Top & Best 16 rim bike Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best 16 rim bike: How to choose the best model in 2022?Best 16 rim bike Review

First, the most important

  • The rim 16 children’s bicycle was designed for children between 1.10 m and 1.20 and a maximum of 30 kg, or from 6 years of age.
  • The choice of children’s bikes must always take into account their well-being, growth and safety.
  • Prices vary between R $ 270 and R $ 500, according to the quality of the material, the presence or not of licensed brands and accessories.

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Buying Guide

The bicycle is a remarkable memory in a child’s life. Learning to cycle, live happy moments with family and still have a lot of fun with friends are some examples of situations that are recorded.

The rim bike 16, a children’s model, is a gift that will provide many incredible moments for your children. Continue with us to learn how to choose the perfect model.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the rim bike 16?

Changes in a child’s body during childhood are significant, especially between 3 and 7 years of age. Posture, physical size, height, motor coordination, everything changes intensely in this interval.

For this reason, a clear division between bicycle sizes was necessary in order to be used in a more natural and healthy way by small bikers.

The measurement of the diameter of the wheels, or the size of the rim, is what changes the most in this division. The convention then adopted it to identify them, between 12, 14, 16 and 20 centimeters in diameter.

Each of these measures corresponds to an average size and weight and therefore to an age range of the user. The 16 cm, or rim 16, is recommended for children between 1.10 m and 1.20 m and up to 30 kg, or from 6 years of age.



Always good to remember that this is a convention, so there are specifics between bikes. There are 16 hoops, for example, that support up to 50 kg in weight.

What matters is that they are designed for specific sizes, thus taking care of the child’s comfort and posture – his well-being and his health.

There is also the question of the auxiliary wheels, the “wheels”, which are essential in the smaller rims and give that last help in the larger rims, before the small ones turn themselves off.

Balanced and friendly to children’s body development, the rim 16 children’s bicycle has the disadvantage of a short life, depending on the growth of the little cyclist.

Manufacturers, then, cheapen the cost of models, thinking of fathers and mothers who have to change bikes periodically.

In general, they save on frame materials, handlebars, fork and even painting. This maneuver, obviously, takes away much of the durability of bikes.


  • Clear division of models
  • Child-friendly
  • Cheapest models


  • Many models to buy
  • Short service life
  • Less durability

Should the rim bike 16 be safe or fun?

We at ReviewBox Brasil know that shopping for children is different. There is always a need to reconcile, between the child’s will, translated into colorful and printed products of their favorite characters, and the responsibility of the parents, exercised through the choice of safer models that respect the healthy growth of small bikers.

This logic is no different for children’s bicycle brands. Fathers, mothers, uncles and grandparents have to know how to negotiate with the child between the colored painting model, personalized by drawings and films, and the safest and most comfortable model.



The problem is that many of the manufacturers that make licensed products have to cheapen the cost, elevated by the price of the stamped brand, in order to have competitive prices. Who suffers, in these cases, is the quality of the materials.

Plastic finishes, less resistant metal components and saddles without padding are often the problems that come with these cuts. There are, of course, licensed and quality bikes, but with a value well above the market.

This negotiation is not usually easy. There is a risk, you see, of the little ones losing a little interest in their skinny girl, discouraging herself from taking her first rides.

Fortunately, many brands that think of safety as a priority have excelled in their paintings, striking and often reinforced against the constant falls of beginners.

In these cases, the bicycle combines an attractive aesthetic with the necessary safety and comfort: steel or carbon steel parts, frame and handlebars; aluminum rims; chain and handlebar protectors; handlebars and padded and adjustable saddles.

Important : Regardless of the model’s priority, one thing is essential, the INMETRO quality seal, which attests to the regulated safety competencies.

  Licensed Bicycles Safe bikes
Safety More fragile due to the materials used Safer
Spotlight Easy child acceptance and encourages cycling Respect the child’s growth

16 or 20 rim children’s bike? Which to choose?

