles and motorcycles, the horn needs to be more powerful.

To circulate among vehicles and motorcycles, the horn needs to be more powerful. That’s because, in cars, with the noise of the engine, windows closed and radios on, the soft sound of the bells ends up being muffled.

But balance is also necessary: ​​Very strong horns, such as compressed air horns, for example, can scare the driver or motorcyclists, and end up causing accidents instead of avoiding them. The same, of course, holds true for pedestrians and cyclists. Compare the main models:

  Trim-trim bell Horn Siren
Characteristics Soft bell sound May have manual pump or air compression Electric, can have several touches and height adjustment
Differentials Compact and discreet design There are models with different and fun designs Several touches to choose the most appropriate for each situation
Values From R $ 5 From R $ 15 From R $ 30

What is the best way to use the bicycle horn?

Although the horn can improve – and greatly – the cyclist’s communication with the other traffic elements, some care is needed so that it is used correctly, so as not to trivialize the sound signals on a daily basis and impair this informal language that contributes both for the organization of transit.

Check out some situations in which it is necessary to activate the horn of your bicycle:

    • To warn pedestrians : On bike lanes, sidewalks and other roads where cars do not circulate, it is common for pedestrians to abruptly change their route, since in these environments they do not think about the danger of being run over. The horn allows the bicycle to make some noise to alert the pedestrian of the situation and prevent accidents;
    • Warn overtaking another cyclist: Even when there is space for another cyclist to overtake, it is always good to signal the overtaking, so that the driver remains straight at that moment, avoiding collisions;
    • Leaving garages, intersections and spaces: In all of these places it is common for there to be movement without the cyclist being noticed. With the horn he can signal his presence and avoid accidents;
    • Showing gratitude: Not only does a bicycle horn serve to complain or warn of danger. You can also use soft horns to say thanks when you pass or do some kind of pedaling.


How much does it cost and where to buy the bicycle horn?

The values ​​of the bicycle horns vary a lot according to the model, brand, material and details of the product. While it is possible to purchase simple models for less than R $ 10, some special versions for professional use made of noble materials can cost more than R $ 100.

You can buy your bicycle horn at stores specializing in sporting goods or bicycle and accessories. However, it is in online stores like Amazon and Mercado Livre that the greatest variety of offers, brands and models of the product are available.




Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Bike Horn Types

There is a wide variety of models and versions of bicycle horns. But in order not to make a mistake when choosing it, it is important to evaluate some characteristics of this product to guarantee its functionality and quality, as well as the effective adaptation for use during the pedal. Know some relevant criteria:

  • Installation way
  • Material
  • Sound type
  • Drive

Below we will explain in detail each of these topics.

Installation way

The most common forms of attachment for bicycle horns are:

  • Adjustable rigid clamps;
  • Velcro clamps;
  • Silicone clamp.

Although most models are very simple to fix and install, some may require the use of special tools or accessories. It is also necessary to pay attention to models that use rigid clamps, so that they are compatible with the diameter of the attachment area on the bike, be it the handlebars or the frame.


The bicycle horn can be made of metal, plastic, rubber, silicone or other similar materials. There are also versions that present the combination of two or more of these materials with each other. versions with leather bags and other types of fabric, waterproof or not.

For the horn to be really efficient and durable, it is essential that it be made with good quality raw material, which will directly influence its durability. Choose well-known and renowned brands to ensure the reliability of materials.


Sound type

The type of horn sound varies a lot according to its shape, size, model and material. It can be of the serious, siren, bell or treble type. There is also the unique “trim-trim” sound, which is mono.

In addition to the type of sound, bicycle horns can also vary in loudness. this intensity is measured in decibels (db). Models can be classified into horns of:

  • Low intensity sound (40db to 80db);
  • Sound average itensidade (90dB to 120dB);
  • High intensity sound (120db to 150db).


The way to activate the bicycle horn varies depending on the model chosen. For horn models, for example, the drive can be done by hand pump or air compressor pump.

Bell models are activated by a small lever, or by a rotation system. In the classic versions, with rubber or silicone air pump, the way to activate the horn is the good old grip. Finally, electrical, electronic and siren models are usually triggered by buttons.



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