The smallest difference between the rim specifications, despite the greater distance between the sizes, is between the rim 16 and 20. Ideal for children aged 7 or between 1.20 m and 1.50 m and maximum weight of 70 kg, the rim 20 is a good option for older children, even the youngest.

The question is cost-benefit: if the little one has not completed seven years of age but is already close to 1.20 m, the choice of rim 20 prevents a very quick change of models.

So don’t just consider your age, especially notice your children’s height and weight. Even because some children, even young, are taller. The opposite can also happen.

How much?

Due to the regulation to be met by the manufacturers and the specifics of the products intended for children, there is not a wide range of prices among the brands of bicycle rim 16.

They are between R $ 270, the cheapest, and R $ 500, the most expensive. The differences are due to the quality of materials, prints of licensed brands and accessories, such as baskets, horns and bells.



Where to buy?

Major sporting goods stores, like Centauro and Decathlon, have specialized salespeople who can help you with your purchase. They tend to have a large stock, to which you can take your little one and let him show you which models you prefer.

However, to avoid large displacements with the child, or even “shield” them from the appeals of a very flashy bicycle, online stores like Amazon, Americanas, Mercado Livre have as much variety as the big ones, those that also have online versions .

Buying online you can find better offers and a greater variety of models. And you still receive the product at your door.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the models of rim bike 16

It is not easy to choose a 16-inch children’s bike. You need to think about a safe, fun bike that pleases the child’s complicated tastes while guaranteeing its integrity.

There are elements, however, at the time of purchase, which, if well considered, can resolve this issue. We list below:

  • Material
  • Painting
  • Saddle
  • Weight
  • Wheels and accessories

Check out each detailed item below so you can make the best choice when buying your toolbox.


Give priority to models with the best materials. They guarantee greater resistance to a product that must suffer constant drops.

In this way, they also guarantee user safety, reducing the likelihood of broken chains, overturned handlebars and crooked hoops.

Bicycles with metal components, such as a steel fork or carbon steel, aluminum rim and nylon brakes are ideal in this sense.



There is no point in thinking about the child’s best bike without thinking about your will. They won’t look at the material or the type of brake, but how cool the painting is.

Colored paintings, which converse with the painting of the wheel or prints of characters are often favorites. But be careful! The painting should attract the child, but not steal your attention while riding.

Evite, então, aquelas com muitas cores e elementos no raio de visão entre o selim e o guidão. Tintas resistentes à impactos e a altas temperaturas são um diferencial.



O selim é muito importante para o conforto e para o crescimento do pequeno biker. Nesse sentido, o melhor é ter um selim acolchoado e com tamanho ajustável, que deixe a criança numa postura ereta e não comprometa seu desenvolvimento.

Há 2 tipos de selins, basicamente: o chamado de pele integral, que é feito de poliuterano e usa a própria espuma do acolchoamento como uma capa, e o de courvin, que leva uma camada de PVC que protege a espuma e é personalizável. O ajuste incorreto do selim pode causar lesões no joelho e quadril.


The weight of the bicycle can and should be an important criterion of choice. Lighter bikes are easier for children to carry, as well as requiring less effort when cycling.

But it is not so simple: a very light model can have compromised component quality, and therefore less safe. Try to balance something that the child can safely carry and that offers quality pieces.

Wheels and accessories

Although it is difficult to find the sale of children’s bikes rim 16 without the auxiliary wheels, it is always good to stay tuned. Hoops 16 are already designed for slightly older children, but not professional bikers.


In addition, having to buy separate auxiliary wheels can be a thankless task, as it raises the price and finds parts that fit the little ones’ bikes.

Other accessories, such as a basket, flashlight, bottle holder, horns and bells, can also be criteria of choice at the time of purchase. They are not as essential as the wheels, but they add a lot to the child’s acceptance of the model.



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